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Tour de France - Aurillac - Carmaux


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  1. 0km - Stage 10: 1. Greipel, 2. Cavendish, 3. Rojas, 4. Hushovd, 5. Feillu, 6. Oss, 7. Hinault, 8. Bozic, 9. Thomas, 10. Dumoulin.

  2. 0km - The German wins by a wheel - it's his first in the Tour and will be all the sweeter coming against his old foe Mark Cavendish.

  3. 0km - Cavendish goes round the outside but Greipel is returning strong... and it's a photo finish... with Greipel getting the win!

  4. 0.5km - Greipel, Hushovd, Feillu, Rojas and Cav are all there...

  5. 1km - Last corner and then the mad jostle...

  6. 1.5km - Millar only has a few seconds... it's not going to happen. Martin is on the front and it's back together. HTC are back on the front: business as usual. Although Cav only has a couple of men...

  7. 2km - Ruijgh and Kadri are reeled in as there's another attack - this time from Garmin's David Millar!

  8. 3km - The Vacansoleil rider is Rob Ruijgh. He and Kadri are still out in front by a couple of seconds.

  9. 4km - Gilbert is caught! And Cavendish is now back in the bunch! The dynamic changes once again... Euskaltel's Perez attacks, but is reeled in. Biel Kadri of AG2R attacks alongside a Vacansoleil rider. They have 5 seconds.

  10. 4.5km - Romain Feillu is in the chasing pack - the Frenchman must be one of the favourites in the absence of some of the other big sprinters...

  11. 5km - Gilbert has 10 seconds on the bunch. He's giving it all, but has put his eggs on one basket: if he doesn't hold on, he will surely be too tired to contest the sprint.

  12. 6.5km - Green jersey Gilbert has opened up a lead. What a rider. The others, including yellow jersey Voeckler, appear to have given up - but Gilbert is going for a long one!

  13. 7km - It's coming down though - just 7 seconds now as Devenyns launches an attack. Gallopin calls it a day so there are just four now. Back from the bunch, Euskaltel's Urtasun attacks.

  14. 8km - Voeckler leading by example, urging the others to make an effort. Martin is just not interested, and Voeckler gives him an earful. Gilbert is keen, while Gallopin and Devenyens are game too.

  15. 10km - The five leaders have 15 seconds on the peloton, which is being driven by Voigt of Leopard Trek and a couple of the Sky boys. This is a very small peloton, and the absence of HTC chasing it down suggests that Cavendish is not in it.

  16. 12km - Voeckler, Gilbert, Martin, Gallopin and a Quick Step rider are out in front. It's Dries Devenyns. Three are in pursuit, followed by the chasing bunch.

  17. 13km - Cancellara and O'Grady are off the back of the main chasing group. That last climb blew everthing apart!

  18. 14km - Tony Martin is still there, but he's worried what is happening behind because there's no sign of Cavendish and this group has about 20 seconds or so over the chasing group.

  19. 15km - Splits all over the bunch, with Gilbert and Voeckler responding to that attack by Gallopin. Now it's yellow jersey Voeckler leading the race! The Frenchman takes the point atop the final climb.

  20. 15km - The polka dot jersey of Johnny Hoogerland is in a second chasing group... meanwhile, an attack on the front by Tony Gallopin of Cofidis.

  21. 16km - It's all over for Marcato, who's caught by the small chasing group, which is led by Gilbert, with Voeckler just behind. Tyler Farrar already off the back. No news on Cavendish yet.

  22. 17km - John Gadret (AG2R) is off the back of the peloton. The Frenchman has been a shadow of his Giro self. Marcato goes for it alone as Minard and Vichot shake hands and call it a day.

  23. 18km - Omega Pharma-Lotto are on the front of the bunch - it's Seb Lang - with green jersey Gilbert tucked in back in third place.

  24. 19km - Marcato, Minard and Vichot have ahead of the other three escapees and are on the start of the Cat.4 climb to Mirandol-Bourgnounac. In fact, the other three have already been swept up by the peloton, which is just 30 seconds back.

  25. 20km - The leaders are onto the short downhill drag before the final climb of the day. Marcato and Minard take turns on the front. Vichot joins them as they pass the 20-to-go banner. The lead is just 45 seconds now.

  26. 22km - It's been a quiet stage for Alberto Contador. The Saxo Bank rider injured his knee in the first week of the race, but he has denied he will quit the race ahead of the Pyrenees. Report: Contador to race on

  27. 25km - There is still one Sky man on the front of the peloton, pedalling fast ahead of a group of HTC men no-doubt preparing the road for Cavendish. The leaders are combining well together but their 50-second lead won't last for much longer.

  28. 28km - With HTC now leading the chase, the carrots are almost cooked for the leading group of six riders. A reminder of who they are/were: Remi Di Gregorio (Astana), Sebastien Minard (AG2R), Arthur Vichot (FDJ), Julien El Fares (Cofidis), Anthony Delaplace (Saur Sojasun) and the only non-Frenchman Marco Marcato (Vacansoleil).

