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Tour de France - Limoux - Foix


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  1. 0km - Thanks for joining us today - be sure to return tomorrow for the 159km stage 15 to Pau.

  2. 0km - The peloton comes home more than 18 minutes down on stage winner Sanchez. After all that drama, there is no change in the GC.

  3. 0km - The Astana rider who went down at the start of the final descent was Robert Kiserlovski. The Croatian has had to retire from the race.

  4. 0km - Result: 1. Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank), 2. Peter Sagan (Liquigas), 3. Sandy Casar (FDJ), 4. Philippe Gilbert (BMC), 5. Gorka Izagirre (Euskaltel).

  5. 0km - Remnants of that initial 11-man break arrive in drips and drabs. Meanwhile, the group of GC favourites has come back together and are taking it easy. Evans is there and so a stalemate has been declared. Shame that, it is a bike race after all. That said, tacks on the road was an odd scenario...

  6. 0km - Sagan takes second ahead of Gilbert and the others, 46 seconds down.

  7. 0km - Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank) wins stage 14 after a superb solo attack towards the end.

  8. 0.5km - Sanchez turns to his team car and pumps his first.

  9. 1km - Sanchez starts to celebrate early - he knows this is his.

  10. 1km - Rolland has sat up and been caught by the Wiggins group.

  11. 2km - Vintage Sanchez this is - the Spaniard will take his fourth career stage win on the Tour.

  12. 3km - Rolland has a gap of 1:48 over the yellow jersey group, which is now riding hard because the Frenchman is seen as a threat.

  13. 4km - Sanchez may have timed this perfectly - he's 40 seconds ahead now.

  14. 5km - Evans has a load of BMC team-mates trying to deliver Evans back onto the group of the race favourites.

  15. 5.5km - Reports say that there are tacks on the road. That will explain all those punctures.

  16. 6km - The finish is slightly uphill today - that will be tough after today's long stage. Philippe Gilbert almost comes a cropper on a right-hand turn, but manages to save himself from going down.

  17. 6.5km - Lotto are on the front of the main group now, driving to the line.

  18. 7km - This is a brave effort from Sanchez, who has 30 seconds on the chasing four.

  19. 8km - After all those punctures, the gap back from the front of the race back to the yellow jersey group is almost 17 minutes now.

  20. 10km - Punctures for Roche and Scarponi too... there must be something on the road. Perhaps some one put some pins down? Sanchez passes under the 10km-to-go banner. He has 10 seconds on the four chasers.

  21. 11km - ATTACK: Luis Leon Sanchez catches his fellow escapees unawares and opens up a gap.

  22. 11km - This is getting ridiculous: Evans now has a front puncture and needs another wheel change.

  23. 12km - Wiggins is back with the group of main favourite. Evans is about 30 seconds down and will no doubt be allowed to rejoin before the race resumes.

  24. 13km - It was a difficult situation there with Evans's puncture: team cars were not allowed up because it was too narrow, and the Mavic neutral car was nowhere to be seen, so the Australian had to wait for a long time until his first team-mate came along.

  25. 14km - Back on the front of the race, Sagan, Izagirre and Casar are back together. And they have been now joined by Gilbert and Sanchez.

  26. 15km - Puncture for yellow jersey Bradley Wiggins who needs a new bike.

  27. 16km - Crazy scenes in the Pyrenees. There are punctures all over the place. But Rolland continues off the front, despite what seemed to be a universal decision to slow down.

  28. 19km - Sky look prepared to sit back and wait for Evans in a very sporting offering - but Pierre Rolland is having nothing of it and goes on the attack. This prompts cat calls from Richie Porte, but the Frenchman continues all the same.

  29. 20km - CRASH: An Astana rider has hit the deck on the descent. That may save Evans, because it looks like the leading group have taken their foot off the gas.

  30. 22km - Nightmare for Evans. He waits about a minute for a first team-mate to come - Steve Cummings - but the Brit also has a rear puncture, so he has to wait for the next BMC rider.

  31. 23km - Wiggins leads Nibali and Froome over the top. Evans has a problem at the top. He needs a new wheel and stands on the summit but there is no new wheel for him.

  32. 25km - Andreas Kloeden needs a wheel change and will have to fight back on. Wiggins is now on the front of the main group as they approach the summit.

  33. 26km - Casar and Izagirre are going well to keep Sagan on a leash. The green jersey is still the overwhelming favourite today.

