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Is this the world’s stupidest ever streaker?

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The fine art of streaking and/or pitch invading seems to be as old as sport itself, but the idiotic behaviour of some of those who engage in such activities appears to know no bounds.

The latest 'internet sensation' involves a man who decides to go for a late-night run in his birthday suit on to a tennis court only to collide full speed with a glass wall before he gets there. Is he the the world's stupidest streaker?

Watch the video below then check out some other contenders for the crown.

World's dumbest streaker?:

Certainly up there with the dumbest of the dumb has to be this Australian who tries to get in on the action at a horse race only to end up, quite literally, falling on his face.

Streaker takes on horses:

Our next contender is an idiot and a genius all rolled into one as he shows a dithering footballer how it's done by running on to the field before smashing in a perfect penalty kick.

Pitch invader scores perfect penalty:

Next is a fan who should know better than to upset Andrew Symonds - he is 'hit for six' by the no-nonsense Australian all-rounder in a match against India.

Aussie cricket star hits streaker for six:

There is more trouble in store for our next pitch invader as gets a knee in the face for his troubles.

Footballer knees pitch invader in the head:

And the pain keeps coming for this bright spark, who thought it would be a good idea to streak at an American football match.

Streaker gets laid out by American footballer:

Finally, we can't leave without showing you this one fan (or is it a kit-man?) who caused mayhem by charging on to the pitch to make an incredible goal-line clearance.

Fan makes goal-line clearance:

So who is the biggest fool in your book? Leave your comments below.

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