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Tour de France - Arc-et-Senans - Besanšon


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  1. 16:36 - New top three in GC: 1. Wiggins, 2. Evans + 1:53, 3. Froome +3:07.

  2. 16:35 - Result of 41.5km ITT: 1. Brad Wiggins (Team Sky) 51:34, 2. Chris Froome (Team Sky) +35, 3. Fabian Cancellara (RadioShack) +57, 4. Tejay Van Garderen (BMC) +1:06, 5. Sylvain Chavanel (OMQS) +1.24, 6. Cadel Evans (BMC) + 1:43.

  3. 16:31 - It's going to be a history one-two for Britain and Team Sky. Brad Wiggins crosses the finish line in Besancon in a time of 51:34 - that's 35 seconds faster than his team-mate. Extraordinary!

  4. 16:30 - Defending champion Cadel Evans crosses the line 1:07 down on Froome. It's the fifth best time - but enough to keep his second place in the GC.

  5. 16:29 - Evans passes under the one-to-go banner. The Australian will know that he has to recoup a lot of time in the high mountains because he'll have to go through this all over again for the penultimate stage of the Tour in 11 days' time.

  6. 16:26 - Vincenzo Nibali has been very much out of the spotlight today, thanks to the Sky super show. The Italian has produced a very strong time trial by his standards and crosses the line with the sixth best time, 1:32 down on Froome. He will drop to fourth in the GC.

  7. 16:24 - Denis Menchov drives for the line for Katusha. The Russian will stay in the top five: he's 1:32 down on Froome, so will drop below the Briton in the standings, but should stay in the top five.

  8. 16:23 - Evans, in his defence, has got stronger since the first check. He hasn't lost his morale - and remember, the race is still another two weeks long.

  9. 16:22 - We're witnessing history in the making at the moment. Two Britons about to be leading the Tour de France. Astonishing stuff.

  10. 31.5k - Brad Wiggins fastest at the second check by 16 seconds over his compatriot and team-mate Froome.

  11. 16:19 - Nibali, by the way, was 1:12 down at the second check - so he's riding just a little bit slower than Evans, so can be relatively pleased.

  12. 31.5k - Evans comes through the second check 1:03 down on Chris Froome. The gap between them this morning was 1:22 so the Australian has a battle on his hands to keep hold of his second place in the GC.

  13. 16:17 - Here comes Chris Froome - has he maintained his fast pace? Yes he has! 51:59 at the finish, that's 21 seconds quicker than Cancellara.

  14. 16:13 - Jurgen Van den Broeck is 2:12 down on Cancellara at the finish.

  15. 16:11 - Wiggins is on to the next uphill stretch, which currently has Evans out of the saddle. What a surpreme performance this is.

  16. 41.5k - Not bad from Nicolas Roche: he's 2:11 down in 16th position at the finish.

  17. 16:09 - Bradley Wiggins has never won a stage on the Tour de France - could this be his first?

  18. 41.5k - Rein Taaramae will lose the white jersey to Tejay van Garderen: the Estonian was well over two minutes down on the American at the finish.

  19. 16:07 - There has never been a British one-two in a stage on the Tour de France.

  20. 31.5k - Froome is 20 seconds faster than Van Garderen at the second check. The win will surely go to one of Team Sky's riders today...

  21. 16.5k - Wiggins approaches the first check. He has already taken off his visor and is riding without eye protection. He is four seconds ahead of Froome - than's a minute ahead of Evans.

  22. 16.5k - Evans crosses the first check and this is terrible for the Australian: he's 56 seconds down on Chris Froome, who could well be in second place tonight. That was even slower than Nibali and Zubeldia...

  23. 15:57 - Evans out of the saddle on the steep part of the climb. The crowds are pretty huge as they cheer the defending champion.

  24. 16.5k - Excellent ride by Nibali: the Italian is 51 seconds down on Froome at the first check. Remember, he has 1:16 on Froome in the GC.

  25. 16.5k - Denis Menchov crosses the first check 49 seconds down on Froome.

  26. 15:52 - GPS suggest that Wiggins is a huge 40 seconds quicker than Evans at the moment.

  27. 15:51 - Wiggins's back is so flat and straight. You could place a glass of water on it and it would still be half full/half empty by the end.

  28. 16.5k - Haimar Zubeldia is 51 seconds down on Froome at the first check - which isn't that bad, it just sounds so because of the Briton's mammoth ride.

