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Tour de France - Albertville - La Toussuire


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  1. 17:00 - Thanks for joining us today - be sure to return tomorrow for another Alpine stage, the 223km stage 12.

  2. 0km - Rolland rises from 20th to 8th in the GC. New top five: 1. Wiggins, 2. Froome +2:05, 3. Nibali +2:23, 4. Evans 3:19, 5. Van den Broeck +4:48.

  3. 0km - Stage result: 1. Rolland, 2. Pinot +55, 3. Froome +55, 4. Van den Broeck +57, 5. Nibali +57, 6. Wiggins +57, 7. Sorensen +1:08 ... 11. Evans +2:23.

  4. 0km - Evans, Van Garderen and Schleck cross the line together 2:23 down on Rolland.

  5. 0km - Froome sprints ahead to the line, taking Pinot with him. The Frenchman takes second, with Froome third. Van den Broeck then crosses ahead of Nibali and Wiggins, who both pat each other on the back - nice touch. They were 55 seconds down on Rolland.

  6. 0km - Rolland takes the win!

  7. 0.2km - Rolland knows it. He looks back just in case, but he knows the win is his. He won last year's Queen Stage at Alpe d'Huez - and he's done it again at La Toussuire!

  8. 0.5km - The grimace has turned to a smile for Rolland as he approaches the finish. He'll shoot up the overall standings tonight.

  9. 1km - Evans is still around 1:10 off the pace. Rolland passes under the flamme rouge banner.

  10. 1.5km - Kiryienka is caught by the yellow jersey group. Rolland is grimacing. What a win this will be.

  11. 2km - Rolland passes under the two-to-go banner. The road is flattening out and he knows that the win is his is only he keeps his cool.

  12. 2.5km - Sorensen has now dropped Kiryienka so he will chase down Rolland on his own. Pinot is caught by the yellow jersey group. Meanwhile, Evans is 1:10 back and slipping off the podium...

  13. 2.5km - Rolland has one minute on the duo in pursuit and 1:30 over the yellow jersey group. He will win this stage.

  14. 3km - Evans is battling to rejoin van Garderen's wheel. Up ahead, Froome leads Wiggins, Nibali and van den Broeck.

  15. 3km - Kiryienka is joined by Sorensen in pursuit of lone leader Rolland. Further back, Pinot takes advantage of the Sky wobble by breaking clear of the chasing group.

  16. 3.5km - Incredible scenes: Froome attacked hard as soon as he and Wiggins caught the Nibali quartet - and none of them could follow, with the exception of Pinot. Wiggins in particular was blown apart. Then you could see Froome speaking into his race radio, and then suddenly slowing up.

  17. 4km - ATTACK: Froome ups the pace and Wiggins is dropped!

  18. 4km - Rolland has 1:38 on the yellow jersey group - it's not in the bag yet.

  19. 4.5km - Now Schleck is fading, so the Sky duo of Wiggins and Froome continue together as Evans drops further back. The Sky duo are approaching the four-man Nibali group.

  20. 5km - Evans has cracked! The Australian is in trouble off the back of the yellow jersey group. Tejay van Garderen has dropped back to pace him. Sky smell blood and Froome comes through to the front to pace Wiggins. Schleck is still with them.

  21. 5.5km - Rolland is climbing extraordinarily well. Remember, he had that fall on the previous descent too. Kiryienka rides in pursuit, about 35 seconds down.

  22. 6km - The Nibali quartet has about 25 second on the Wiggins group. Froome is now back on the back, so it's Wiggins setting the pace in yellow.

  23. 6.5km - Rolland is on a slight downhill drag. It's looking good for the Frenchman: he has 2:20 over the yellow jersey group.

  24. 7km - Froome is having a second wind: the Brit is back on the front now as they hit a slightly flatter section.

  25. 8km - Froome has now cracked! Sky's Plan B can't take any more of it, so Wiggins is now on his own. Not quite: Froome is hanging on, but he's at the back of the group. Wiggins has Evans on his wheel, then Van Garderen and Schleck.