  34. 28km - Porte, Froome, Wiggins, Nibali and Rolland are on the front, with Evans and van den Broeck right there too, and then a large cluster of big names.

  35. 30km - Sagan catches and passes Casar. Izagirre is there too.

  36. 31km - All the big names in the GC battle are safely there in this main yellow jersey group, including Menchov and Schleck.

  37. 32km - Sagan and Izagirre combine on the descent. They are 16 seconds behind Casar.

  38. 34km - Team Sky are on the front now, with Porte and Froome on the front. It looks like stalemate, which is a shame.

  39. 35km - Yes, Casar leads on the downhill. The descent is now as bad as the previous one: in fact, the road is pretty wide and there's no rain.

  40. 36km - No images from the downhill so we cannot report how that is going for the moment. Casar seems to be still out ahead of the four chasers - Sagan, Sanchez, Izagirre and Gilbert.

  41. 37km - It's the waiting game now, which allows Richie Porte to move to the front for Sky.

  42. 38km - Straight away, Cadel Evans attacks. Basso holds his wheel, with van den Broeck and Rolland right there. Then we have Nibali, Wiggins and Froome.

  43. 38km - Back with the peloton, they hit the wall with perfect timing. BMC are right on the front, with Lotto, Rolland and Nibali.

  44. 38km - Sandy Casar crosses the summit of the Mur de Peguere. Sagan is third just behind Izagirre just a few seconds back, with Gilbert and Sanchez crossing a few more seconds later.

  45. 39km - Casar has about 10m on Izagirre, with Gilbert just behind. In fact, Sagan has just passed Gilbert and is catching Izagirre too. Ha, incredible.

  46. 39km - Now Casar realises that something has to be done to get rid of Sagan. The Frenchman ups the tempo - but still Sagan is there. In fact, the green jersey draws level with Sanchez, who gives him the most dirty look possible.

  47. 40km - Sagan has virtually caught the four leaders - despite Sanchez's best efforts. What a ride from the Slovak tyro.

  48. 40km - Back with the peloton, and Cavendish drops back after his big effort. Lotto Belisol come to the front, with Jelle Vanendert taking a turn.

  49. 40km - Sanchez looks back over his shoulders and sees that Sagan is not much further back - that forces him to dig deep and increase the tempo further. The Spaniard knows he has to get rid of the green jersey on this climb if he wants to win today.

  50. 41km - Still Sanchez sets the pace, with Gilbert right behind and both Izagirre and Casar gritting their teeths and holding on. They stay in that order. And you know what, Sagan is not much further behind! The green jersey has dropped Minard and is almost back with the leaders. Incredible.

  51. 41km - Cavendish still on the front of the peloton. He won't be there for much longer - the climb is brutal.

  52. 41km - Minard and Sagan are riding together about 50m behind the leaders, while Velits, Paulinho and Gautier are riding together further back.

  53. 41km - Izagirre has caught up with Sanchez and Gilbert. Casar is there now too. But Vorganov and Kruijswijk have cracked.

  54. 42km - Luis Leon Sanchez ups the tempo and takes Gilbert with him. Izagirre tries to follow.

  55. 42km - Cyril Gautier has been firmly on the back of this group since rejoining them at the bottom of the last descent. He's sensibly conserving some energy. Ah, but now he moves up. Here we are: the wall starts. This is no road - it's a track!

  56. 43km - No movement in the break yet - but it will surely come when the steep section starts in about 1km. Then it will blow apart. Sagan won't be there over the summit - but he'll be able to make up a lot of ground on the descent.

  57. 44km - Back with the peloton, it's still all Sky as Cavendish continues to lead the pack down this long descent.

  58. 45km - Casar, Kruijswijk and Vorganov on the front of the leading group. Their gap over the peloton is 15:25 now. They won't be caught by the peloton - but the question is which cluster of them will force a selection on this climb.

  59. 46km - Meanwhile, back with the peloton Mark Cavendish is actually descending right on the front - ahead of his Sky colleagues. A huge effort from the Manxman.

  60. 47km - Gautier is back with the other 10 leaders. Will he have anything left in the tank?

  61. 48km - The leading group is onto the Cat.1 Mur de Péguère (1,375m) -a 9.3 kilometre-long climb at 7.9%. It starts off okay but 6km into the climb there is a terrible 18% ramp, followed by 16% for three kilometres to the summit. It has never been used in the Tour before - plans to use the climb in 1973 were scrapped when riders went on strike because of the dangerous roads.

  62. 49km - Gautier is still 30 seconds behind. Velits leads the escapees alongside Sanchez and Paulinho.

