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Tour de France - Mācon - Bellegarde-sur-Valserine


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  1. 17:30 - Thanks for joining us today - be sure to return tomorrow for the race's queen stage to La Toussaire.

  2. 0km - Van den Broeck and Rolland are in a group with Martinez, Fofonov and Casar, crossing the line 2:45 down on the winner. The peloton crosses a little bit later on, led by Evans, 31 seconds back. So no huge changes in the GC.

  3. 0km - Sanchez put in a dig at the end, but then he hit the wall completely 150m from the line, allowing Scarponi through for second and Voigt for third. That was a hard uphill slog to the line.

  4. 0km - What a win for Voeckler! Entirely deserved - he was the most attacking rider all day.

  5. 0.5km - Voeckler passes Devenyns and now passes Devenyns!

  6. 1km - Voeckler is coming up to Voigt, but Devenyns is still out ahead under the flamme rouge.

  7. 1.5km - There were a couple of cruel uphill stretches just then - leg-sapping after what's already happened today. Now it's Voeckler in pursuit of Voigt.

  8. 2km - Devenyns leads Voigt by about five seconds, with the others another seven seconds back.

  9. 3km - Now Jens Voigt tries to launch off the front in pursuit of Devenyns.

  10. 3.5km - Now Devenyns has a pop from distance! Voeckler is livid with the others for not helping him - and livid with the Belgian, for he has just sat there all afternoon.

  11. 5km - Voigt looks very tired - he's quite a few bike lengths behind the four other leaders as Voeckler puts in another dig.

  12. 5.5km - RadioShack are on the front of the main pack now.

  13. 6km - Now Voigt is taking a back seat as he tries to recuperate a little after that monumental ride back onto the leaders. Scarponi ups the pace now, forcing the others to react.

  14. 8km - And now Voigt goes on the attack! He's reeled in, but that was cheeky. Worth a pop though because he had the momentum.

  15. 9km - Four leaders become five: German veteran Jens Voigt has ridden back onto their wheels. What a descent that must have been.

  16. 10km - Under the 10km to go banner, and now the leaders are onto the flat run in to the finish.

  17. 11km - The leading four riders - Luis Leon Sanchez, Thomas Voeckler, Dries Devenyns and Michele Scarponi - have 3:30 over the bunch.

  18. 12km - No attacks from inside the peloton. BMC's Van Garderen is on his own and battling to rejoin the yellow jersey group. He's taking risks and almost comes a cropper on one bend.

  19. 16km - Voeckler leads the four leaders, with Sanchez in his wheel followed by Scarponi and Devenyns. One of these four will win. Devenyns could be one to watch.

  20. 18km - Perhaps Nibali or Evans will have another pop on the downhill? Sky are on the front of the main pack, with Porte and Froome setting the pace for Wiggins.

  21. 19km - Attack by Pierre Rolland! The Europcar youngster has a dig, taking van den Broeck with him. They cross the summit a bit clear of the pack and start the long descent to the finish.

  22. 20km - More mountain points for Thomas Voeckler, who crosses the summit in first place ahead of Scarponi. The leading four have three minutes on the bunch - and 20km mostly downhill to ride to the finish. Voeckler certainly in the polka dot jersey tonight.

  23. 21km - Nibali is caught by the group. He's congratulated by Rein Taaramae for having a pop. Team Sky still looking absolutely dominant on the front.

  24. 22km - It was brave by Nibali, but he will probably be caught before the end of the climb - they are about 20 seconds back now.

  25. 22km - Now Scarponi forces on the pace. They have 2:45 on Nibali and not much more on the yellow jersey group, which is still being led by Porte and Froome. Grivko has been caught and passed. White jersey Tejay Van Garderen has been dropped by this group too.

  26. 23km - The leading quarter have 3:30 over the peloton. They should hold on. Nibali's lead over the yellow jersey group is coming down, but he can extend it again if still out in front once over the summit and onto the final descent.