  26. 8km - This is encouraging from Nibali, who is catching Brajkovic, Pinot and van den Broeck.

  27. 8.5km - Nibali now has to build on his gap. He's good at accelerations, less so at maintaining and extending leads.

  28. 9km - ATTACK: Nibali have Wiggins a huge death stare when he was reeled in. Moments later, he went on the offensive yet again. The Italian is giving it his all, that's for sure.

  29. 9km - Nibali is caught. It's just a six man group now: Froome, Wiggins, Nibali, Evans, Van Garderen and Schleck.

  30. 9.5km - Rolland has 2:20 on the yellow jersey group, which is reeling in Nibali thanks to Froome's pace-setting.

  31. 10km - Kiserlovski has cracked and now Pierre Rolland will have to do it alone. It's one big mountain time trial for the Europcar climber.

  32. 10km - That was a massive acceleration by Nibali - and he already has opened up a big gap on the yellow jersey group.

  33. 10km - ATTACK: Now Vincenzo Nibali goes! And there is once again no reaction from Sky, who have actually lost a man - Richie Porte has cracked, so it's just Wiggins and Froome now.

  34. 11km - Pinot and van den Broeck join Brajkovic and they form a trio in pursuit of the leaders.

  35. 11km - ATTACK: With the leaders, Pierre Rolland jumps clear. The Frenchman takes Kiserlovski with him. The other two look dead and buried.

  36. 12km - ATTACK: Jurgen van den Broeck and Thibaut Pinot both attack. Again, no reponse by Sky.

  37. 12km - ATTACK: Janez Brajkovic jumps clear of the peloton. The Slovenian is 6:29 down in the GC.

  38. 13km - Wiggins has van den Broeck, Evans, Nibali and Brajkovic on his wheel - in that order.

  39. 13km - Sky are riding a high tempo in a bid to make sure no one is able to put in an attack. It's a devastating tactic - quite literally. Thibaut Pinto edges up towards the front - perhaps the youngster is going to try his luck. After all, he's no threat in the GC and would be allowed off the front.

  40. 14km - The lead of the quartet is down to three minutes. There's no guarantee they'll stay out all the way. In fact, it's looking less and less likely. They are combining well, mind, with each rider taking a tug on the front.

  41. 14km - Yellow jersey Brad Wiggins has noth Porte and Froome with him. This final climb is not too steep and shouldn't be a problem for the Brit. That final victory in Paris looks more likely by the day.

  42. 15km - Rolland has to be the favourite of the four leaders. A stage winner last year on Alpe d'Huez, Rolland was the white jersey in Paris and could make it a double for Europcar today.

  43. 16km - It's back together with the leaders, with Sorensen and Kiryienka joining Rolland and Kiserlovski. They still have 3:30.

  44. 16km - The Sky machine is reeling in the remnants of the initial break - the likes of Dan Martin and Frederik Kessiakoff. And that's it for Mick Rogers - the Australian peels off, his work for the day done. Chapeau.

  45. 16km - The yellow jersey group in full: Bradley Wiggins, Christopher Froome, Richie Porte and Michael Rogers (Sky), Cadel Evans, Tejay Van Garderen (BMC), Jurgen Van Den Broeck (Lotto), Thibaut Pinot (FDJ), Alexandr Vinokourov, Janez Brajkovic (Astana), Juan Jose Cobo Acebo (Movistar), Frank Schleck, Andreas Klöden, Haimar Zubeldia (RadioShack), Vincenzo Nibali, Ivan Basso (Liquigas), Christophe Kern (Europcar), Alejandro Valverde (Movistar), Jerome Coppel (Saur-Sojasun), Nicolas Roche (AG2R)

  46. 17km - Sorensen and Kiryienka happy to combine together in pursuit of the two leaders. They both take a bit of time to warm up into a climb - and this is a long one. Two very different styles: the Movistar man smooth and the Saxo Banker with his shoulders rolling and swaying all over the place.

