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World Cup Venn: Day four

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We're throwing in a bit of a curveball - all too easy to do with the Adidas Jabulani - with this morning's World Cup Venn. Instead of players, we're posing a question that's all about venues.

We've got four iconic World Cup stadiums (okay, 'stadia' for those of you that have GCSE Latin) for you to take a look at.

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Your question, as ever, is a simple one: what are the names of these stadiums, and what is it that links the four of them?

Find out the answer at half-time of today's match between the Netherlands and Denmark. 

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Yesterday's question asked what linked three greats of European football - okay, well, two greats in Ferenc Puskas and Jose Altafini, plus Robert Prosinecki popping up alongside them.

The answer? All three of them represented two different countries at the World Cup.

Altafini (left) played for the Brazil side that won the 1958 World Cup, but four years later went to the tournament wearing the blue of Italy.

Puskas (right) made 85 appearances for Hungary between 1945 and 1956, and was the star of the legendary side that finished as runners-up in the 1954 World Cup.

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Finally, there's Prosinecki (bottom), who played for Yugoslavia in 1990 and then again for Croatia in 1998.

These three are not the only ones ever to play in different tournaments for different countries, incidentally - Luis Monti played for Argentina in 1930 and Italy in 1934, and many reference sources claim that he is the only player to have earned the distinction.

He is not; but of the four Prosinecki is the only one to score for both the sides he represented.

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