World Championships - Individual time trial - Men

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  1. 08:17 - CANCELLARA BECOMES THE FIRST MAN TO WIN FOUR WORLD TIME TRIAL TITLES! He finishes his race in 58 minutes and 9.19 seconds which is 1:02 faster than Millar and that is more than enough to secure him the gold.

  2. 08:15 - MARTIN HAS SNATCHED BRONZE! A storming finish from the German proved too much for Porte, who had nothing left as he approached the line despite home support. And Porte will have to settle for fourth

  3. 08:14 - Martin takes second place as he crosses the line 9.74 seconds down on Millar's time. That's a fantastic ride by the German but Porte, who at the last check-point was one second ahead, is still to come. Can he snatch bronze from the German?

  4. 08:09 - Millar stands up on his pedals and powers his way over the line in 59.11.94 - that's 1:22.19 seconds faster that previous-leader Rogers and the Scot is the first man under the one hour mark around this course. SO MILLAR GOES INTO THE LEAD with Tony Martin, Richie Porte and Fabian Cancellara still to come in

  5. 08:06 - At the 37km mark there is just one second between Porte and Martin in the fight for the bronze medal. Martin must be cursing his luck - if it wasn't for that puncture he'd be in contention for at least the silver medal right now

  6. 08:01 - Bert Grabsch crosses the finish line for the final time in fourth place - he's had a pretty good second lap to wrap up his race there. But Dutchman Bert Moerenhout comes home in second - 15 seconds behind Rogers, who still leads at this stage

  7. 07:59 - There's an audible gasp from the crowd on the descent as Cancellara very nearly catches his knee on the railing and wobbles slightly as he attempts to correct himself. Wouldn't that be dramatic?!

  8. 07:57 - Cancellara is starting to pull away now as he reaches the time of the summit 24 seconds ahead of Millar - unless disaster strikes the gold is surely his now. Can Millar hang on to take silver?

  9. 07:55 - As Porte reaches the summit of the climb he is 29 seconds down on Millar's split. It's a straight race now between Millar and Cancellara - the Swiss man's split time should be in a minute or so

  10. 07:52 - The latest GPS times have Millar one minute and three seconds up on Rogers's time with Cancellara a further five seconds faster - it remains incredibly close in Melbourne!

  11. 07:50 - The latest check point shows Millar a minute up on Rogers at the same time. The challenge is not what came before Millar though, it's what is coming after and Cancellara is hot on his heels

  12. 07:47 - This race is on a knife-edge as Cancellara gets the bell and his split is just 11 seconds ahead of Millar's at the same point. This is going to be very close over this final lap!

  13. 07:46 - Home hope Porte goes second heading into the final lap much to the delight of the crowd. He's 17.79s back and that's doable should he have a storming lap and Millar start to fade

  14. 07:43 - As Martin crosses the line and gets the bell, he is 23 seconds down on David Millar. He was a few seconds adrift even before his puncture but that just shows how much time he has lost on account of the problem. He won't make that up on the final lap

  15. 07:40 - As Millar crosses the finish line with one more lap to go, his split shows him a whopping 41 seconds ahead of Rogers's split at the same point. The Brit has also caught the rider who went out before him, two minutes before him in fact. This is a sterling ride by Millar

  16. 07:38 - TONY MARTIN HAS A PROBLEM. The German is forced to stop and have a front wheel replaced after a puncture puts an end to his current one. That adds a good few seconds on to his time. That's likely cost him a place on the podium today, which is a massive shame

  17. 07:36 - Just a bit of news from somewhere else in the cycling world - three-times Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has been provisionally suspended for returning an "adverse analytical finding" of clenbuterol from a urine sample taken during this year's Tour.