  29. 16.5k - Chris Froome is having a storming ride: he's a massive 23 seconds ahead of Van Garderen's previous leading time at the first check.

  30. 15:46 - Wiggins is wearing an all-yellow skin-suit but one of Team Sky's special dome black-and-blue ITT helmets. He looks very lean and very good indeed.

  31. 41.5k - Tejay Van Garderen couldn't keep up his storming pace: he crosses the finish line nine seconds down on Fabian Cancellara.

  32. 15:44 - Schleck is more than two and a half minutes down at the second check, outside the top 25.

  33. 15:43 - In his BMC skin-suit, Evans looks much leaner than in recent years. He takes an early drink, but does so with panache.

  34. 41.5k - Fourth fastest for Andi Kloeden at the finish, who comes home 1:12 down on Cancellara.

  35. 15:40 - Yellow jersey Brad Wiggins is on the road! The Brit almost caught Evans in the Dauphine ITT. Can we have a repeat performance from the Team Sky maestro?

  36. 15:37 - The Tour de France is underway: defending champion Cadel Evans roars down the ramp for his race of truth.

  37. 15:34 - Big day for Vincenzo Nibali - the Italian needs to limit his losses today to Evans and Wiggins. He's on course now.

  38. 31.5k - Tejay van Garderen has caught Ivan Basso and passed through the second check two seconds ahead of Cancellara. This is a storming ride. Basso knows what it's like being caught by an American on individual time trials...

  39. 15:31 - We're into the top three with both Zubeldia and Menchov now on course. Just Nibali, Evans and Froome to go.

  40. 15:31 - Fabian Cancellara to Eurosport just now: "I'm happy my performance, now we have to wait. There are always two results: your own result, and then that of the others. If it's hard for me, it will be hard for everyone. I was very focused and this was important for me. I am already satisfied. Everything is possible against the clock. I hear Tejay van Garderen is faster than me at the first check, but we'll see. I have done what I have to do."

  41. 16.5k - Thbaut Pinot is 1:26 down at the first check - that's even slower than Frank Scheck. The Frenchman feeling it after his ride yesterday.

  42. 15:25 - Off goes Chris Froome for Team Sky! People forget that he beat Wiggins in the Vuelta ITT last September... big day for the 27-year-old. Jurgen van den Broek is on course too.

  43. 16.5k - Schleck only sets the 24th best time at the first check, 1:23 down on Van Garderen. And that was the uphill section best suited to the Luxembourg rider. Just goes to show: the time trials in this year's Tour were always going to be a bridge too far for Schleck, regardless of his showing in the mountains. The same could have been said about Andy, were he not injured.

  44. 16.5k - Janez Brajkovic goes through the first check in fifth, 25 seconds down on Van Garderen.

  45. 41.5k - Peter Velits (OPQS) is third at the finish, 1:02 down on Cancellara.

  46. 15:16 - Chavanel on his time trial: "To get close to the best in the world on such a demanding course is good for me. You have to maintain your rhythm and stick with it."

  47. 16.5k - We have a new leader at the first check: Young American Tejay van Garderen has just taken three seconds off Cancellara's time. Superb effort from the BMC man, who could be back in white tonight, depending on how Taaramae rides.

  48. 15:14 - Rein Taaramae of Cofidis is on course. The Estonian has the white jersey as the best young rider. He leads Tony Gallopin by 46 seconds in the standings, with Pinot third at 1:14. White jersey standings

  49. 41.5k - Chavanel passes Rémy Di Gregorio of Codifis in the final straight before crossing the line to set the second best time at the finish, 27 seconds down on Cancellara. The national champion should be pleased with that one.

  50. 16.5k - Andreas Kloden at the first check: the German veteran is 28 seconds down with the fourth best time. Pretty solid.

  51. 16.5k - Pierre Rolland crosses the first check 1:41 down on Cancellara. The white jersey from last year's Tour had a mixed opening nine days in the Tour: he rode well but lost time when hurting his elbow in that big crash in stage six.

  52. 15:06 - In the start zone, both Brad Wiggins and Chris Froome of Team Sky are on the rollers - they're off in about 20 minutes.

  53. 15:05 - Down the ramp goes the youngest rider in this year's Tour, yesterday's winner Thibaut Pinot. The Frenchman has a tattoo on the inside of his right bicep that reads "Only victory is beautiful". Safe to say, today won't be a beautiful day for the FDJ man.