  63. 51km - Still Gautier chases to get back with the leaders. Terrible luck for the Frenchman - it will be a real battle to get back on before the next climb. The leaders have taken off their rain jackets and are passing them back to their team cars.

  64. 52km - The peloton approaches the summit of this climb. Everyone is looking a little nervous ahead of this descent. Cavendish, quite sensibly, has scarpered from the front. Amongst the riders dropped on the climb are Vinokourov and Peraud. Pierre Rolland picks ip a rain jacket ahead of the summit... and down they go. The gap is 14:10.

  65. 56km - Gautier is still trying to catch the leaders after having had to stop for that mechanical. Off the back of the bunch, there's a group of straddlers forming - they must be in real difficulty if Cavandish is the one setting the pace.

  66. 58km - Still Eisel and Knees lead the peloton up the climb, with Cavendish - yes, Cavendish! - right behind them and in front of yellow jersey Wiggins.

  67. 62km - This is a winding, narrow descent - made more dangerous by the water on the road. Cyril Gautier drops a chain and needs mechanical assistance. He'll have to fight to get back on. The Frenchman is unrecognisable in a black rain jacket.

  68. 64km - Paulinho takes the KOM points over the top ahead of Russian national champion Vorganov.

  69. 65km - The jackets now come on as the rain starts to fall qiote heavily. Sagan drops back to pick up some water bottles.

  70. 66km - The leaders are about one kilometre from the summit. It's quite cold - 10 degrees celsius - and the rain is still splitting. Very misty too. The gap is atill 14:30.

  71. 68km - Stalemate in the break: none of these 11 riders is prepared to have a long-pop from so far away - quite understandably so. Back with the bunch, Bernie Eisel still sets the pace for Sky.

  72. 70km - The first rain drops start to fall - but it's just a drizzle. Sky and Lotto still front the peloton, who are approaching the start of the climb.

  73. 73km - Fifteen minutes now for the leaders. They will surely stay out - the question is whether or not they can shed Sagan on the second climb, because if not, the Slovak is a complete shoo-in for the victory. Of course, Liquigas may not be concerned about that - Sagan could be there purely to help Nibali on the final downhill.

  74. 74km - The lead is 14:47 as Gaultier, Paulinho and Sanchez set the pace on the front of the leading group.

  75. 75km - Three riders in this break have won three stages of the Tour de France: Peter Sagan has notched a hat-trick in his debut race this year, while Luis Leon Sanchez and Sandy Casar have also taken three apiece through the years.

  76. 76km - With a lead of 14:20, the 11 leaders are onto the Cat.1 Port de Lers (1,517m) - an 11.4 kilometre-long climb at 7%. The roads are coarse and very narrow, plus lined with spectators.

  77. 78km - Cryril Gautier and Luis Leon Sanchez on the front of the break - they have both been involved in breaks already in this year's Tour. As have Peter Sagan, Eduard Vorganov, Steven Kruijswijk and Sandy Casar.

  78. 80km - This is now the biggest break of the Tour so far as the gap rises to 13:30 ahead of the first Cat.1 climb.

  79. 84km - Bernie Eisel lets his compatriot Andre Greipel to come through and pick up the scraps for 12th place at the intermediate sprint. The German is the only rider who can realistically challenge Sagan in the green jersey standings - although he'll be aware that should Sagan crash out, he would benefit.

  80. 85km - Euskaltel's Gorka Izagirre is keeping his word. This morning, he told Eurosport: "It's difficult ot be in a breakaway but today we have no choice - we have to be in it."

  81. 90km - Bernie Eisel leads the Sky train on the front of the peloton. Still no need for those rain jackets yet. The gap is 12:50,

  82. 92km - No one contests Peter Sagan for the intermediate sprint points, and the Slovak rolls over the line to consolidate his green jersey with 20 more points. It's as good as his now - as long as he can make it to Paris.

  83. 98km - A reminder of the leading 11 riders: Peter Sagan (Liquigas), Sergio Paulinho (Saxo Bank), Steven Kruijswijk (Rabobank), Eduard Vorganov (Katusha), Sandy Casar (FDJ), Philippe Gilbert (BMC), Cyril Gautier (Europcar), Gorka Izagirre (Euskaltel), Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank), Sebastien Minard (Ag2R) and Martin Velits (OPQS). They have 12:10 over the bunch and we're 5km from the intermediate sprint.