  18. 07:36 - With one lap to go, American Zabriskie finds himself eight seconds down on Rogers time but in second place at that stage. Still Grabsch, Millar and Cancellara to come through though so Zabriskie needs to pick things up a bit if he wants to end the session on the podium

  19. 07:30 - At the 22km check point, Germany's Bert Grabsch - a former world champion in this discipline - is on course for a second placed finish, only behind Rogers time at this stage

  20. 07:27 - Millar has been off to an absolute flier and even Cancellara can't match him at the first check point at 6.6km. The Swiss rider is six seconds slower but can Millar keep this kind of pace up for the whole ride?

  21. 07:22 - MICHAEL ROGERS knocks 20 seconds off Sanchez Gil's time to take the lead. Unsurprisingly the home crowd on the finish line go crazy for that finish and Rogers looked like he really needed it as he practically falls off his bike as he crosses the line. He's absolutely spent

  22. 07:21 - We have a new leader - Sanchez Gil takes 16.47 serconds off Bodnar's previous best time and drops the leading time to 1:00.53. Michael Rogers is not far behind though and at the last check was ahead

  23. 07:17 - Konovalovas goes second whilst Fabian Cancellara - arguably one of the best time trialists of all time - gets his race underway to the delight of the crowd

  24. 07:14 - Sanchez Gil is currently 15 ahead of current leader Bodnar whilst home hope Michael Rogers is 35 seconds ahead. The Australians must be really fancying their chances of getting on the podium here today

  25. 07:10 - Two-times national time trial champion David Millar gets his race underway - what has he got to give today?

  26. 07:07 - Rasmussen sprints across the line - impressive that he has anything left - and he crosses the line in 1:01.54, which is good enough for a sixth placed spot at the moment.

  27. 07:03 - Chile's Oyarzun has been working hard around the course and is rewarded with a spot in second place, 29 seconds back behind the current leader Bodnar.

  28. 07:00 - Impressive from Sanchez Gil who extends his lead over Bodnar to 13 seconds. It'll only be enough for second place at the moment though, as Rogers is really motoring - reaching the 29.4km checkpoint in 40:10, 25 seconds quicker than the Spaniard!

  29. 06:55 - Sanchez Gil - the Spanish Time Trial Champion - still looks smooth on the long climb, in second place. Rogers, meanwhile, is showing the first signs of fatigue as he lifts out of his saddle. He's keeping up the pace though...

  30. 06:53 - Ignatas Konovalovas is impressing at the moment, 33 seconds behind Rogers and up to fifth-place from 10th. Can he keep improving through the second lap?

  31. 06:51 - The crowd begins to roar as Rogers approaches, and it's going to be fast! 29:43 for the first lap! It's the first sub-30 second lap of the day, and he's cruising round the course 21 seconds faster then the - now second-placed - Sanchez Gil!

  32. 06:50 - Sanchez Gil approaches the lap-marker... and sets a new fastest time! That's a 30:05 for the opening lap, 2.5 seconds faster than Bodnar! Michael Rogers is on his way though, and that lead might not last long...

  33. 06:48 - Lithuania's Ignatas Konovalovas posts a cracking time at the half-way point, just nine seconds shy of Maciej Bodnar! He'll fancy his chances of reigning that in, but looks to be expending plenty of energy with 50% of the race still left to run

  34. 06:46 - Rasmussen isn't fading at all as he hits the 29.4km marker, clocking 41:18 - 23 seconds off the pace

  35. 06:45 - The GPS is showing a real gap opening up between Sanchez and Rogers now. Both are ahead of Bodnar's time, but the Spaniard by just one second and the Australian by a massive 14!

  36. 06:42 - Frenchman Nicolas Vogondy completes the opening lap just shy of 20 seconds down on Bodnar, good enough for sixth place.

  37. 06:40 - Rogers is flying himself, however, and has opened up a four second lead over Bodnar's time after 14km!

  38. 06:37 - Sanchez Gil and Rogers are duelling out there at the moment, with the Spaniard just 0.21 seconds behind Bodnar's leading time at the 14km check!