  29. 33km - Hushovd whips his shoe off and gives it to a man in his team car - poor guy, can't imagine it smells very nice. Anyway, Thor is now currently pedalling with just the one boot.

  30. 35km - Thor Hushovd needs a mechanical check off the back of the peloton. The world champion will surely be leading out his man Tyler Farrar today. The gap is just one minute now.

  31. 42km - The gap has stablised at around 1:30. We had a chat with Cadel Evans this morning, who admitted he should have put some money on himself as Tour winner at 28-1 before the race. Video: Evans on stage 10

  32. 45km - Team Sky have sent a rider onto the front - the British team will perhaps play the Ben Swift card today.

  33. 47km - The lead is being whittled down quite quickly. It's 1:30 now.

  34. 52km - The lead has dropped to just two minutes. Meanwhile, Di Gregorio has another problem: this time it's with a puncture. He changes his front wheel and now paces himself back to the other leaders. The Frenchman tried to hitch a lift in the slipstream of a rival team car, before being shouted at by the driver. They share a few words and then the Astana man continues on his way.

  35. 58km - Yet again, Marcato takes maximum points (just the two, then) atop the summit, with Minard taking second place and one point.

  36. 59km - Garmin pair David Millar and Tyler Farrar are off the back of the peloton, but nothing serious: just a water pick-up.

  37. 59km - Big Thor Hushovd, in his rainbow jersey and right on the back, waves at a group of fans. He's a popular guy, Thor.

  38. 60km - David Millar, himself heavily bandaged after crashing on stage nine, spoke to Eurosport at the start of today's stage. The Briton said the peloton is very 'stressed' what with all these crashes happening... Video: Millar on stage 10

  39. 61km - Di Gregorio, in the dancing position, sets the pace on the front of the leading bunch. He looks very strong on this climb. Back in the bunch, polka dot jersey Johnny Hoogerland, covered in bandages, is riding near the back, but he looks ok.

  40. 62km - The leaders are onto the third climb of the day, the Cat.3 ascent to Villefranche-de-Rouergue. It looks like Di Gregorio has been dropped, which is odd, because he's a strong climber. Hang on, replays show his chain slipped. He's now back with the leaders.

  41. 65km - Alessandro Vanotti of Liquigas punctures and needs a rear-wheel change. We had forgotten Liquigas were in this race: they have done next to nothing, except pace back Ivan Basso a couple of times after splits in the peloton. In fact, Liquigas sit on the bottom of the winnings table in this race: they have just 1,730 euro to their name... whereas leaders Omega Pharma-Lotto have a cool 36,380 euro.

  42. 70km - So, time to involve you readers below: who do you think will win today? Also, how many days will Tommy Voeckler stay in yellow? The Frenchman wore yellow for 10 days back in 2004 - can he match that?

  43. 75km - Why not take this slight post-prandial lull in the peloton to be reminded of the first nine days in this race, with our blogger Blazin' Saddles' trusty recap? Saddles: Rest day recap #1

  44. 76km - Julien El Fares (Cofidis) is the best-placed rider in the GC from this group. The Frenchman is 53rd at 15:06 from Voeckler - which explains why Europcar really couldn't be bothered about reeling in this break.

  45. 78km - Jerome Coppel drops back to the Saur Sojasun team car to change his left cycling shoe - which he does while riding and holding onto the vehicle. Well done, sir. The Frenchman - who always seems to be hotly tipped, but rarely delivers - is surrounded by team-mates ready to pace him back into the bunch. Meanwhile, it's lunch time for the peloton as they pass through the feeding zone.

  46. 80km - Gesink is back in the peloton. It's odd seeing Thor Hushovd in his rainbow jersey as world champion - we got used to the Nowegian in yellow. The gap is now 3:45. HTC are on the front, with Europcar tucked in just behind.

  47. 83km - More woe for Robert Gesink: the Dutchman needs a mechanical alteration to his handlebars. Perhaps a lingering after effect from that earlier small crash. The Rabobank leader is currently in the white jersey as the best-placed young rider. White jersey standings

  48. 85km - The race is LIVE NOW on British Eurosport (Sky 410 / Virgin Media 521) and is also available on your PC via the Eurosport Player: click here to subscribe

  49. 87km - Marcato is setting the pace, once again, on this climb. The lone Italian takes the solitary point at the summit. It looks like Hoogerland's polka dot jersey is safe for the day. The Dutchman is still recovering from that horrific crash on Sunday, when he was hit by a car and thrown into a barbed wire fence. We spoke to him, briefly, at the start today. Video: Hoogerland on stage 10

  50. 88km - Di Gregorio slips back to have a chat with his team car and take a look at the stage profile. The French climber wants the win for his team-mate Alexandre Vinokourov, who crashed out on Sunday. Video: Vino thankful for his life

  51. 90km - The leaders are already onto the next climb, the Cat.4 rise to Loupiac. Two things: Anthony Delaplace, at 21, is the youngest rider in this year's Tour. Also, with Thomas Voeckler in yellow, his team Europcar team have moved into the top spot in the team standings... Mighty impessive for a team with such a small budget - and a non-Pro Tour team to boot. And to think that the team almost vanished last winter when a new sponsor was hard to come by. Team standings

  52. 95km - Vacansoleil's Marcato launches an attack to pick up the points - clearly spoil tactics to stop anyone else get any points, what with his team-mate Johnny Hoogerland leading the KOM competition. Marcato takes 2pts and Delaplace, in second, 1pt.