  47. 18km - The four leaders are onto the final Cat.1 climb of La Toussuire - 18 kilometre-long climb at 6.1%. Straight away Kiserlovski makes a move and takes Rolland with him.

  48. 19km - The four leaders are all calling for their team cars as they get themselves primed ahead of this final climb to the finish. Thibaut Pinot is just about to be caught by the yellow jersey group.

  49. 20km - Sorensen catches the leaders and so we have four out in front now: CA Sorensen (Saxo), Rolland (Europcar), Kiserlovski (Astana) and Kiryienka (Movistar). They have just over three minutes.

  50. 22km - Rolland is back with the other leaders, his shorts slightly torn after that fall. He gets out an energy gel. There's a bit of blood on his elbow, but otherwise he looks okay.

  51. 25km - Robert Kiserlovski and Vasil Kiryienka lead the way, with Rolland in pursuit. The Frenchman has never been renowned for his descending - and by the looks of things he'll need to go on a downhill crash course with Sean Kelly. Chris Anker Sorensen is behind.

  52. 30km - CRASH: Pierre Rolland takes a corner completely wrong and goes down on his left hip after unclipping his left foot from the pedal. He knew he took the wrong line and that may do his confidence a huge set back. He now has to make up the gap.

  53. 33km - Thibaut Pinot attacks towards the summit of the Col du Mollard and crosses 10 seconds or so ahead of the yelloe jersey pack, but misses out on picking up a bidon. One absentee from the main group is Denis Menchov - the Russian clearly having an off-day.

  54. 34km - Kessiakoff leads the mountain standings on 66 points, with Sorensen on 38 and Rolland on 35.

  55. 35km - Pierre Rolland takes the 5 points over the summit ahead of Kiserlovski and Kiryienka. Sorensen follows a few seconds later and will no doubt catch them on the descent.

  56. 36km - Kiryienka joins Rolland and Kiserlovski so we have three leaders now, with the ungainly Chris Anker Sorensen in pursuit. Movistar's Kiryienka loosk to be in his groove now and he's the one leading the trio.

  57. 37km - Kiryienka is slowly returning to the leading duo of Rolland and Kiserlovski. Sorensen is a bit further back. It's touch and go for the leaders - they will be very tired by the time the final climb starts. They may not be able to withstand the onslaught that will come from behind once the GC riders start to fight.

  58. 38km - Nibali has Basso for support now in this main group. Sky lead the way with Rogers and Froome.

  59. 39km - Velits and Sorensen chase the two leaders, Rolland and Kiserlovski. The duo have 2:30 over the yellow jersey group, which has swelled in numbers after that descent.

  60. 39km - Rolland has been awarded the 25 points at the top of the Croix de Fer after a rethink by the commissaires. Kessiakoff took second, but still leads the polka dot jersey standings.

  61. 40km - The leaders are onto the Cat.2 Col du Mollard - (1 638 m) 5.7 kilometre-long climb at 6.8%. It blows apart straight away. Horner seems to suffer a mechanical and then riders drop like flies as Rolland and Kiserlovski ride off the front.

  62. 41km - The leading group: Horner (RadioShack), Rolland (Europcar), D.Martin (Garmin), Ten Dam (Rabobank), Kiryienka (Movistar), C. Sorensen (Saxo Bank), Kessiakoff, Kiserlovski (Aatana) and Velits (Omega Pharma-Quick Step).

  63. 42km - That's a good descent by Frank Schleck: the RadioShack rider is back with the yellow jersey group. The leading Rolland break are 2:15 ahead now.

  64. 45km - Mick Rogers missed a corner there but thankfully had a run-off and so did not come a cropper. The Australian has been enjoyed something of a renaissance in this year's Tour - he's having a wonderful race.

  65. 48km - Sky on the front of the yellow jersey group for this fast descent. We still have two more climbs today. The leaders still have 2:10.

