STAGE 11 - Wednesday 15 July 2015 - PAU > CAUTERETS-VALLEE DE SAINT-SAVIN - 188 km

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Stage 11 Profile

Stage 11 Profile

Departure: PAU

66 times a stage town – 87,500 inhabitants

The city of King Henry the 4th hosted the race in fine style on 66 occasions which puts it on the podium behind Paris and Bordeaux of the most visited towns of the Tour. On the last two finishes that were set there, the Bearn area found itself a new Prince. Pierrick Fedrigo indeed entered the club of the very few riders having triumphed twice in Pau, first in 2010, and then again two years later in 2012.


3 times a stage town – 1,200 inhabitants

The common developed around its thermal baths that attracted during the XIXth century authors such as George Sand, Chateaubriand or Victor Hugo. But cycling enthusiasts mainly remember that on the day of the only visit of the Tour in Cauterets, the event had been struck by one of the most terrible moments of its history. In 1995, after suffering a severe crash on a descent, Olympic Champion Fabio Casartelli passed away just after reaching the Col de Portet-d'Aspet.