  27. 24km - Nibali picks up a bottle from the team car and then sweeps up Grivko, the Ukrainian champion, who he urges to join him. Sagan is now caught and passed by the yellow jersey group.

  28. 25km - Devenyns leads the four leaders under the 4km-to-go banner ahead of Scarponi, Voeckler and Sanchez.

  29. 25km - Sagan has hit the wall and leaves his team-mate to do it by himself. Nibali has a quick energy gel to get a boost. He looks calm. This could be his day. The win is unlikely, but he could ride up the standings.

  30. 26km - Porte and Froome lead the main group onto the climb. Wiggins is quite a few riders back. Evans is poised in fourth place. Nibali has over a minute on the pack.

  31. 26km - Nibali is onto the climb now and has Sagan to help pace him up. That said, Sagan is not doing much at the moment because it's the Italian who's a far superior climber. But this is a good move by Liquigas, who could steel back time today as long as he holds onto some kind of advantage going over the summit of this small climb.

  32. 27km - Nibali has about 30 seconds now on the chasing yellow jersey group - so he's putting Froome's third place in the GC under pressure.

  33. 28km - The leaders are onto the final climb of the day, the Cat.3 Col de Richemond - 7.2km at 5%.

  34. 29km - Nibali has now caught up with his green jersey team-mate Peter Sagan on the downhill. Together they're riding this descent with panache.

  35. 30km - Voeckler has been caught by his three fellow escapees on the downhill and the four ride together towards the final climb of the day. They have 5:07 over the yellow jersey bunch.

  36. 33km - Nibali is really piling on the pressure on this downhill. Wiggins still has Porte with him, with the Australian trying his best to reel in the Italian. Evans is in a small group around the yellow jersey.

  37. 35km - Flat tyre for Mick Rogers on one downhill bend. He overshoots the corner and almost takes Wiggisn with him. He needs a wheel change and it will be a long drag to get back onto the front.

  38. 36km - Vincenzo Nibali passes all the Sky riders at the start of the descent to pile pressure on the yellow jersey. He likes these fast descents does the Italian.

  39. 37km - Pinot has about 15 seconds over the bunch over the top, with van den Broeck between, just ahead of Rolland and Taaramae.

  40. 38km - Van den Broeck and Rolland jump clear of the peloton in pursuit of Pinot. But the gaps are not huge at this stage. Rein Taaramae too has a pop.

  41. 39km - Voeckler took 25 points for crossing the summit. Scarponi, Sanchez and Devenyns crossed in that order, with the chasing Casar group one minute down over the summit.

  42. 42km - Back in the bunch, stage eight winner Thibaut Pinot attacks! The youngest rider on the race won here in the Tour de l'Ain last year...

  43. 43km - Thomas Voeckler jumps out of the saddle and powers ahead to cross over the summit in pole position. Great ride for the Frenchman. And those points for the HC climb will put him into the top of the polka dot jersey standings.

  44. 44km - ATTACK: Jurgen van den Broeck has tried to test Sky's resolve. No can do, but that's encouraging for the neutral.

  45. 45km - Arashiro has been caught by the yellow jersey group, where he spends a few moments alongside team-mate Pierre Rolland before dropping further back. Porte leads the main bunch ahead of Rogers, Froome and Wiggins.

  46. 45km - Casar, Voigt, Foronov and Martinez are riding in a chasing quarter a bit further back down the mountain.

  47. 45km - Still Voeckler leads the four-man break. He takes a swig of water and then looks back, imploringly. He then has a swing at one fan running alongside in a polka dot jersey. There are loads of fans out here today.

  48. 46km - Boasson Hagen has done his piece and drops back. This main yellow jersey group has stage eight winner, Thibaut Pinot in it too.

  49. 47km - The 'peloton' is now whittled down to a small group - but there are still four Sky riders on the front.

  50. 48km - Now Devenyns is on the front, with Voeckler right at the back and looking all over the place. But there's a reason for that - he's about to attack again. And off goes the Frenchman, who takes Sanchez with him. Scarponi and Devenyns look to have regained contact when the Europcar livewire goes again. Such an exciting rider, is Voeckler.