  54. 31.5k - Chavanel crosses the second time check 26 seconds down on Cancellara, who still leads. The top 15 about to start.

  55. 16.5k - Fourth fastest for Jerome Coppel at the first check.

  56. 14:55 - Kloden, Basso, Van Garderen, Brajkovic are all on course, with Frank Schleck the next to leave. Then we'll be into the top 15.

  57. 14:49 - Team Sky's Mick Rogers is fifth fastest at the first check, 39 down on Cancellara.

  58. 14.5k - Peter Velits is currently third at the first check, 13 seconds down on Cancellara. So that's two Omega Pharma-Quick Step riders in the top three at that stage - Chavanel is still second.

  59. 41.5k - Spartacus is powering his way towards the finish. He looks pretty magnificent on a bike - but we won't know just how good he is until the likes of Evans and Wiggins are on course. He he comes, and Cancellara crosses the line with a time of 52:21. That's 1:19 faster than Tony Martin. We have a new leader.

  60. 14:43 - We're on to the top 20 now as Europcar's Pierre Rolland rolls down the ramp.

  61. 41.5k - Sandy Casar crosses the finish line in Besancon for eighth place, 53 seconds down on leader Tony Martin. Peter Sagan crosses a bit later, a whole 4:31 down on the top.

  62. 14:39 - Italian Michele Scarponi (Lampre) is on course now. He's well over five minutes down on the GC after an incident-filled opening week.

  63. 16.5k - Sylvain Chavanel is riding very well - and he's only seven seconds slower than Cancellara at the first check.

  64. 31.5k - Cancellara is having a stormer: the Swiss is 1:09 faster than Martin at the second time check. He completes 31.5km in a time of 39:40.

  65. 31.5k - Casar is seventh at the second check, 32 seconds down on leader Martin.

  66. 14:33 - Peter Sagan is passed by Sandy Casar, who is riding a very solid ITT. Sagan will be taking it easy - the Slovak no doubt fancies taking a fourth stage after the rest day. Next Saturday;s ride to Cap d'Agde on Bastille Day looks tailor made.

  67. 14:28 - Cancellara has aleady caught Bauke Mollema, who started a full three minutes ahead of the Swiss maestro at Arc-et-Senans.

  68. 14:22 - Of course, Martin did pick up a puncture just 2km from the start today, so that huge loss to Cancellara has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Still, we'll see how things play out.

  69. 16.5k - Wow: Fabian Cancellara takes a huge 39 seconds off Martin at the first check. The time losses at the finish are going to be vast if the Swiss keeps this up.

  70. 14:18 - George Hincapie of BMC on the rollers after his ride today: "We're in a perfect position. With Cadel just 10 seconds down in the GC with two weeks to go - we couldn't ask for a better position."

  71. 14:17 - Down the ramp rolls Sylvain Chavanel, the French national time trial champion. Chavanel was third in the GC after a strong prologue before fading a little in the past few days. "I think he has got a bigger chance of top five. But he is going to go for it," Omega Pharma - Quick Step sports director Brian Holm said. Holm: Chavanel can shine in ITT

  72. 16.5k - Peter Sagan crosses the first check in 38th position so there be no green jersey points for the Slovak today. Meanwhile, Frenchman Sandy Casar has ridden into second place ahead of Jens Voigt. The FDJ man is seven seconds down on Tony Martin at Abbans Dessus.

  73. 41.5k - Voeckler shows just how much time can be lost by certain riders today: the Europcar man comes home 3:06 down on Martin at the finish. Given Martin's puncture and wrist injury, it's safe to assume that whoever wins today will perhaps be almost one minute quicker than the German...

  74. 14:05 - Cancellara is taking the shortest route possible at each tight or slight bend. He almost takes out a lady in pink trousers just then - she was standing very close to the edge of the road...

  75. 14:04 - Vino is sitting on the fence when it comes to predicting a winner today. Following his ride, he said: "Personally, I think Cadel will go better today. But Wiggins's form is so strong, so maybe he'll win by 15-30 seconds."

  76. 13:55 - Cancellara is ready - and the Swiss rolls down the ramp and gets his ITT under way. He's only won one long ITT in the Tour, in 2010 at Pauillac. The year before, he came second to Alberto Contador at Annecy. The Swiss is better suited to the short prologue ITTs. But he'll be motivated for a big ride today.

