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Tevez’s brother tries to blame him for armed raid

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Carlos Tevez's brother has been jailed for 16 years for a
bungled armed robbery after his attempts to pin the job on the Manchester City
ace fell flat.

The Sun reports that Tevez's half-brother Juan Alberto
Martinez and brother-in-law Carlos Avalos Veron brandished automatic weapons as
they held up a bank security in the Argentine city of Cordoba.

Six armed raiders successfully stole cash boxes from the security van - but later found that they were all empty.

And amazingly, Martinez had tried to pin the blame for the raid
on the £150,000-a-week striker.

The 31-year-old told police that a mobile phone used to plan
the raid was being used by the City star, and he even used Tevez's nickname, 'Pitbull',
in phone calls tapped by police.

Martinez also claimed that he had been at Tevez's Cordoba
home at the time of the raid in June 2008 - but his alibi fell to pieces when
it emerged that the house had been uninhabitable at the time, and that Tevez himself
had been at a concert.

Martinez and Veron, who had dressed as cops for the raid, were handed the same lengthy sentences despite Veron having pled guilty to the crime.

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