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Wrestler crushed by falling spotlight

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A high school wrestler got the shock of his life at a big tournament when he was assaulted not by his opponent, but by the arena itself.

Michael McComish of the Madison Bulldogs was one of the fighters in the ‘Madison Square Garden’ tournament in South Dakota, a glitzy high school event in which 1000 watt spotlights, ear-splitting music and glow-sticks among the crowd are the order of the day.

McComish had just lost a point to his opponent after getting pushed out of the ring, and had headed back to the middle to assume the traditional starting position. That involves one fighter – in this case, McComish – getting down on all fours while the other takes a hold above him.

It’s probably just as well that the student was braced for his opponent, because at the exact moment he got down on the mat a huge light fell from the ceiling and pinned him to the floor.

The shocking moment – like something out of a bizarre horror film – left the crowd shocked as first aid staff rushed to see if McComish was okay.

Thankfully, he was more or less unharmed, coming out with a few cuts and bruises and needing nothing more than a couple of stitches on his forehead. No doubt he will only be too glad to have the scar in years to come, as it will give him the opportunity to talk about the day he went head-to-head with a giant spotlight.

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