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World Cup Venn: Day 23

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Welcome to World Cup Venn!

We've an interesting one for you today: three World Cup tournaments to name.

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Guessing the three shouldn't be difficult at all. In fact, so long as you can read then you'll be right in there (and if you can't then we're pretty sure you won't have made it this far).

But what is the link between them?









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Yesterday's question proffered up two giants of world football.

Naming them shouldn't have been too difficult: they were of course Italy's Paolo Maldini and Germany's Lothar Matthaeus.

And the link between them? 

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They are the only players
to have played more than 21 World Cup matches, and clocked up more than 2,000
minutes apiece on the pitch.

Matthaeus leads the way on 25 games, but
substitutions mean that it's Maldini who has the record for time spent on the
pitch: he has 2,220 minutes to his name - that's precisely 37 hours - with the
German 'only' on 2,052 minutes.


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