  77. 13:53 - Switzerland's Fabian Cancellara is priming himself in the start zone. The RadioShack man will be one of the favourites today. He's in search of his eighth career time trial victory in the Tour.

  78. 41.5k - Robert Gesink crosses the line almost three minutes down on Martin. The Dutchman has had another torrid Tour after numerous crashes in the opening week. Back to the drawing board for the Rabobank rider...

  79. 41.5k - France's Christophe Riblon (Ag2r-La Mondiale) has just ridden into the provisional top ten at Besancon. He's 1:41 down on current leader, Tony Martin. Alexandre Vinokourov is one better than Riblon, 1:31 down in eighth.

  80. 13:45 - On course now is Peter Sagan of Liquigas. Riding his debut Tour, the Slovak 22-year-old has won three stages in the opening week. He also has the green jersey: Sagan currently has 217 points to second place Matt Goss's 185. Green jersey standings

  81. 16.5k - Team Sky's Edvald Boasson Hagen crosses the first check point a huge one minute and 21 seconds down. The Norwegian is taking it easy today, knowing he will be required to work hard for the cause for the next fortnight.

  82. 13:41 - Yesterday's winner Thibaut Pinot is on the rollers while listening to his iPod. The French youngster will start his ITT at 15:03 UK time. Blog: French toasts as vintage Pinot is uncorked

  83. 41.5k - Astana's Andriy Grivko, the Ukraine national time trial champion, sets the fifth best time at the finish, 42 seconds down on leader Martin.

  84. 16.5k - Thomas Voeckler's face is a picture of pain as he crosses the fist checkpoint 53 seconds down on Martin in 16th place. The French veteran made that climb look like Alpe d'Huez.

  85. 13:28 - Team Sky directeur sportif Sean Yates was typically bullish yesterday when talking about the ITT. "Tomorrow is the race of truth and the truth will be told," he said, enigmatically.

  86. 16.5k - Astana's Alexandre Vinokourov is seventh fastest at the first check, 31 seconds down on Martin. The Kazakh veteran has had a tricky final Tour - but will hope to win a stage after Tuesday's rest day.

  87. 13:20 - King of the mountains: after his strong ride yesterday, Swede Frederik Kessiakoff (Astana) moves one point about Sky's Chris Froome in the polka dot standings. Kessiakoff apparently has his own brand of coffee called... Kessiacoffee. Polka dot jersey standings

  88. 13:12 - Tony Martin maybe leading, but he's not happy. Here's what he said at the finish: "I had bad luck again. For four or five Ks I had a flat tyre again. I am so disappointed. For the whole race I try and remain focused and keep fighting. But I have no luck. I could feel my wrist every hole I hit. I have pain and today I rode without the protection. I will decide tomorrow if I continue the race."

  89. 13:06 - Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) is down the ramp. He's had a disappointing Tour after the highs of last year, when he wore the yellow jersey for 10 memorable days. The French veteran has been struggling with a knee injury, but thinks he's through the worst of it.

  90. 13:05 - Delicous stat/fact from Infostrada sports: The fastest individual time trial in the Tour that was over 40km was in 2003. David Millar raced 49km in 54 minutes and 5 seconds, giving him an average speed of 54.361 km/h. Converted to today's stage, that would mean an time of 45 minutes and 48 seconds, almost 8 minutes faster than the current fastest time. Of course, it wasn't as hilly a course as this one...

  91. 41.5k - Jens Voigt rides into provisional second place on the leader board: the German completes the 41.5km course 28 seconds down on his compatriot Tony Martin. The RadioShack veteran bettered Lieuwe Westra's third-place time by just one second.

  92. 13:00 - A reminder of the overall standings: after nine days in the saddle, the top five are separated by under one minute. Team Sky's Brad Wiggins leads Cadel Evans (BMC) by 10 seconds, with Vincenzo Nibali (Liquigas) in third 16 seconds down. Denis Menchov is fourth at 54 seconds, and Haimar Zubeldia (RadioShack) is fifth at 59. Sky's Chris Froome would be in second had he not punctured in the opening stage. Instead, Wiggins's compatriot is in sixth, 1:32 down. Yellow jersey standings

  93. 31.5k - Voigt builds on his fine ride, setting the second fastest time at the second check point. The RadioShack veteran is 13 seconds down on compatriot Tony Martin at Avanne-Aveney, so we have two Germans at the top of the first two time checks.

