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Star gives cancer-surviving Mum an incredible gift

World of Sport

Teddy Bridgewater was just nine-years-old when he promised to buy his mum a pink Cadillac Escalade one day.

For Rose Murphy, Teddy's mum, that day has finally arrived.

Bridgewater, is now 21 and the former University of Louisville quarterback and is set to become  a global sporting superstar later this week at the much-hyped NFL draft where he is tipped to be one of the top selections.

However, he has got the biggest week of his life off to a wonderful start already.

His mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and currently the disease is in remission - this was an ideal way for her son to make her feel very special indeed.

The moment when Bridgewater escorts his shocked mum away from a table to present her with the gift he promised years ago is truly precious.

A perfect heartwarming story for you to enjoy today.

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