  66. 50km - Confirmation of the top three over the Croix de Fer: 1. Kessiakoff (25), 2. Rolland (20), 3. Sorensen (16). The Swede cements his lead in the polka dot jersey standings.

  67. 53km - Porte was just dropping back to get water bottles - that's how much Sky are in control. Nibali also goes back to his team car for water, plus a mechanical. The yellow jersey group cross the summit 2:10 down on the leaders.

  68. 55km - Pierre Rolland launches the sprint for the mountain points, but it looks like Frederik Kessiakoff just pipped him for the 25 points.

  69. 56km - Sky in total control, with Rogers leading Wiggins and Froome. Porte has dropped back.

  70. 57km - The five leaders are now onto the Croix de Fer final rise to the top. Evans and Van Garderen have been on the back of the yellow jersey group since being caught. Did they go too early or are they just preserving their energy for the final climb to La Toussuire?

  71. 58km - The five leaders are crawling through the masses as they approach the summit of the climb. Chris Horner leads them over the top of the Glandon. They now have a little descent and then the Croix de Fer.

  72. 58km - The yellow jersey group does not include Menchov. Here it is: Wiggins, Evans, Froome, Nibali, Van Garderen, Brajkovic, Pinot, Basso, Porte and Rogers. Both Vino and Valverde were there, but have now been distanced.

  73. 58km - Evans and Van Garderen are back with the yellow jersey group. Evans is struggling on the back. Sky, meanwhile, are dominating: still four riders there in this 10-man group.

  74. 59km - Horner and Rolland now on the front. They are with three other riders on the front of the race.: Kiserlovski, Kessiakoff and ten Dam.

  75. 60km - With one final flick of the elbow, Christophe Kern comes to an almost standstill. What an effort. His day on the front is over, now he will suffer immeasureably in the hope that Pierre Rolland can take the win.

  76. 60km - Vino was caught by the yellow jersey group, hang on, but has now been blown out the back. Not sure if Menchov is there. Feillu has been caught and passed.

  77. 60km - Evans and Van Garderen have caught Ivan Basso and Feillu. They only have about 10 seconds over the Sky yellow jersey group. And we still have 5km of this climb left.

  78. 61km - Meanwhile, Kern gurns and grimaces on the front of the race. In this group there is: Rolland, Horner, P. Velits, ten Dam, Kiserlovski, Martin, Kessiakoff, Kiryienka and that man Kern. They have three minutes over Wiggins.

  79. 61km - Evans is struggling to keep up with the pace of Van Garderen. The American opens up a few bike lengths then looks back over his shoulder and sees Evans way back down the road. Everyone is really suffering.

  80. 61km - Thibaut Pinot is still there with the yellow jersey group. Brajkovic, van den Broeck and Menchov still there. For Sky it's Rogers, Porte, Froome and Wiggins.

  81. 62km - Evans and Van Garderen catch Moinard, but the Frenchman cannot keep up with the pace of his BMC team mates and is dropped. They have 22 seconds on the yellow jersey group, which has been whittled down to about 10 riders now - including four Sky men.

  82. 62km - Evans and Van Garderen still have Moinard further up the road too, so BMC will have three. Clever riding - but is it still too early? Remember, we have the 18km ride to the finish still up ahead. Back with the leaders, it's Europcar pair Rolland and Kern dictating the play. Scarponi has not only been dropped from the leading group, he's now off the back of the yellow jersey group, alongside Rui Costa and Rein Taaramae. Andreas Kloeden too.

  83. 63km - Evans has now joined the white jersey Tejay van Garderen up the road. The young American had attacked a little bit earlier, paving the way. The BMC pair will now ride together and try and turn this Tour on its head.

  84. 64km - Evans reaches Leipheimer's wheel and is combining with the American. But Sky are not concerned in the slightest, and continue riding their rhythm.

