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Wife’s 10th anniversary present for superfan is quite extraordinary

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We've seen some very bizarre superfan dedications to their favourite sporting teams before, but none provided for them by their wives.

Tattoos are the usual way fans show their love of a club, inking on their commitment for all to see in often quite spectacularly cringeworthy fashion.


But this is much more original and, well, a bit scary.

Huge Seattle Seahawks fan Bill VandenBush lost his right eye after being caught in the middle of gunfire trying to help the crew of a downed helicopter in Vietnam - he also had his vocal cords severely damaged.

So as a creative gesture for the die-hard fan, his wife surprised him with a very unconventional present to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary earlier this summer.

She gave him... wait for it... a Seahawks-branded prosthetic eye.

"I had mentioned it to my wife," VandenBush told Kiro TV.

"She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan, but I said it would be cool to have a Seahawks logo right there in my eye."

He now says that he can support the team he loves with even greater passion with this proud symbol on his eye.

"Every game I’ll have it in," VandenBush said. "Or any gathering with Seahawks fans present."

VandenBush has an incredible story of the way he has battled through some exceptionally tough times in his life.

Now he has a very special way of showing his fandom in a unique and personal way that speaks of all he has been through.

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