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YIKES! South African player tackles opponent’s tackle

World of Sport

A South African footballer has committed what is one of the most wince-inducing tackles in the history of the beautiful game.

The crime was perpetrated by Roi Mahamutsa of the Orlando Pirates in the closing moments of a goalless cup semi-final against SuperSport United at the weekend.

Mahamutsa was jostling with Thabiso Nkoana as they waited for an airborne ball to come to earth.

Nkoana got there first and was set to win the ball, but Mahamutsa, standing right behind him, took the incomprehensible decision to kick him as hard as he possibly could between the legs.

We've watched this video several times (purely in the interests of research, you understand) and have come to the conclusion that while the foul itself is hilarious, even funnier is Mahamutsa's stunning protest to the referee. He seems to genuinely be convinced that the red card he has just been given was one of the great injustices in football history.

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