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Super Bowl hero injured ‘after stripper hits him on head with champagne bottle’

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American football players. Exotic dancers. Champagne. A party bus. What could possibly go wrong?

Plenty, apparently, if you're Jacoby Jones - the man who scored two touchdowns in the Super Bowl last season.. The sidelined Ravens wide receiver was involved in an incident on a party bus in Washington DC as he and several team-mates were celebrating Bryant McKinnie's birthday, according to TMZ. Per the report — which neither the Ravens nor Jones' agent has denied — a brawl broke out on the bus. Strap in, it's about to get good.

So apparently a stripper by the name of "Sweet Pea" started swinging a champagne bottle, and at one point connected with Jones' head. The bottle opened a gash on Jones' head severe enough that an ambulance was called, although Jones was not taken to any hospital. And there were no arrests, because nobody talked to the cops. Snitches, and possibly wide receivers, get stitches.

Kennard McGuire, Jones' agent, told the NFL's Ian Rapoport that Jones was "at practice" on Monday. McGuire didn't deny that an incident took place. Here's the Ravens addressing the incident by not addressing it:

Left unanswered: whether his "usual rehab," to come back from another friendly-fire injury suffered in Week 1 against the Broncos, now includes an icepack for his skull.

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