  85. 65km - ATTACK: Cadel Evans breaks clear of the yellow jersey group. That was totally out of the blue - and just what the race was waiting for.

  86. 67km - The lead is up to 4:05 after this fabulous ride by Christophe Kern. Team Sky still in total control of the main pack. At this rate, they're going to ride the yellow to Paris at a canter.

  87. 67km - Lotto Belisol's Jelle Vanendert has been dropped by the yellow jersey group. That's a big-nam casualty - and a concern for Jurgen van den Broeck.

  88. 68km - FDJ's Pierrick Fedrigo has been shelled by the yellow jersey group. The Frenchman has three stages to his name in the Tour, but he has struggled with illness and form since his last win back in 2010.

  89. 69km - Ivan Basso and Alejandro Valverde have both been dropped. Kern is having a storming day.

  90. 70km - Levi Leipheimer the latest of the leaders to be shed by the explosive pace of Christophe Kern. Impressive stuff from the Frenchman. He was unable to show the world his powers last year when having to withdraw from the Tour with tendinitis in the first week before the whole Voeckler-in-yellow bonanza for Europcar.

  91. 71km - Another withdrawal for Rabobank: Australian Mark Renshaw joins Bauke Mollema in the team car. It's been a hard Tour for Renshaw, who never looked close to taking a sprint win.

  92. 72km - Kern is driving a fast pace in the leading group. Europcar going for their second win in as many days through Rolland. The lead is 3:15 now. Back with the bunch, it's Mick Rogers on the front for Sky while Christian Knees drops back to fill up bidons for his team-mates.

  93. 73km - Vino is struggling and has been dropped by the leading group. As has Moinard and Kadri. This climb is going to make another huge selection. We're actually on the Col du Glandon climb now, which becomes the Croix de Fer towards the summit.

  94. 74km - The leading groups have rejoined so we now have 22 riders out in front: Moinard, Horner, Kern, Rolland, Scarponi, Marzano, Basso, Martin, Kadri, Trofimov, Ten Dam, Valverde, Kiryienka, Sorensen, Kessiakoff, Kisierlovski, Vinokourov, Leipheimer, Veltis and Weening.

  95. 75km - Now Edvald Boasson Hagen has dropped back - his work for the day done. The yellow jersey now has Porte, Rogers, Knees and Froome. In the chasing group, it's Christophe Kern doing his best to rejoin the leading seven riders.

  96. 76km - Quite a few riders from the initial break are being swept up by the peloton now. Koren, Bouet and Izagirre have all been caught.

  97. 76km - The new seven-man leading group - Rolland (EUC), Kessiakoff (AST), Velits (OPQ), Trofimov (KAT), Kiryienka (MOV), Valverde (MOV), and Scarponi (LAM) - are onto the second climb of the day, the HC Col de la Croix de Fer - (2 067 m) 22.4 kilometre-long climb at 6.9%.

  98. 77km - The leading group has passed through the intermedate sprint but there was no contested sprint from any of them. They're not after green jersey points - its the stage or mountain points that are driving these men. There will be no change in the green jersey standings today. Incidentally, Kessiakoff took the 20 points in first place.

  99. 78km - The answer to the quiz question posed earlier is, of course, Denis Menchov: the Russian is the rider in the peloton with the most amount of podium finishes in grand tours. Menchov has five, including two Vuelta wins, one Giro win and a second and third in the Tour.

  100. 80km - Kessiakoff and Velits are back with the other escapees now. Leipheimer and Vinokourov no longer appear to be there after that descent. Yes, they're about 15 seconds behind a new eight-man leading group that features Scarponi, Rolland, Valverde, Velits, Kiserlovski, Trofimov, Kessiakoff and Kiryienka.

  101. 81km - Nibali must have had a mechanical issue because he's powering through the cars onto the back of the main pack.

  102. 82km - Sagan and Oss seem to have sat up and are waiting for the main pack. Their descent was pretty breath-taking, but essentially rather futile. Not sure what they hoped would materialise - perhaps they did it simply because they could.

