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World Cup Venn: Day seven

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We're a week in to the greatest footballing show on earth: World Cup Venn!

The tournament itself hasn't been bad either, but no doubt you've all decided that this is where the real action lies.

And today we've got a  quartet of World Cup greats, and as ever we're asking you to figure out what the connection is.

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It shouldn't be too hard figuring out who they are: these guys are among the greatest ever players to wear the shirts for their countries.

But what special feat links the four of them?

Find out the answer at half-time of today's clash between Greece and Nigeria.




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Yesterday we gave you a quartet of players who wore the Three Lions during the 1986
World Cup in Mexico: they were Peter Beardsley (left), Terry Fenwick
(top), Steve Hodge (right) and Terry Butcher (bottom). 

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Could you figure out what linked them? The answer was that they all played an unfortunate part in the greatest goal ever scored at a World Cup: they were the four players that Maradona beat on his way to scoring his second (and non-handball) goal against England in their 1986 quarter-final.

The goal came just three minutes after he had opened the scoring in the match with the equally famous "Hand of God" goal - confirming him as both the undisputed hero and villain of a footballing generation in the space of 180 seconds.


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