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Woman juggles five basketballs with feet

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Acrobat Selyna Bogino has left people on the internet aghast by amazingly juggling five basketballs at the same time by using her feet.

The talented red-headed Italian says she is practising the routine so that she can make an official attempt at the world record for juggling five basketballs at the same time.

That was achieved by Pedro Elis Cinta of Spain in 2009 at 37.46 seconds although he did by just using his hands.

Bogino seems to have mastered a technique that should smash that record and could do for juggling what the Fosbury Flop was for the High Jump.

In total there are 36 different kinds of juggling records included in the Guinness Book of World Records including: "Most Swallowed Swords Whilst Juggling Three Objects," "Most Chainsaw Juggling Catches" and "Fastest Mile on Pogo Stick Whilst Juggling Three Balls."

Have a look at Bogino's amazing skills in the video below




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