  51. 49km - Some of the initial escapees are now being caught by the peloton, still led by Sky and Boasson Hagen. Voeckler still leads, but no one is prepared to lend a hand - and the French veteran may well burn himself out.

  52. 49km - Voeckler has been by far the attacking force in this break. He turns to Devenyns, and enquires with a nod of the head if the Belgian wants to attack with him. The Omega Pharma-Quck Step man shakes his head. He wants nothing of it. So Voeckler reins it in and they stay as four.

  53. 50km - Tanned Spaniard Sanchez lets up a little and waits for his three chasers. Now we have four out in front: Sanchez, Voeckler, Scarponi and Devenyns.

  54. 50km - Luis Leon Sanchez still has about 20 seconds on the three chasers. Voeckler jumps out of the saddle in pursuit, but Scarponi and Devenyns hold their own. The peloton is still 6:20 back.

  55. 51km - Still Sky on the front of the pack. Philippe Gilbert has been dropped. And Rui Costa of Movistar. And Arthur Vichot of FDJ, who won a similar stage as this in the Dauphine.

  56. 52km - The leading group is breaking up again: four out in the lead - Scarponi, Voeckler, Casar and Devenyns. Voeckler's face is reminiscent of a clown as he goes through all the emotions with every pedal stroke. Casar has now been dropped after a Voeckler dig.

  57. 53km - Boasson Hagen still sets the pace back with the peloton for Sky. Back with the leaders, the main group have been caught by the likes of Voigt, Martinez and Burghardt, so they will now combine in pursuit of Sanchez.

  58. 54km - ATTACK: On a long flat section shaded by trees, Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank) rides clear of the leading group, who have been joined by Fofonov.

  59. 54km - Back with the peloton, France's Sylvain Chavanel has been dropped.

  60. 54km - The peloton are 5:30 back and are on the section of tight hairpin bends. The helicopter images are stunning. This is one of the most beautiful regions in France - perhaps even the world.

  61. 55km - Sanchez is tiring, but once caught by Casar they combine back onto the front. So we have six men in the lead: Scarponi, Vockler, Peraud, Devenyns, Casar and Sanchez.

  62. 55km - Voigt, Popovych, Martinez and Burghardt have all been dropped too. It looks rather brutal out there. Euskaltel's Martinez is now with Astana's Fofonov as they try to get back with the five leaders.

  63. 56km - Scarponi ups the pace in the break and the Italian has shed loads of fellow escapees with that one. Peraud is with him as is Devenyns and Voeckler, but Gerrans is one to drop back. Sanchez is there too. Just five out in front.

  64. 57km - Edvald Boasson Hagen leads the Sky train on the front, with a smaller Lotto train next door. Evans is sitting in Wiggins' wheel.

  65. 57km - David Millar the latest of the leaders to be dropped. The escapees have 5:50 over the bunch, with Jean Christophe Peraud now on the front.

  66. 58km - Now Sky have it back under control: four riders surround Wiggins on the front of the pack, which has been pruned considerably.

  67. 58km - Lotto and Liquigas are on the attack with Nibali and van den Broeck straight away - and Evans is right there too. For a moment, the yellow jersey looks very isolated, but then Froome comes alongside him.

  68. 58km - Now Peter Sagan is beginning to suffer. The green jersey is off the back of the leading group alongside Joan Horrach of Katusha. Arashiro was on the front, but he's now fading, allowing Voeckler and Burghardt to take over. The gap back to the peloton is six minutes.

  69. 59km - Back in the bunch, it's Lotto Belisol preparing the way for their man Jurgen ven den Broeck. The Belgian is 5:20 down in 9th place on the GC.

  70. 60km - The break have started the HC Col du Grand Colombier - 17.4km at 7.1%. Already both Goss and Haturovic have been dropped, their work for the day done. Marcus Burghardt is setting the pace for BMC.