  39. 06:35 - Rasmussen completes the first lap in 30 minutes and 25 seconds, 17 seconds behind Bodnar's impressive marker.

  40. 06:33 - Rogers is going very well indeed, with that smooth, languid style propelling him up the second climb. He's getting a hero's reception, and he's putting on a hero's display at the moment

  41. 06:31 - Rogers gives the gathered crowd something to cheer about with a 10:00 for the opening 6.6km putting the Aussie third-fastest

  42. 06:29 - Luis Leon Sanchez Gil has taken Bodnar's time for the 6.6km checkpoint! The Spaniard is absolutely flying at the moment and, if he can keep up this pace, he could be the man to dethrone Bodnar

  43. 06:27 - Alex Rasmussen is still going well, heading for a top three time for the opening lap but a good 18 seconds behind Bodnar

  44. 06:24 - Here's where we stand after two and a half hours of combative cycling: 1. Maciej Bodnar (Poland) 1:01:09; 2. Vladimir Gusev (Russia) 1:01:36; 3. Andriy Grivko (Ukraine) 1:01:49; 4. José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios (Spain) 1:01:51; 5. Sylvain Chavanel (France) 1:02:09; 6. Dmitriy Fofonov (Kazakhstan) 1:02:20; 7. Jack Bauer (New Zealand) 1:02:26; 8. David Mccann (Ireland) 1:03:01; 9. Martin Velits (Slovakia) 1:03:09; 10. Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia) 1:03:24.

  45. 06:23 - Chavanel, who died off badly throughout the ride, finishes in fifth - almost a minute behind Bodnar. The whole of group three are now out on the road, can any of them topple Bodnar?

  46. 06:19 - A huge cheer goes up for the final rider of the third group: Australian Michael Rogers! The 30-year-old HTC-Columbia all-rounder - and three-times World Time Trial Champion - will be looking to feed of the partisan crowd here in Geelong!

  47. 06:17 - Andriy Grivko, the three-times Ukrainian National Time Trial Champion, soars over the finish line in 1:01:49 to send Gutierrez packing from the medal house! That's a pity for the Spaniard, but his compatriot Luis Leon Sanchez Gil is just about to roll in, and will be looking to avenge him with a good time

  48. 06:15 - Alex Rasmussen has made a stunning start to the 6.6km marker, just two seconds behind Bodnar's pace. Could be one to watch, the Dane.

  49. 06:13 - Mccann leads Bodnar over the line in 1:01:09! That's 26 seconds clear of Gusev, and it'll take some beating!

  50. 06:09 - Mccann's being stubborn ahead of Bodnar, refusing to let the 25-year-old Bodnar reel him in. He's dragging the Pole forwards, however, and Bodnar's is another six seconds faster than Gusev now! He's having the ride of his life out there!

  51. 06:07 - Bodnar is powering some 37 seconds ahead of Gutierrez, according to our calculations! Russia's Gusev, meanwhile, snatches the lead himself with a 1:01:36, 25 ahead of the Spaniard Gutierrez.

  52. 06:06 - Tejay Van Garderen of the USA is the next group three rider to roll in, following Russia's Artem Ovechkin, and Denmark's Alex Rasmussen

  53. 06:04 - Jack Bauer sails through the finish line in 1:02:26 to go second behind Gutierrez. It's bad news for Morkov, however, as the Dane is forced to up and leave the medal house.

  54. 06:02 - We're back with Bodnar at the front, chasing Gusev who set the new benchmark for checkpoint five - hitting the 37.5km marker in 51:01 minutes

  55. 06:00 - The skies are dimming in Victoria now, with a few clouds starting to look ominous. Could the worsening conditions effect Fabian Cancellara, who is still an hour and 20 minutes away from starting! We've hit 6am (BST), which can mean only one thing: time for the third group! Carlos Oyarzun of Chile rolls in first.