  103. 86km - Kessiakoff and Velits are still out ahead. The pair crossed the summit in pole position and then completed the descent ahead of the other escapees. They have 35 seconds over the rest, with the Sagan chasing group 1:25 further back. Sagan and Oss have pulled out one minute over the yellow jersey group on the downhill. Impressive.

  104. 90km - Yet another Vacansoleil rider calls it quits: Sweden's Gustav Larsson has joined Ruigh and Westra back in the broom wagon.

  105. 92km - Still Boasson Hagen earning his paycheque on the front of the descending pack. In fact, it wasn't Liquigas pair Basso and Koren on the front of the break, it was Sagan and Oss breaking clear of the pack. It looks like they want to get as many men out in front of the peloton as possible: they have four now. Perhaps he's after some intermediate sprint points? Not likely - there are too many riders up ahead.

  106. 95km - The leaders have three minutes over the peloton as Liquigas pair Basso and Koren pull out a small gap ahead of the escapees.

  107. 98km - Team Sky are leading the descent in the yellow jersey group. So far, no attacks of the ilk Vincenzo Nibali put in yesterday. The Italian said after the stage that he was annoyed with Wiggins's lack of class as a race leader, claiming the Briton had no respect for his rivals. Nibali: Wiggins lacks respect

  108. 100km - The peloton are onto the long 20km descent to the foot of the Col du Glandon, which is part of the Col de la Croix de Fer climb.

  109. 105km - Confirmation of the summit of the Col du Madeleine: 1. P. Velits (25pts), 2. Kessiakoff (20), 3. Kern (16), 4. C Sorensen (14), 5. Scarponi (12). That puts Kessiakoff into the lead of the polka dot standings ahead of Scarponi.

  110. 107km - Almost three months further down the mountain, Team Sky still lead the yellow jersey group through Boasson Hagen. Thomas Voeckler is back with this group. Wonderful win for the Frenchman yesterday - it wasn't pretty, but it was thoroughly deserved. Blazin' Saddles blog: Tommy the trickster

  111. 108km - Peter Velits (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) sprints clear of Frederik Kessiakoff (Astana) over the summit of the Madeliene. That will put the Swede Kessiakoff into the virtual polka for jersey at the moment.

  112. 109km - Another withdrawal to report: Bauke Mollema of Rabobank. The young Dutchman was one of the riders who went down hard in stage six.

  113. 109km - Riders are being shed off the back of this leading group: Koren and Kruijswijk the latest to drop back. Bouet (AG2R-LaMondiale) is in the group now, after arriving with Izagirre.

  114. 110km - Malacarne still leads this break as they approach the summit of the Madeleine. Johnny Hoogerland appears to be having some woes on the back. It will be interesting to see who goes for the points over the summit: today is an ideal chance for someone to take a firm grip on the polka dot jersey and then take it all the way to Paris.

  115. 111km - Euskaltel's Gorka Izagirre has managed to join the leading group. His team have had a terrible Tour and are already down to five riders after the first half of the race. Back with the pack, Peter Sagan has returned after dropping back to speak to his team car.

  116. 112km - The green jersey Peter Sagan (Liquigas) seems to be struggling a little. The Slovak has 232 points in the green jersey standings, with Australian Matt Goss (Orica-GreenEdge) second with 205. Green jersey standings

  117. 113km - Two withdrawals from Vacancsoleil-DCM: Rob Ruijgh and Lieuwe Westra. The Dutch team have had a pretty torrid Tour, it has to be said. They hardly featured in the opening week breaks, seemingly preparing themselves for the mountains. But then lost most of their best climbers to huge crashes.

  118. 114km - Malacarne and ten Dam have edges a dozen bike lengths clear of the leading group. No apparently attack, just an upping of the tempo. This group is beginning to stretch out now. There will be another selection soon.