  71. 61km - Europcar pair Yukiya Arashiro and Thomas Voeckler lead the break as they approach the start of the first big climb of this year's race.

  72. 64km - Sagan leads the sprint out for the intermediate sprint - but Goss comes round him to take it, with Haturovich pipping the Slovak for second.

  73. 67km - We're a few kilometres away from the intermediate sprint. The scenary her is quite something.

  74. 68km - FDJ's Mattieu Ladagnous pulls out a small gap on the escapees on the last bit of the descent. The Frenchman has a few seconds over the rest, but it's no attack, merely an incidental edging ahead.

  75. 70km - The gap for the 25 leaders is up to seven minutes now. It looks like one of these riders will win today's stage. They are on the long descent towards the intermediate sprint now.

  76. 75km - At the start in Macon, Michele Scarponi told Eurosport: "Today I'll try and breakaway, if not then maybe tomorrow. It's the first big climb on the Tour. I don't know how the leaders will react to a breakaway." The Italian also revealed that he had broken his sunglasses in the start zone - not a good omen...

  77. 78km - Before the start today, Eurosport caught up with defending champion Cadel Evans. Asked how his rest day was, the Australian said: "Restful. Rode, ate, slept, played with my family. It's a big change for your body after 10 days of racing." About today's stage Evans, currently second 1:43 down on Brad Wiggins, said: "Today is difficult because Sky are completely expecting me to attack on the descents. It will be hard. We'll see. We'll never say no."

  78. 82km - Sagan leads the leaders on a brief winding descent. The green jersey will hope to pick up maximum points at the intermediate sprint in about 30km. He'll have to watch rival Matt Goss. Japan's Arashiro has dropped back to help pace his team leader Voeckler back to the front after that puncture.

  79. 85km - Puncture for Voeckler, who needs a rear wheel change. The riders are currently on a rolling plateau before the downhill drag to the intermediate sprint and the HC climb of the Grand Colombier.

  80. 88km - Those five points over the summit put Morkov into fifth in the KOM standings on 14 points. Should he be one of the first cluster of riders to get over the Grand Colombier, he'll be back in the polka dot jersey tonight. Polka dot jersey standings

  81. 92km - A couple of the riders in the lead group have stopped for a call of nature, while Sanchez needed mechanical assistance. They still have 6:40 over the bunch, which has just gone through the feeding zone.

  82. 96km - The leaders pass through the feeding zone. Marcus Burghardt makes a hash of things and drops his musette, prompting old boy Jens Voigt to offer him a fresh bidon. A nice touch. The BMC rider will now have to wait for a bit longer before he can replenish himself with some solids.

  83. 98km - Thomas Voeckler, who has been off the boil this year with a knee injury, spoke to Eurosport this morning. Asked if he would try and break clear, the Europcar man said: "We'll see how my legs go. The break will either go right to the end or Sky will control the race. You'll never know." Looks like the French man is banking on the break.

  84. 100km - The peloton cross the summit 6:50 down on the leading 25-man group.

  85. 102km - The peloton, led by Edvald Boasson Hagen of Team Sky, approach the summit of the first climb. They have things under control at the moment. Mark Cavendish is still their working for the yellow jersey, with his world championships jersey half unzipped.

  86. 105km - Dane Michael Morkov jumps out of the saddle to take maximum points at the top of the climb ahead of Grivko and Popovych. Morkov wore the polka dot jersey for a few days in the opening week. Points at the top: Morkov 5, Grivko 3, Voigt 2, Voeckler 1.

  87. 107km - It's a very hot day: lots of riders have their jerseys unzupped, including Sky's Christian Knees, who sets the pace on the front of the peloton. Sky have all their men up there. In the break, Voeckler and Burghardt are two riders with their jersey's unzipped. Goss has gone half-way down.

  88. 108km - The leading group is onto the Cat.2 Côte de Corlier - 6.4km at 5.5%. They have 6:55 over the peloton.