  56. 05:58 - Van Emden doesn't look very comfortable as he hits the 29.4km check, and finds himself in 13th with a 42.40

  57. 05:55 - A real duel is developing at the top of the table now, with Gusev hovering around 29 seconds faster than Gutierrez, but Bodnar is around 33 seconds quicker, and is has just caught up with the Irishman David Mccann who is slowing! That'll help Bodnar over the final few kilometres of the course...

  58. 05:53 - The Russian's lead doesn't last long though, as Bodnar once again reels in his lead - the Pole is 10 seconds quicker now.

  59. 05:50 - Gusev goes fastest at check point four: 41:05 for the 29.4km!

  60. 05:48 - Jos Van Emden goes over the line for Holland now, a minute behind Bodnar and into eighth. Bodnar is looking metronomic in this second lap, inching closer to Reginald Douglas now

  61. 05:45 - Fofonov, who started third in the second group, goes third fastest after the first lap, and is running very well at the moment.

  62. 05:43 - Bodnar absolutely flies through the first lap in 30:07, comfortably setting another fastest time at the half-way stage. Surely this is the man to usurp Gutierrez in the gold medal position

  63. 05:40 - Next to finish the opening lap is Reginald Douglas, who only just manages to beat his fellow countryman James Weekes's time to go 14th. He's dropped 9:40 over that first lap.

  64. 05:39 - Latvia's Raivis Belohvosciks finishes his opening lap a full minute behind Gusev

  65. 05:37 - Until now! We've got a race on our hands, as Vladimir Gusev ends the first lap in 30 minutes and 14 seconds! That's 14 seconds faster than Gutierrez, who might not be sat in the middle of the medal hut for too much longer

  66. 05:35 - Dmitriy Fofonov of Kazakhstan flies into the second lap in 30:46, slotting into third behind Gutierrez and Bauer. Gutierrez's measured ride is looking more and more impressive with every passing moment

  67. 05:31 - Jack Bauer is the first to complete the opening lap from the second group, and manages a 30:40, just behind Gutierrez's 30:28

  68. 05:29 - Sylvain Chavanel of France is attacking the 6.6km check, but just falls short of Bodnar's benchmark with a 10:01. He's second fastest at the first split, with Russia's Vladimir Gusev a further second behind.

  69. 05:27 - (and, lest we forget, 10 James Weekes (Saint Kitts and Nevis) 1:21:58)

  70. 05:27 - Group one is off the track now, with the second cluster in full flow, and scything into Gutierrez's time. Here's the times for the first group: 1 José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios (Spain) 1:01:51; 2 Martin Velits (Slovakia) 1:03:09; 3 Michael Morkov (Denmark) 1:03:33; 4 Tanel Kangert (Estonia) 1:03:39; 5 Andrey Zeits (Kazakhstan) 1:03:42; 6 Jay Robert Thomson (South Africa) 1:05:08; 7 Jaroslaw Marycz (Poland) 1:05:33; 8 Gordon Mccauley (New Zealand) 1:05:55; 9 Esad Hasanovic (Serbia) 1:07:11...

  71. 05:25 - Bauer has made a good start for the second group, but Maciej Bodnar of Poland has gone sub-10 minutes for the opening 6.6km! 9:58 for the Pole.

  72. 05:24 - Morkov is an absolute wreck as he crosses the line, in third place behing Gutierrez and Velits. He started out too strongly, the Dane

  73. 05:23 - He finishes some 20 minutes off the pace, on 1:21:58. Good reception for the man from Saint Kitts and Nevis

  74. 05:22 - The Serbian is six minutes behind Gutierrez, and a long way from the medals. just James Weekes to go. What a trooper.

  75. 05:20 - Ryan: "I want to be into this race......but it is midnight in­ New England! I cant really see anybody beating Fabian.­ Not this year. This could be the greatest year of his­ career. Not just with the body, his mind is right also." It's five in the morning in (Old?) England, Ryan, so time's no excuse for not keeping up with the action! Hasanovic is next to approach the finish line...

