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Speedway champ banned from race after failing breathalyser

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Darcy Ward

It might have been a good night out for Poole Pirates' Darcy Ward - but it led to a rather less auspicious day at the track.

The world number three was banned from the Latvian Grand Prix at the weekend after failing a breathalyser test, which he's explained as a failure to "hydrate" in combination with one too many drinks with pals.

His mea (sort of) culpa in full ran thus: "I got some bad news [on Saturday] while I was having some dinner and had a couple of drinks. Obviously I had one too many.

"I wasn’t hydrated. We’ve had a long week here in Riga and I didn’t eat properly and I wasn’t hydrated, unfortunately. It’s the worst day of my life.

"It will never happen again. I should have hydrated. It was only marginal and I’m having a bad time at the moment.

"It is what it is. Of course I’ll be back. I’m sorry to the sport and all the fans.”

It's not the first time Ward has had problems with his, er, "hydration choices".

Last year he was convicted of fleeing police on an unregistered bike without a licence - while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

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