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Swansea star has almost as many points on his licence as Swans have points in the table

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Swansea City's Kemy Agustien has been banned for driving for a year after magistrates threw the book at him over an outrageous string of driving offences.

The Dutch midfielder managed to rack up 39 points on his licence for speeding, running a red light and failing to tell authorities who was driving one of his two BMWs.

That is just two points less than Michael Laudrup's side have in the top flight this season.

Agustien's speed binge came to an end when he was stopped by police breaking the speed limit in a 30mph zone.

Neath magistrate Julie Mallinson read him the riot act as she handed down his one-year ban and a bill for fines and court costs totalling £3,666 - equivalent to two days' wages for a player whose career was nearly ended in a huge car smash while back home in Holland.

"You are in a very influential position," Mallinson said. "Children will be looking up to you and you do need to be setting an example."

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