  119. 115km - RadioShack's Maxim Montfort needs a bike change and will have to pace himself back into the group of the yellow jersey and GC favourites.

  120. 115km - Fact from Infostrada: The Col de la Madeleine is Richard Virenque's back yard. He is the only rider to reach the summit of the mountain first in three consecutive times the Col was used in the Tour. This was between 1995 and 1997. The last rider in the Tour to cross over the summit of the Madeleine in pole position? Europcar's Anthony Charteau back in 2010.

  121. 116km - Robert Gesink, who was part of the initial group today, is now off the back of the peloton, pedalling squares. It hasn't been his Tour.

  122. 116km - Ivan Basso is in this group: the Italian has finished on a Grand Tour podium on four occasions - the same amount as Cadel Evans. One rider has more career podiums to his name... Can you name him?

  123. 117km - Group in full: Horner (RNT), Kern, Malacarne, Rolland (EUC), Scarponi, Marzano (LAM), Basso, Koren (LIQ), D.Martin (GRS), Kadri, Riblon (ALM), Feillu (SAU), Hoogerland (VCD), Trofimov (KAT), Kruijswijk, ten Dam (RAB), Valverde, Kyryienka (MOV), C.Sorensen (STB), Kessiakoff, Keserlovski, Vinokourov (AST), P.Velits, Leipheimer (OPQ), Moinard (BMC) and Weening (ARG). The gap is 1:40 with Team Sky controlling the yellow jersey group.

  124. 118km - We now have 26 riders out in front with 1:25 over the peloton. A full run-through coming up. The bast placed rider in the group is Scarponi, who is 7:14 down on Wiggins in the GC and so not a current threat.

  125. 119km - Four riders have almost joined the 22-man leading group: Leipheimer, Ten Dam, Moinard and Marzano.

  126. 120km - Liquigas pair Koren and Basso now on the front of the break, followed by the three Europcar riders in this huge group: Malacarne, Kern and Rolland. With the likes of Valverde, Scarponi and Vinokourov, this is a very experienced group with a mixture of real grizzled veterans and young promising talent. Nice to see Feillu there after his tricky opening week. The Frenchman has been unlucky since winning his first and only Tour stage a few years back.

  127. 121km - Italian Davide Malacarne leads the breakaway up this slightly flatter section of the climb. American Levi Leipheimer has attacked from the main pack in pursuit of the leading group.

  128. 123km - We have 20 riders now in the leading group: Scarponi, Rolland, Basso, Horner, Valverde, C Sorensen, P Velits, Kiserlovski, Vinokourov, Kruijswijk, Malacarne, Riblon, Trofimov, Martin, Hoogerland, Weening, Kirienka, Kern, Koren, Kadri, Feillu. They have 45 seconds on the pack.

  129. 124km - Team Sky are controlling thing back with the yellow jersey group, led by Edvald Boasson Hagen.

  130. 125km - Pierre Rolland spoke to Eurosport this morning: "It depends on what the other teams do. If it's war from the very beginning, you can't tell. You have to manage it yourself. The Madeleine is tough. It will take about an hour, but you don't want to give it your all from the very beginning because there is still so many more climbs afterwards. I don't think the GC riders will have a go on the first climb. I have to manage my efforts well."

  131. 126km - Brice Feillu, who had a torrid early week, is in pursuit of the leaders alongside Vasil Kiryienka and Kessiakof. Chris Horner is in the leading group now. They have 1:10 over the peloton. Back with the pack, Europcar now have a dig through Pierre Rolland and Cyril Gautier. It's each man for himself at the moment.

  132. 127km - There's a small group that has formed on the front now: Koren, Martin, Riblon, Hoogerland, CA Sorensen and Kiserlovski. Plus a couple of others. Scarponi and Valverde in pursuit. Off the back of the bunch, there's already a huge grupetto including the polka dot jersey, Thomas Voeckler.

  133. 128km - There are riders everywhere. Luis Leon Sanchez and Alejandro Valverde have attacked from the main pack, as has Michele Scarponi.

