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Surely the most hilarious and bizarre table tennis match ever

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It is rare that a sports event leaves an entire crowd roaring with laughter to the point of hysteria, but this table tennis match certainly managed that.

In what was surely got to be one of the most entertaining and ridiculous table tennis matches ever, Jean-Michel Saive of Belgium took on Chuang Chih-yuan with the encounter descending into farce.

It started out as a pretty routine match up, but Saive and Chuang proceeded to delight the crowd with their bizarre antics and incredible rallies.

At one point, Saive and Chuang turn the table itself around before the former decides to run past the advertising hoardings to continue a crazy rally.

Anyway, have a look yourself and enjoy the wonderful commentary that accompanies the video. This really is ping pong at its very best!

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