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South Korean goalkeeper ‘does a Paul Robinson’

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Though freak goals scored by a goalkeeper making a clearance from his own end of the pitch aren’t unheard of (remember Paul Robinson for Tottenham v Watford many moons ago?), they never, ever, get dull.

The latest entry into the sub-genre came on Sunday from South Korea’s K-League.

With five minutes remaining before half-time, Incheon United keeper Jung-Hyuk Kwon launched the ball forward from just outside his own box in the K-League Classic contest against Juju United.

The 34-year-old could not believe his eyes when the ball bounced just outside the opposite penalty box, over opposite number Jun-Hyuk Park and in for 1-0.

Then again, nor could anyone else in the stadium.

Juju would equalise with 20 minutes to go for what ultimately ended as a 1-1 stalemate, but the game’s headline had already been written.

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