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Is this a sport that is suitable for women?

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Mixed Martial Arts was once labelled 'human cockfighting' by former US presidential candidate John McCain and is still banned in some States in American — including New York.

However, it is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world and has come a long way from its early incarnation as essentially no-holds-barred fighting inside a cage.

The most popular promotion company for the sport is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and they have decided to try and ramp up the popularity of the sport even more by adding a women's division to the sport's flagship brand.

The owner of UFC, Dana White, has long being against women in the sport - but only because he always said the talent pool was too small.

However, he has now changed his mind and signed up Ronda Rousey to a contract, although critics have said that the fact that Rousey just so happens to be very attractive is not a coincidence.

"Look, I know a lot of people are going to say we're doing this because she's pretty," White admitted.

"Ronda is a whole other story. She's nasty. She's a real fighter. She not only likes to win, she likes to finish.

"People who are nasty and technically sound and have that attitude, I love them. She's an Olympic medallist and she's got a great history, but she's in the gym all the time. She's a dude in a girl's body.

"She loves to beat the [expletive] out of people and she's serious about getting better."

Olympic boxing and the humility shown by the likes of gold medal winners Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor showed that there is certainly a place for women in the fight game but is having women in Mixed Martial Arts going too far?

The major difference between Mixed Martial Arts and boxing is that the fight continues on the ground and more 'moves' are allowed.

This can lead to painful submissions via chokes, arm locks, leg locks while the sight of one fighter smashing the face in of an opponent on the ground is a gruesome, but not altogether uncommon, sight.

What we want to know is if you the readers think that this is a sport that's suitable for women?

Should a distinction be made between the sexes in this day and age? Or is telling women they can't compete merely antiquated, patronising and even misogynistic?

Should the sport be banned completely or is it fair mode of modern entertainment now that it is a closely regulated sport for consenting adults?

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