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Is this the worst goal of the season?

World of Sport

Here at World of Sport we get plenty of contenders for goal of the season - but it's not often we have a goal that is noteworthy for it's very awfulness.

Step forward, the men of Stonewall FC, who were the beneficiaries of the worst defensive performance since Goliath decided to headbutt away the stone slung at him by David.

Sure, it was only a Sunday League match - but Rebellion FC's defending was nothing short of cataclysmic, who missed no fewer than six gilt-edged opportunities to clear the ball following an admittedly decent ball into the box.

Rebellion's 'stars' managed to kick each other, make several swipes at thin air, tackle each other to the ground in a goalmouth scramble.

Their troubles seemed over, however, as they finally got the ball to a defender who was clear in space on the edge of the six-yard box - but he only managed to shin the ball back towards goal before falling on his backside.

Magical stuff. Congratulations to all!

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