  53. 96km - The six leaders are onto the first climb of the day, the Cat.3 climb to Figeac.

  54. 100km - With the lead growing to almost four kilometres, the HTC team of Mark Cavendish have come to the front of the peloton.

  55. 110km - Gilbert needs some mechanical tweeks to his bike and drops back to his team car. He's not happy about something. Meanwhile, Voeckler is back on the front. The Frenchman is riding on a customised yellow bike today.

  56. 113km - The Europcar team of yellow jersey Thomas Voeckler are setting the pace on the front of the bunch. The gap is 2:45 and the sun is out. Although there was a hail shower earlier this morning at the start in Aurillac. The forecast for the finish town Carmaux is rain though... Carmaux weather report

  57. 115km - Almost a crash in the leading group: Anthony Delaplace (Saur-Sojasun) somehow manages to stay on his bike after his front wheel appeals to buckle after a bad gear change. The Frenchman really should have come down there - and had he hit the tarmac, he would have taken out Astana's Remi di Gregorio too. His compatriot was right in his wheel, and waves his arms in disgust / anger after what was a real close shave.

  58. 116km - You can check the green jersey standings here

  59. 118km - The peloton splits for this intermediate sprint, with the HTC train delivering Cav to the line. The Manxman takes the points for seventh place, with another HTC rider just behind. Rojas finishes one further back, but complains his path was impeded by Cavendish. One for the commissaires, although it looked pretty routine. A couple of minutes earlier, Vichot took the points ahead of Delaplace and the four other breakaway riders.

  60. 120km - Four climbs on the agenda today - but they're all low category. If it comes together it could well be a bunch sprint at the finish - with the likes of Cavendish and green jersey Gilbert looking to add to their tally of victories, plus pick up points for the green jersey competition. Stage 6 guide: Gilbert to challenge Cav?

  61. 125km - The peloton is roaring along. They won't catch the five Frenchmen and one Italian before the intermediate sprint though: the gap is two and a half minutes now.

  62. 130km - The six leaders have built up a lead of 1:42. Interestingly, the intermediate sprint is very early today: in fact, it's just a few kilometes away.

  63. 135km - A reminder that it's France's Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) in yellow after that gutsy ride during an incident-packed stage nine on Sunday. The Frenchman leads Sunday's stage winner Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank) by 1:49 and Cadel Evans (BMC) by 2:26. General Classification

  64. 140km - Six riders are pulling clear of the bunch. They are Remi Di Gregorio (Astana), Sebastien Minard (AG2R), Arthur Vichot (FDJ), Julien El Fares (Cofidis), Anthony Delaplace (Saur Sojasun) and the only non-Frenchman Marco Marcato (Vacansoleil).

  65. 145km - Also involved in that crash were Jeremie Galland (Saur-Sojasun) and Bjorn Leukemans (Vacansoleil). But all the riders are back on their bikes and into the peloton. That's a relief.

  66. 147km - CRASH: And the Tour continues in the same vein with a big pile up in the bunch, this time involving Fabian Cancellara (Leopard Trek). Usual suspects Robert Gesink (Rabobank) and Levi Leipheimer (RadioShack) also hit the deck. Plus a few others...

  67. 148km - Six riders have pulled clear of the peloton, but they only made 50 metres before being reeled in.

  68. 150km - The big news of the rest day - besides Alberto Contador's apparent knee injury - was the failed doping test of Russian cyclist Alexandr Kolobnev. The International Cycling Union said a urine sample the 30-year-old Kolobnev provided on July 6 was found to contain traces of the masking agent Hydrochlorothiazide. Report: First rider fails dope test, sacked

  69. 155km - One withdrawal to announce: RadioShack's Yaroslav Popovych has pulled out of the race with a fever. That leaves the Ukrainian's team down to just five riders following previous abandonments of Chris Horner and Janez Brajkovic. Report: Popovych blow for Radioshack

  70. 158km - They're off! The remaining 178 riders take to the start of this first stage since the much-needed rest day.

  71. 12:30 - Welcome to live coverage of stage nine of the Tour de France - a punchy 158km affair from Aurillac to Carmaux that features four lower category climbs but could well come down to a bunch sprint. Although, after the rest day, there will be a whole host of riders keen to get in a break...