  89. 110km - Many of the 25 escapees have been involved in previous breaks in this year's Tour: Voigt (stage 8), Arashiro (stage 4), Zabriskie (stage 6), Peraud (stage 8), Ladagnous (stage 5), Sanchez (stage 7), Kroon (stage 6), Morkov (stages 1,2,3), Fofonov (stage 7), Grivko (stage 3)

  90. 115km - Three riders in this group - Voeckler, Sanchez and Casar - were involved in the break in stage nine of last year's Tour, which was won by Sanchez ahead of Casar on a day which saw Voeckler take the yellow jersey. The gap is now 6:25 as we edge closer to the first climb of the day, which is just around the corner.

  91. 120km - Today's finish is in the pretty Jura valley town of Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, which is being visited by the Tour for the very first time. Another Tour first is the Col du Grand Colombier - described by race director Jean-Francois Pescheux as the hardest climb in France.

  92. 125km - The 25 leaders now have 5:35 over the peloton.

  93. 130km - Some interesting stats about this group: it includes 11 previous Tour stage winners in Burghardt (BMC), Popovych, Voigt (RNT), Voeckler (EUC), Sagan (LIQ), Millar, Zabriskie (GRS), Casar (FDJ), Sanchez (RAB), Kroon (STB) and Gerrans (OGE). We also have four previous yellow jerseys: Jens Voigt, Thomas Voeckler, David Millar and Dave Zabriskie.

  94. 132km - This a very fast start to stage 10: the average speed for the first hour for the leading group was a high 49.8kmh - a full 10kmh faster than some of the average speeds we were seeing this time last week. Italy's Michele Scarponi is the best placed rider in the GC, 10:27 on yellow jersey Wiggins. As such, this group will be given a wide berth.

  95. 135km - The Cat.2 Côte de Corlier is a 6.4km climb at 5.5% and comes after 90km. Then we have the first HC climb of the Tour, the Col du Grand Colombier (1,501m), 17.4km at 7.1%. It has never been used in the Tour before - but it's a staple in the Dauphine, so yellow jersey Bradley Wiggins shouldn't be too worried. The third climb is the Cat.3 Col de Richemond - 7.2km at 5%.

  96. 140km - The lead of this large 25-man break is up to 4:50. We're still about 25km from the first climb of the day. Details on today's climbs coming right up.

  97. 145km - It's a sunny day in the Jura mountains on the edge of the French Alps. The temperature at the finish in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine is 23 degrees. Weather report

  98. 148km - Nine teams and 25 riders in this break: with Sky, Lotto and Liquigas hogging the lion's share of wins so far in this year's race, many teams are trying to get a slice of the action.

  99. 150km - Now the day's main break has formed, the time gap is opening up: it's just risen to over three minutes.

  100. 155km - Full composition of 25-man group: Burghardt, Cummings (BMC), Popovych, Voigt (RNT), Voeckler, Arashiro (EUC), Martinez (EUS), Scarponi (LAM), Sagan (LIQ), Millar, Zabriskie (GRS),Péraud (ALM), Jeandesboz (SAU), Horrach (KAT), Casar, Hutarovich, Ladagnous (FDJ), LL.Sanchez (RAB), Kroon, Morkov (STB), Fofonov, Grivko (AST), Devenyns (OPQ), Gerrans and Goss (OGE).

  101. 160km - There's a huge group of around 20 riders out in front, including: Peter Sagan (Liquigas), Sandy Casar (FDJ), Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), Andriy Grivko (Astana), Jens Voigt (RadioShack-Nissan), Dave Zabriskie and David Millar (both Garmin-Sharp). They have about 35 seconds over the bunch.

  102. 165km - A counter attack from the peloton has almost caught the leaders. It includes riders like Voeckler, Millar, Zabriskie, Voigt and Casar.