  134. 129km - Leading group in full: Basso, CA Sorensen, Kiserlovski, Vinokourov, Grivko, Kruisjwijk, Burghardt, Gesink, Gilbert, Martin, Hoogerland, De Weert, Pineau, Albasini, de Kort, N Sorensen, Kadri, Dumoulin, Gretsch, Iglinski and Feillu. But it's breaking up quickly, the the yellow jersey group is just 20-odd seconds back.

  135. 130km - Yesterday's winner, Thomas Voeckler, is already off the back of the pack. The Frenchman leads the polka dot jersey standings with 28 points, with Sweden's Frederik Kessiakoff (Astana) and Michele Scarponi (Lampre) both in second on 21. Polka dot jersey standings

  136. 131km - Italy's Ivan Basso (Liquigas) and France's Brice Feillu (Saur-Sojasun) are two riders who have jumped clear of the peloton in pursuit of the leading group, which only has 35 seconds on the back.

  137. 132km - RadioShack actually do have a man in this group - Yaroslav Popovych - but after his effort yesterday, it's not likely he can produce much. Some of the names in the group: Vinokourov, Grivko, Kruijswijk, Burghardt, Gesink, Gilbert, Martin, Hoogerland, Dumoulin...

  138. 133km - The riders are onto the HC Col de la Madeleine - (2 000 m) 25.3 kilometre-long climb at 6.2%. RadioShack are leading the chase in the peloton - they have no riders in this large break.

  139. 135km - The Gesink group now have 40 seconds over the peloton. Apparently there still are 31 riders in this group - which is impressive because it looked to be doomed earlier. Full details coming up.

  140. 137km - The first climb of the day starts after just 15km of flat - so we're almost there. After that, it's pretty much all uphill and downhill to the finish.

  141. 140km - The escape looks pretty doomed. It got as big as 30 riders, but it only ever had a handful of seconds over the pack, and most of the riders have now been reeled in.

  142. 145km - The leaders have around 15 seconds on the pack. Andrey Grivko (Ukraine) and Robert Gesink (Rabobank) are both in this group, whose numbers are swelling.

  143. 147km - Marcus Burghardt of BMC attacks right at the outset of this stage. His team-mate Tejay Van Garderen, incidentally, had some mechanical problems in the neutral zone. Around a dozen riders have jumped clear of the peloton to join Burghardt.

  144. 148km - They're off! Under blue skies and bright sun, the remainign 174 riders get stage 11 underway.

  145. 12:20 - The riders are in the neutral zone in Albertville and the stage is about to get underway. This could well be the Queen Stage of this year's Tour - so be prepared for fireworks from the outset!

  146. 12:15 - Just one withdrawal to report today: Four-time world champion Fabian Cancellara, who wore the yellow in the first week after winning the prologue in Liege, has withdrawn from the Tour and will return to Switzerland to be with his pregnant wife. Cancellara pulls out of Tour

  147. 12:10 - Team Sky dealt with a downhill attack by Vincenzo Nibali to make sure Brad Wiggins retained his yellow jersey. The Briton leads Cadel Evans (BMC) by 1:43 in the GC, with team-mate Chris Froome in third at 2:07. Ywllow jersey standings

  148. 12:05 - Yesterday, a magnificent Thomas Voeckler of Team Europcar won stage 10 of the Tour de France ahead of Italy's Michele Scarponi to take the polka dot jersey. The Frenchman was on the offensive throughout the mountainous 195.5km stage, leading a four-man break over the summit of the race’s first HC climb and capping a typically aggressive performance with a superb win in the Jura valley town of Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. Report: Voeckler wins in style to take polka dots

  149. 12:00 - Welcome to live coverage of stage 11 of the Tour de France - a short but beastly 148km ride from Albertville to La Toussuire that features four climbs including the fearsome Madeleine and Croix de Fer climbs, and the summit finish at La Toussuire.