  94. 12:35 - Yes, Tony Martin picked up a puncture in the first section of that ITT - but still finished 29 seconds ahead of Westra. If he loses by under 20 seconds today, that will be so harsh for the German: two punctures in two time trials, plus a fractured scaphoid in between.

  95. 16.5k - RadioShack veteran Jens Voigt is having a good day: the German has just come through the first check nine seconds down on Tony Martin to set the second best time so far.

  96. 41.5k - France's Jeremy Roy set the third best time at the second check, and then kept up the momentum to come home in third place at the finish, 36 seconds down on leader Tony Martin. Roy attacked yesterday to pave the way for his team-mate Thihaut Pinot, who took a memorable stage win for Marc Madio's FDJ-BigMat squad.

  97. 12:10 - There are 101.5km of time trials in this year's Tour. Everyone goes on about it being an ITT-heavy course, but since 1977 there have been only four editions with fewer time trial kilometers than the 2012 Tour: 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

  98. 12:08 - Not only did Tony Martin ride that ITT with a fractured bone in his wrist, he also reportedly rode a bit with a flat tyre. More on that later.

  99. 12:05 - It remains to be seen if, a) that is enough for Martin to take the win today, and b) if that will be his last action in this year's race. His team doctor has recommended he withdraw from the race today in order to recover properly from his fractured scaphoid in time for the Olympic Games.

  100. 41.5k - Time trial world champion Tony Martin (Omega Pharma-QuickStep) has completed the course in a time of 53:40. That's 29 seconds faster than Lieuwe Westra. The German rode at an average speed of 46.4km/h over the hilly course.

  101. 12:00 - Jens Voigt, the oldest man in the peloton, is down the ramp to start his time trial. The German was in the break yesterday.

  102. 11:55 - The Tour has had four time trials ending in Besancon in the past, with the last one being in 2004 (won by Lance Armstrong).

  103. 11:53 - World champion Mark Cavendish earlier set a time of one hour and seven seconds. It's currently the 50th best time for the Team Sky sprinter, just under six minutes slower than leader Westra.

  104. 11:51 - Sebastien Langeveld (Orica-GreenEdge) is currently 32nd at the finish, 4:42 down on Westra. The Dutchman said: "It's not too windy out there today but it’s pretty hard – it’s up and down, with some technical parts and I think it’s a perfect time trial for Wiggins, Cancellara... and the normal names for these sort of time trials. It’s isn’t flat. There are some nasty parts... it’s actually pretty hard."

  105. 31.5k - But Tony Martin looks set to spoil the Vacansoleil party: the German takes a large 23 seconds off Larsson's time at the second checkpoint. New target time at Avanne-Aveney is 40:06.

  106. 11:40 - Recap: Vacansoleil holds the cards at every intermediate, and at the finish at the moment with Lieuwe Westra leading Gustav Larsson by 10 seconds. The Dutch team have had a bad Tour so far, hampered with terrible luck. Climber Wout Poels is still in hospital following his crash in stage six. The Tour is the only Grand Tour in which the Dutch formation is yet to win a stage. Borut Bozic (now at Astana) won in the 2009 Vuelta, while Thomas de Gendt memorably took a stage in this year's Giro.

  107. 11:37 - Talking of Fabian Cancellara, the Swiss will roll down the ramp at 13:54 UK time, that's 14:54 local time in France. Whether or not this is a course for the specialists, Spartacus will be one to watch.

  108. 11:35 - Millar said he "was hoping to go a lot better than I did" after his ride today. Asked about the course, he said: "It's actually harder than the profile shows. That little climb in the middle... for the GC guys, it's a really good course – if they can climb and time trial. I think for Froome it's a good course and Wiggo, obviously, and Cadel. I think it's not necessarily a specialist's course." So, perhaps Fabian Cancellara is not the man for today... we'll soon see.

  109. 11:33 - Dave Millar has set the fourth best time at the finish, 1:29 down on leader Lieuwe Westra. The Brit was not pleased with his effort, saying: "It's awful when you wake up feeling okay but then have a bad ride."

  110. 11:32 - Asked to give a prediction for the top three in today's ITT, Holm added: "I would be surprised if Tony is up there for the win but we’ll go there hoping... but the big battle will be between Cadel Evans, Cancellara and Wiggins – and hopefully Tony Martin up near them."

