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TV company admits dubbing fake crowd noise onto match

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Swiss broadcaster SRF has apologised for adding fake crowd noise to try and liven up its coverage of Sunday's Zurich derby, which kicked off in a near deserted stadium.

Viewers of the edited highlights were baffled to hear chanting and drums at the start of the FC Zurich-Grasshoppers game even though pictures showed that almost nobody was present in the Letzigrund stadium for kick-off due to a protest by fans.

Fans of both teams agreed to enter the stadium 10 minutes after the start of the match in protest at tighter security measures aimed at combating hooliganism.

Had it not been for the protest, they might have got away with it. Though most of the seats were empty for much of the game - as our footage above shows - they were probably just enough people in the ground for viewers to have given the broadcaster the benefit of the doubt.

But with the subterfuge having been revealed, it then becomes easy to see that the roaring of the crowd accompanying the highlights bears no relation to a decided unexcited-looking group of fans, sitting quietly and applauding gently in a manner more reminiscent of golf than football.

"In order to make the report as attractive as possible, the chants of the fans were subsequently edited into highlights of the game," SRF said in a statement on Wednesday.

"The decision was taken under great time pressure. It was wrong, we apologise for it. Manipulation of sounds or images is not allowed."

It does make World of Sport wonder, though. How often does this happen? After all, the glacial atmosphere usually experienced by fans inside some Premier League stadiums - not least at The Emirates and Old Trafford - bears little relation to the constant singing and booming cheers that invariably accompany the TV broadcast.

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