  84. 102km - Could this be the day that Philippe Gilbert breaks his duck? Last season the Belgian was absolutely prolific - but he hasn't won a race since September 14th 2011. In fact, the same can be said of Thor Hushovd - both riders joined BMC in the close season and are paid more than three million euros a year. Gilbert's salary is bigger than that of Evans...

  85. 103km - It's not raining yet, but the clouds do look ominous. There will be all manner of hell is it's wet for the final descent into Foix today...

  86. 105km - World champion Mark Cavendish is going his domestique duties: the Sky sprinter drops back to the team car to pick up rain jackets for the yellow jersey Brad Wiggins and some of the other Sky riders, including Christian Knees. The gap is now 11:25.

  87. 108km - The roads at the moment are fine - but later on, the route goes over some extremely thin roads, badly surfaced too. The final climb of the day, the Mur de Peguere, has never been used before - and it's very very steep. 18% at one point. It was going to be used back in 1973, but the riders refused because the road was not safe enough.

  88. 113km - The whole of Team Sky are on the front of the peloton, followed by the whole of Liquigas (with Sylvester Szmyd stuffing his face with brioche) and then pretty much the whole of Europcar. They are taking things easily: the gap is now 10 minutes.

  89. 115km - Still the lead grows: nine minutes now. In the Eurosport studio, special guest William Fotheringham - author of Merckx: Half Man, Half Bike - is predicting this group to stay out. He thinks Gilbert will win in Foix.

  90. 120km - Wow, the lead of this 11-man Sagan group has ballooned to 7:20. This should pretty much secure the green jersey for Sagan, who is bound to pick up the points at the intermediate sprint. And if he can stay out ahead of the peloton over the two Cat.1 climbs, he'll be a vital ally for team-mate Vincenzo Nibali on the descent to the finish in Foix.

  91. 125km - We spoke to Cadel Evans this morning: "It's difficult because they (Sky) have really built a team designed for these kinds of stages. Not that many people want to help you and the ones that can want to beat you. The odds are stacked against me. It's easier said than done to attack. There are more Sky riders than me. It's one week, but it only takes one day to turn things around. One day or even one climb can make the difference."

  92. 130km - So, a proper break has finally formed, but the gap is only two minutes at the moment. Expect it to balloon a bit before the two Cat.1 climbs in the second half of the stage. Katusha's Vorganov is the best placed rider in the GC of the 11 escapees - the Russian is 33:59 down on Bradley Wiggins.

  93. 132km - The chasing group have made contact with the Sagan trio so we have 11 riders out ahead. They have 1:20 on the peloton, which has been caught by that Schleck group which was distanced on the first climb of the day.

  94. 135km - We spoke to Mark Cavendish this morning: "The Alps weren't that easy this year. Everyone's tired. It was stressful. The grupetto was full-gas all day - we weren't taking it easy and talking. It's been different this year. I'm enjoying being part of a team that has the yellow jersey, but I have missed out on the sprints. But this rainbow jersey was won by an incredible jersey, including Brad, so I'm wearing it on behalf of a few guys. It's fair I'm helping out."

  95. 136km - The eight chasing riders are: Eduard Vorganov (Katusha), Sandy Casar (FDJ), Philippe Gilbert (BMC), Cyril Gautier (Europcar), Gorka Izagirre (Euskaltel), Luis Leon Sanchez (Rabobank), Sebastien Minard (Ag2R) and Martin Velits (OPQS).

  96. 138km - We now have eight riders trying to bridge the gap between the yellow jersey group and the Sagan leading trio. There's about 20 seconds between the leaders and the chasers and the chasers and the peloton. The second peloton is returning, with the gap less than a minute now.

  97. 142km - There was a generous feeling throughout the peloton yesterday on Bastille Day: five French riders got in the break, Pablo Urtasun asked for permission to win the intermediate sprint, Vinokourov was allowed to attack and roll back the years, yellow jersey Bradley Wiggins even helped lead out his team-mate Eddie Boasson Hagen. Blazin' Saddles blog: Bastille Day bonhomie pervades the peloton

  98. 145km - Two riders are in pursuit of the leading Sagan trio: Amael Moinard (BMC) and Biel Kadri (Ag2R). Pierre Rolland of Europcar has punctured, but is back with the peloton. The Schleck group is now 1:50 off the pace.

  99. 150km - Other names in that second group are Jelle Vanendert (Lotto), Sylvain Chavanel (OMQS) and - no surprises - Mark Cavendish (Sky). They're 1:30 down on the peloton now. The Sagan trio has 10 seconds on the pack.