  111. 11:30 - Asked by the Tour official website about Tony Martin's chances, Brian Holm (DS of OPQS) said: "We’re going to give it a try. He broke his hand but it hasn’t gotten any worse and so he’s optimistic about his chances and he’s going to have a good go today. He was quite disappointed after his prologue so he wants to try something."

  112. 11:28 - It's a cloudy but sunny day in Besancon, with temperatures in the early 20s.

  113. 11:25 - So, Martin leads at the first check - but it is early days: the German is just the 67th of 178 riders to pass through, and all the main contenders won't be on course for another few hours.

  114. 16.5k - Monster time by Martin at the first check, the German shaving 13 seconds off Westra's previous leading effort. Time of 22:16 for the Omega Pharma-Quick Step time trial specialist, whose prologue hopes were ruined with a puncture and whose Tour GC hopes then suffered a massive blow with his crash and wrist injury in stage one.

  115. 11:15 - Start times: the top 20 will zip down the ramp from 14:42, UK time (15:42 local time). Pierre Rolland will be the first, followed at three-minute intervals by the rest. Top six order: Froome 15:24, Zubeldia 15:27, Menchov 15:30, Nibali 15:33, Evans 15:36, Wiggins 15:39.

  116. 31.5k - Millar stayed in fourth at the second check, 49 seconds down on the leader at that point, Larsson.

  117. 16.5k - David Millar set the fourth best time at the first check in Abbans-Dessus, 19 seconds down on the target time at that state, set by Westra. Dave Zabriskie was a lot slower: the American crosses the checkpoint 1:01 down in eighth. Martin is approaching the first check, so his time will be confirmed shortly.

  118. 11:10 - Germany's Tony Martin (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) is on course, as is Anders Lund of (Saxo Bank), David Zabriskie (Garmin-Sharp) and David Millar (Garmin). Some big names.

  119. 11:05 - Vacansoleil-DCM's Lieuwe Westra roars into the lead after a strong final 10km. The Dutchman now leads Larsson by 10 seconds at the finish in Besancon.

  120. 10:55 - Westra was 10 seconds down on Larsson and five second behind Sanchez at the second check at Avanne-Aveney after 31.5km.

  121. 10:50 - It's a tough course: the roads are undulating most of the way, and the first checkpoint comes at Abbans Dessus after a short 10% climb. By now, the riders will have risen 145m since the start in the mining time of Arc-et-Senans. You'd think the favourites would be Bradley Wiggins and Fabian Cancellara. It will be interesting to see how Tony Martin fares after his bad fall in stage one: the German fractured a bone in his wrist.

  122. 10:45 - Luis Leon Sanchez, who hurt his wrist badly in stage one, is currently second at the finish. The Spanish rider from Rabobank is 13 seconds down on Gustav Larsson.

  123. 10:30 - Dutch time trial champion Lieuwe Westra finished second in the final time trial of this year's Paris-Nice and is a second quicker than Larsson at the 16.5 timecheck.

  124. 10:15 - Larsson, who won the final time trial of the 2010 Giro d'Italia, leads with 54:19.

  125. 10:00 - The first national time trial champion to start today is Gustav Larsson. The five-time Swedish time trial champion was runner-up in the 2008 Olympic time trial in Beijing and has led through all the intermediate time checks.

  126. 09:45 - Feillu (Saur-Sojasun) is the first man over the line in 57:33

  127. 09:30 - Glasses were raised all over France as a new national hero came of age on stage eight of the Tour just across the border in the pretty Swiss town of Porrentruy. Blazin Saddles: French toasts as vintage Pinot is uncorked

  128. 09:15 - Thibaut Pinot was in buoyant mood after presenting the French with their first stage victory in this year's Tour de France yesterday. "It's a dream. I rode the longest last 10 kilometres of my life," he said. "I insisted I do it, because I knew what I could do. I hope my team director has no regrets now." Stage 8 highlights

  129. 09:00 - Brice Feillu was the first rider out of the start ramp at 09:45 local time. Wiggins is off at 15:39.

  130. 08:45 - Welcome to live coverage of stage nine of the Tour de France, a 41.5km individual time trial from Arc en Senans to Besancons. With Britain's Bradley Wiggins and Australian Cadel Evans separated by just 10 seconds, this will give us a better idea of who the major favourite for this year's Tour de France crown really is.