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The top eight Super Bowl ads

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The action on the pitch is only one fiercely contested battle on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers won the big match, but companies who splashed out $3 million for a 30-second advertisement slot were also competing to be named the "favourite commercial" of the Super Bowl.

USA Today runs an annual 'Ad Meter' which sees consumer panellists rate all the ads out of 10 and this year there was a tie for the top-rated ad for the first time ever with Doritos and Bud Light topping the hit parade.

Interestingly, both the top ads involved dogs.

PepsiCo, which owns Doritos, had four ads in the top eight and it actually gets its consumers to make them themselves in a move that has revolutionised the advertising market in America.

The maker of the joint-winner - 'Doritos: Pug Attack' - was a 31-year-old part-time website designer named JR Burningham who made his spot for just $500. He will receive a bonus cheque for $1 million from Frito-Lay (the PepsiCo subsidiary in charge of Doritos).

Watch the top eight-ranked Super Bowl ads below - and we have also included the worst-rated ad for you to 'enjoy' too.

T1. Doritos: Pug attack - Ad Meter score: 8.35

T1. Bud Light: Dog Sitter - Ad Meter score: 8.35

3. VW Passat: Darth Vader - Ad Meter score: 7.95

4. Doritos: Housesitting ashes - Ad Meter score: 7.68

5. Pepsi Max: Love hurts - Ad Meter score: 7.56

6. Careerbuilder: Chimps parking - Ad Meter score: 7.54

7. Pepsi: First date - Ad Meter score: 7.52

8. NFL: Super Bowl Parties - Ad Meter score: 7.51

And the worst Super Bowl ad: Hyundai - Ad Meter score: 4.20




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