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Sport singer’s ‘glass shattering’ performance

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Meet Jim Cornelison, he is a popular singer on the Chicago sports scene, and belts out the national anthem before the Chicago Blackhawks' NHL ice hockey matches.

However, it was at a charity event in the city last week where he really stole the show as he belted out a version of the famous baseball song 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' with such gusto that the high pitched finish seemingly caused his glass and a number of glasses around him to smash into pieces.

The 'show' was put on at a benefit for the late Chicago Cubs commentator Harry Caray (hence the baseball themed song) and clearly delighted those in attendance.

It has been debated for years whether it is actually possible for a singer to smash a glass with their voice as you often see it in cartoons and movies. An article from Scientific American in 2007 suggested it was possible, but only in exceptional circumstances.

"It's possible, but you have to be both good and lucky," Jeffrey Kysar, a mechanical engineer at Columbia University who studies the different ways in which materials can fracture and fail, told the journal.

"Even if you could excite the cup, that doesn't guarantee it would break. Fracture depends on the size of the initial defects."

We suspect there might have been some trickery involved in Cornelison's display, but even so it still makes for a great show.

You can see the glass-shattering display from a couple more angles below.

Real or Fake? We want your thoughts and theories below.

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