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NBA star sued following ‘misleading’ fish oil capsule claim

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Sometimes it is the principle that matters and not the money associated with said principle.

That is certainly the case for Feng Changshun, who is suing former NBA star Yao Ming for the tidy sum of 0.01 yuan – which loosely converts into 0.1 of a penny.

The reason? Well, Feng claims that a product Yao endorsed - a type of fish oil capsule produced by the By-Health co. - overstated its benefits.

For this, he also intends to sue By-Health for £47.71 (500 yuan).

This type of case is a relatively new phenomenon in China following the implementation of a new consumer rights law that came into enactment in March, as reported by the China Daily.

The new law states that any person who endorses a product can be liable with the company if said product cause customers harm.

Yao has been associated with By-Health co since late 2010.

Feng bought the fish oil capsules to help combat memory loss and eyesight problems but found that the product offered little help – which contradicted the literature given to Feng upon purchase.

Despite the literature claiming that the product would help with his issues, Feng was disappointed to find that the capsules came under the banner of health food rather than medicine.

“I am angry because it has delayed my medical treatment. It feels like I have been used as a lab mouse,” Feng said.

“According to the handout, the product could help ease my sufferings. “I adore Yao and I decided to buy the product to support him,” added Feng.

Yao’s agent, Lu Hao, said: “Yao will pay close attention to the issue and respect the facts. He also has big concerns about consumer rights protection.”

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