  100. 155km - An inevitable attack comes from Liquigas's Peter Sagan on the descent - the Slovak green jersey loves this kind of terrain. He's riding with Sergio Paulinho (Saxo Bank) and Steven Kruijswijk (Rabobank). They have 10 seconds on the bunch, which is riding about 55 seconds ahead of that second Schleck group.

  101. 158km - That climb really did some damage, with a second peloton forming including some big names like Andreas Kloeden and Frank Schleck, as well as Coppel. They are about 25 seconds down on the main field.

  102. 160km - Result over the top of the Col du Portel: 1. Voeckler 5pts, 2. Kessiakoff 3pts, 3. Martinez 2pts, 4. Vande Velde 1pt. The Swede Kessiakoff maintains his lead in the KOM standings. Polka dot jersey standings

  103. 162km - Taaramae is reeled in by the peloton and we now have seven riders just ahead of the bunch. Numerous riders have been shelled out the back, including the lanterne rouge Tyler Farrar, a load of sprinters, and France's Jerome Coppel.

  104. 164km - ATTACK: Cofidis rider Rein Taaramae pulls out of the peloton. The Estonian youngster was having a solid Tour until he collapsed on the stage to La Toussuire in the Alps. Once the white jersey, he is now almost 42 minutes down on Tejay van Garderen in the youth standings. The 23-year-old American leads Thibaut Pinot, the youngest man in the race, by 1:54 in the white jersey standings. Youth classification

  105. 165km - We're now on to the first of three climbs today, the Cat.2 Col du Portel (601m), a 5.3 kilometre-long climb at 6.3%. The peloton is still together as one.

  106. 170km - That attack by the Sagan group came to nothing. At one point, the Slovakian rode off with a Vacansoleil rider, but the peloton combined to bring it back together.

  107. 175km - ATTACK: Around 20 riders have jumped clear of the peloton, including green jersey Peter Sagan. The Slovakian tyro has a near-insurmountable 296 points in the standings, with his nearest challenger Andre Greipel on 232. Green jersey standings

  108. 178km - French sports newspaper L'Equipe also got a scoop on Chris Froome today. Currently second place in the GC and working faithfully for Bradley Wiggins, Froome admitted to the paper that he felt he could win this Tour. "I won't lie to you - it's difficult but it's my job," he said. "If I feel we might lose the Tour in the Pyrenees, I'll follow the best riders to save Sky's colours. Nexy year, if there are mountains I hope Sky will be honest and have the team ride for me - and be as loyal to me."

  109. 180km - The peloton is still riding as one after a feisty start to the day. The French media is reporting a nice story from yesterday: Jean-Christophe Peraud was given a helicopter ride after yesterday's stage to nearby Aubenas so he could see his new-born daughter, Valentine. He was flown back this morning in time for the start of the stage in Limoux.

  110. 185km - CRASH: Johan Vansummeren is one of two riders who hits the deck. That's going to hurt for the Garmin-Sharp man, whose body is still no doubt tender from his huge spill in stage six in the opening week of the race.

  111. 187km - Paulinho is caught by the peloton, which is now being led by Omega Pharma-Quick Step.

  112. 188km - Ladagnous is not allowed any leeway and is reeled in. Sergio Paulinho of Saxo Bank-Tinkoff then goes on the attack. There's a huge tailwind which means the pace is high.

  113. 190km - ATTACK: Matthieu Ladagnous attacks from the outset for FDJ-BigMat.

  114. 191km - They're off! The remaining 163 riders get this first Pyrenean stage underway. No withdrawals to report overnight.

  115. 11:25 - There was no change at the top of the GC after stage 12, with Bradley Wiggins maintaining a 2:05 gap over his Sky team-mate Chris Froome, with Vincenzo Nibali 2:23 down in third and Cadel Evans 3:19 down in fourth. Yellow jersey standings

  116. 11:20 - Yesterday, German powerhouse Andre Greipel secured a third Tour de France win with a bunch sprint victory in stage 13 ahead of green jersey Peter Sagan in Le Cap d'Agde. Lotto Belisol's Greipel matched the three stages won by rival Sagan of Liquigas-Cannondale with a spirited finish on the Mediterranean coast on Bastille Day. Report: Greipel beats Sagan to make it three

  117. 11:15 - Welcome to live coverage of stage 14 of the Tour de France, a 191km trek from Limoux to Foix that sees the remaining riders enter the Pyrenees.