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Stadium construction hit by slight hitch as 40ft crater opens up on playing surface

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Like most US colleges, Austin Peay State University makes a lot of money from its popular American Football matches. So it seemed like a no-brainer to build a new £11 million stadium to keep the paying punters flowing in.

With that in mind they got the builders in to demolish their old stadium and build a shiny, new 10,000-seater arena on the old site, one that includes luxury hospitality boxes, state-of-the-art training facilities.

Work was progressing nicely, but then a small problem appeared: a tiny sinkhole, about three feet deep, appeared at the corner of the pitch.

No problem, thought university chiefs. We'll just get some blokes in to tidy it up and fill it in. It didn't quite work out that way, however. "As they began digging, it became bigger and bigger... and bigger," said Bill Persinger, a a spokesman for the university in what is a quite incredible piece of understatement. As they worked away at the sinkhole, more of it kept on collapsing - and right now, the crater is an astonishing 40ft wide and 40ft deep.

And that's not all. The brand new car park at the stadium has also started collapsing too, with several more sinkholes opening up in the pristine tarmac.

Workers claim they'll have the hole filled up by next week, and are still on course to get the stadium open in time for the planned September 13 opening match of the season.

Then again, last week they said that it'd only take 'em a jiffy to fill up the three foot hole. The story is still developing, so watch this space - literally!

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