STAGE 10 - Tuesday 14 July 2015 - TARBES > LA PIERRE-SAINT-MARTIN - 167 km

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Stage 10 Profile

Stage 10 Profile

Departure: TARBES

12 times a stage town – 51,000 inhabitants

In the past, the peloton of the Tour de France mainly gathered in Tarbes for the start of stages. But the last visit here in 2009 saw the victory of Pierrick Fédrigo. On the previous finish in the Prefecture of Hautes-Pyrénées, in 1951, the day had been marked by a spectacular crash: Wim van Est,


No previous stages – 1,100 inhabitants

La Pierre-Saint-Martin, famous for its family skiing resort is also known by all the geologists and speleologists for its sinkhole that is considered as one of the most impressive in the world with a depth of 1 342 metres. While the peloton doesn't yet know the resort, some riders have already discovered the subtleties of this irregular climb. In 2007, for the only visit of the Tour coming from the opposite side of the borderline Col just above the resort, Colombian Mauricio Soler had conquered decisive points in his quest for the Polka-Dot Jersey.