  76. 05:18 - Gutierrez is getting a fabulous reception as he sprints for the line, and is rewarded for that lung-busting effort with an impressive 1:01:51. It's enough for a medal position now, how will it fare as the day progresses?

  77. 05:16 - Kangert can take his place in the medal positions with a 1:03:39 finish, putting the Estonian in second behind Velits

  78. 05:14 - Jack Bauer - the New Zealand road champion - sets the fastest time of the day at 6.6km: 10:04 minutes

  79. 05:12 - Velits dislodges Zeits to go fastest at the finish line, as Morkov steals a couple of seconds back from Gutierrez

  80. 05:10 - Zeits holds on to his lead, as Gordon Mccauley struggles over the line 1:22 behind the Kazakhstani

  81. 05:08 - Raivis Belohvosciks of Latvia rolls in now, following Reginald Douglas, Jack Bauer, Dmitriy Fofonov, and Vladimir Gusev of the second group.

  82. 05:06 - Andrey Zeits is the first man across the line in elite time trial championship, setting a benchmark of 1:03:42! How fast can Gutierrez make it round?

  83. 05:04 - So Gutierrez leads at check four with a 41:27, with Morkov, Velits, and Kangert behind

  84. 05:02 - Morkov, the only group one rider with a real chance of usurping Gutierrez goes past a disappointing 30 seconds behind the Spaniard at the fourth checkpoint

  85. 05:00 - Reginald Douglas rolls in to start the second wave of riders! Another 11 will come in, again at two minute intervals

  86. 05:00 - Gutierrez is a full minute ahead of Velits at the next split, with an impressive benchmark of 41:27. Hasanovic follows Gutierrez through the checkpoint, a full three minutes behind the Spaniard

  87. 04:56 - Morkov is still looking good, but appears to be lacking aggression on the upward slopes. Poor James Weekes, meanwhile, is being overtaken mercilessly now!

  88. 04:54 - Group two are set to start rolling in at 5am (BST), with another Saint Kitts and Nevis man leading the charge: Reginald Douglas.

  89. 04:50 - Velits is eight seconds ahead of Zeits at the next split, but Gutierrez is really flying now, with 30:28 at the first lap - 20 seconds clear of Morkov who has slowed

  90. 04:46 - Oof, Gutierrez sets the new pace at the end of the first lap, knocking 50 seconds off Velits's time with a 30:28. There's bound to be faster riders today, but they won't be faster by much!

  91. 04:44 - Zeits is struggling on the big early climb now, looking in real pain as he sacrifices form for power. He sets a 42:36 split-time

  92. 04:42 - Gutierrez picks off Hasanovic, still on the first lap, and the Serbian falls in close behind into the Spaniard's slipstream. He'll be in trouble for that

  93. 04:39 - Marycz crosses in 32:42, and would surely have threatened the faster times were it not for that fall! Slovakia's Velits storms across in 31:18, however, to go fastest

  94. 04:38 - There's no team radio today, remember, much to the chagrin of Fabian Cancellara

  95. 04:36 - Gordon Mccauley labours to the line to finish his first lap, comfortably behind Zeits. Weekes has been passed by three riders already, and is really struggling now.

  96. 04:34 - Andrey Zeits sets the benchmark for the first lap at 31:28, with an average speed of 43km/h. Who's going to beat it?