  103. 166km - Most people are talking about Chris Froome as the most impressive 'understudy' in this year's race - but 23-year-old American Tejay Van Garderen is having a solid Tour alongside Cadel Evans at BMC. Van Garderen is the current white jersey after a superb time trial on Monday. He leads Estonian Rein Taaramae (Cofidis) by 42 seconds and RadioShack's Tony Gallopin by 45 seconds. White jersey standings

  104. 168km - The big news of the rest day was, of course, the ubiquitous doping story involving former FDJ and Astana rider, Remi di Gregorio. His current team Codifis suspended the Frenchman after a dawn raid on the team's hotel by police investigating alleged doping offences. Cofidis suspend Di Gregorio following arrest

  105. 170km - Frenchman Cyril Lemoine is back with the peloton, which has also reeled in that chasing group. So we have just two leaders - Sagan and Grivko - riding off the front. They have around 20 seconds.

  106. 175km - The gap is up to about 40 seconds for the three leaders as a chasing group forms off the front of the pack. It includes around a dozen riders.

  107. 180km - So many riders are considerably down on the GC to not be considered a threat anymore by Team Sky, the race dictators at this point. As such, we could see many riders trying to save their Tours with a win today. The likes of Brajkovic, Kloden, Chavanel, Schleck, Coppel, Basso, Rolland, Valverde, Voeckler, Scarponi, Mollema and Kruijswijk would all be allowed to ride clear - so perhaps one of them may fancy something. Also, watch out for Nico Roche and Thiabaut Pinot, perhaps.

  108. 185km - There aren't too many points available for the king of the mountains jersey today - tomorrow there's about three times as many, so perhaps the protagonists for the polka dot jersey will keep themselves fresh. Swede Frederik Kessiakoff (Astana) is currently leading Chris Froome (Sky) by 21 points to 20, with Cadel Evans (BMC) on 18 and Thibaut Pinot (FDJ) on 16. Polka dot jersey standings

  109. 188km - Britain's David Millar (Garmin-Sharp) has gone on the counter attack in pursuit of the three leaders - but his effort is short lived. The leaders still only have 20 seconds over the bunch. It's a frantic start to proceedings.

  110. 189km - There was a crash just as the break formed: Vasili Kiryienka (Movistar) and Vincent Jerome (Europcar) went down.

  111. 190km - Slovakian youngster Sagan is, of course, the green jersey. The triple stage winner is on 217 points in the standings, with Matt Goss in second on 185. Green jersey standings

  112. 191km - BREAK: Three riders are off the front of the bunch after an early attack. This is interesting: Peter Sagan (Liquigas) is one of them. The green jersey is joined by Andriy Grivko (Astana) and Cyril Lemoine (Saur-Sojasun). They have about a 20 seconds over the peloton.

  113. 194km - Reminder of the yellow jersey standings: Britain's Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) holds a 1:43 lead over Australian defending champion Cadel Evans (BMC), with another Briton from Sky in third, Chris Froome. Yellow jersey standings

  114. 195km - Three non-starters today: Tony Martin (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) decided to pack in the race to recover in time for the Olympics. The German injured his wrist on the opening stage and punctured in both time trials. Australian Matt Lloyd (Lampre) has pulled out with an elbow injury. Finally, Frenchman Remi di Gregorio (Cofidis) was suspended by his team following a doping incident that occurred during the rest day - more on that later.

  115. 196km - They're off! The remaining 175 riders get today's stage under way. It will start with around 75km of generally flat riding, before the first of three climbs.

  116. 11:25 - RECAP: Before the rest day, Bradley Wiggins extended his lead in the Tour de France to 113 seconds after victory in the 41.5km individual time trial from Arc-et-Senans to Besancon. The Briton completed the demanding stage nine course in 51 minutes and 24 seconds, beating Team Sky team-mate Chris Froome into second place by 35 seconds. It was Wiggins’s first ever stage victory in the world’s greatest cycling race. Report: Stage 9 ITT

  117. 11:20 - Welcome to phase two of the Tour de France: after an opening rest day, the race resumes with a mountainous 195.5km stage 10 from Macon to Bellegarde-sur-Valerine, which features the first HC climb of the race, the Col du Grand Colombier.