  97. 04:33 - Morkov jugs the corners on the downhills like a track rider! Wonderful riding from the Dane

  98. 04:30 - Well, so much for the 4 minute gap in front of Morkov slowing the Dane down, he's just posted the fastest time at 6.6km! The last man of the group sets a 10:05 to go comfortably fastest at the first split, and is looking very good at the moment

  99. 04:28 - Gutierrez Palacios is absolutely flying now, and has taken 8/9 seconds off Kangert's time, having accelerated after the peak at the 6.6km mark

  100. 04:25 - José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios, the man to look out for in this opening group of 10, posts the second fastest time at 6.6km, clearly pacing himself as he cruises through the checkpoint in 10:22

  101. 04:23 - As it stands at the 6.6km mark- 1. Tanel Kangert (Estonia) 0:10:18; 2. Martin Velits (Slovakia) 0:10:27; 3 Andrey Zeits (Kazakhstan) 0:10:41; 4 Gordon McCauley (New Zealand) 0:10:45; 5 Jay Robert Thomson (South Africa) 0:10:54; 6 Jaroslaw Marycz (Poland) 0:11:40; 7 James Weekes (Saint Kitts and Nevis) 0:13:44

  102. 04:22 - Tanel Kangert clocks a 10:18 at the 6.6km split, taking top spot from Slovakian national champion Velits!

  103. 04:20 - Colombia's Jose Rodolfo Serpa Perez has not started, leaving the final rider of the opening group - Michael Morkov of Denmark - with a 4 minute gap behind José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios of Spain.

  104. 04:18 - Velits usurps Zeits as the fastest at 6.6km by 13 seconds, but the Kazakhstani has been clocked at 88km/h on the downhill! 10:27 for Velits is the fastest

  105. 04:16 - Marycz has fallen! He's back on quickly enough (so quickly, in fact, that we've yet to see what happened!). Could be day over for the Pole, who claws his way back to clock the third fastest time at 6.6km

  106. 04:14 - Zeits sets the pace after overtaking a clearly flagging Weekes. 10:41 is the benchmark at 6.6km, with Weekes a couple of minutes slower

  107. 04:13 - It's been a steady start so far, but Serbia's Esad Hasanovic has absolutely flown down the ramp! That was the sort of start you'd expect for a kilometre race, not today's gruelling 46km!

  108. 04:12 - Our seventh rider rolls in, and it's Estonia's Tanel Kangert - the 23-year-old amateur who is set to sign for Astana in 2011.

  109. 04:09 - Fabian Cancellara - scheduled to get underway at 07:18 (BST) - is the only stand-out in today's field, so there's a real chance for some of these early riders to put in a competitive time. Martin Velits of Slovakia is underway, and South Africa's Jay Robert Thomson is about to start chasing him down

  110. 04:06 - And now Jaroslaw Marycz (Poland) is rolling in too! James Weekes is off the saddle on the first short, steep rise, and Zeits is closing in on the Saint Kitts and Nevis rider down fast!

  111. 04:05 - Gordon Mccauley of New Zealand is underway now, heading down the immediate, slight downhill, before tackling a couple of short, steep climbs

  112. 04:04 - Remember you can have your say on all the morning's action, and I wouldn't mind a healthy debate about who could potentially knock Cancellara off his perch in this time trial! Comments below, please.

  113. 04:02 - He's a stocky looking fellow, Weekes, who sets off at a furious pace. Andrey Zeits of Kazakhstan is next up, and the first cluster of 11 riders will be setting off at two-minute intervals

  114. 04:00 - We're moments away from the start of this men's time trial in Geelong, and the sun is shining in Victoria! James Weekes of Saint Kitts and Nevis isin the hut, and ready to roll off...

  115. - - Great Britain's Emma Pooley blitzed the women's time trial yesterday, becoming Britain's first ever TT world champion.

  116. - - There are 43 cyclists contesting the time trial, starting at 04:00 (BST) with James Weekes of Saint Kitts and Nevis, and ending with Fabian Cancellara - the hot favourite after stellar season - at 07:18.

  117. - - We've got 45.8km of World Championship time trial for you this morning, consisting of two 22.9km laps which will each have one long climb (120m approx.) and one short (60m).

  118. - - Fabian Cancellara will bid for a record fourth time trial world title in Melbourne on Thursday. The first of the 43 riders will leave the start hut at 0400 BST with the Swiss off at 0718 UK time.