Sunday January 31, 2010 Final Finished 11 de Novembro

Ghana 0 - 1 Egypt

  • Nagy Gedo 85’

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  1. African Cup of Nations - Gedo strikes again as Egypt extend record

    African Cup of Nations - Gedo strikes again as Egypt extend record

    Egypt won a record seventh African Cup of Nations title after a late goal from Mohamed Nagy Gedo gave them a 1-0 win over Ghana. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Ghana
    • Egypt
    • 90+4 AND EGYPT HAVE DONE IT! A moment of magic from Egypt seals a record third title in a row, extending their record to seven wins! Why oh why aren't this team at the World Cup? Essam El-Hadary doesn't care - he's dancing on the crossbar of his goal!
    • 90+3 Inkoom on the right swings a high ball into the box AND IT REBOUNDS OFF ANNAN AND ADDO MUST SCORE BUT HE MIS-KICKS AND EL-HADARY CLAIMS!
    • 90+3 Hassan up to his old tricks, forcing the stretcher on after suffering cramp.
    • 90+2 Ghana swarm forward as Ayew finds Addo but Egypt clear.
    • 90+1 Three minutes added time being played by the way.
    • 90+1 Asamoah has a pop on the left but wide of the near post with El-Hadary covering.
    • 90' EGYPT SUB: Salem is on for Fathy. A defender for a midfielder.
    • 89' GHANA SUB: Addo on for Opoku.
    • 88' Ghana charge down the right but Fathy slides in to put it out for a corner! Adiyiah straight into the action. The corner is swung in but the whistle goes for some pushing.
    • 87' GHANA SUB: Asamoah Gyan off for Adiyiah.
    • 86' Egypt on the counter, one-two between Gedo and Zidan, Gedo with a super touch with his left AND OOOOOH WHAT A GOAL! GEDO AGAIN! SPLENDID GOAL! He just curled it from a tight angle into the right-hand side of goal, with his right foot, and he has done it again!!
    • 85' Inkoom in loads of space but his cross is poor. Put back into the box by Ghana but easy for El-Hadary.
    • 84' Gedo gets in on the left but with only Zidan up front it flies away for a throw.
    • 83' Hosny is back on the pitch after that scare. Al-Muhammadi crosses but Addy heads clear. Ayew has it but with no support has to look back. Vorsah with a poor ball and Egypt come again. Poor ball though from Hassan.
    • 82' Hosny is in some pain after catching his ankle in a divet on this horrible surface.
    • 81' Vorsah heads Abdelshafy's ball away. Still with Egypt though as Abdelshafy gets it on the left, closed down by Ayew and Inkoom, now Fathy but Hosny is down hurt...
    • 80' Free-kick on the right, Gyan takes it quick, Inkoom is in on the right and he drills it low AND ASAMOAH MUST SCORE but eased off it by Gomaa, great defending, and Al-Muhammadi shepherds it out for a throw.
    • 79' Finally then the free-kick for Ghana 28 yards out. They have tested Egypt more than anyone so far this tournament. Gyan to take... and it's on target but easy for El-Hadary but inexplicably he punches and it spins wide for a corner! The first shaky moment for him this Cup. Poor keeping. Short corner, Opoku gets it back but Fathy closes down and Egypt break.
    • 78' The replay shows Zidan definitely blocked Badu off illegally, another correct decision from the ref.
    • 77' Opoku to take, short to Badu who Zidan closes down, both caught each other but Ghana get a free-kick. Looked harsh to call that a foul.
    • 76' Dodgy backpass from Hassan that El-Hadary slices into touch off a big divet in the box. Throw. Gyan is fouled by Gomaa and Ghana have a free-kick in a very dangerous position on the left wing.
    • 75' A bit of a delay as El-Hadary, in typical style, motions to the bench for some treatment. He does this a lot when Egypt are under pressure just to slow things down. Welcome water break for both sides.
    • 74' Ghaly gives the ball away to Ayew! Terrible pass but he gets back and slides in to win it back! Egypt bring it clear but Ghana break again, good stuff as it breaks to Gyan who fires over!
    • 73' Gyan picks it up on the edge of the box, it doesn't open up for a shot, Inkoom crosses but nodded out for a throw by Al-Muhammadi. Ghana have done REALLY well today. They have stuck to a gameplan with great discipline.
    • 72' Gomaa recovers well after miscontrolling and Egypt clear. Pass and move again from Misr.
    • 71' EGYPT SUB: The leading scorer in this tournament, super-sub Gedo, is on for Moteab. Five goals in seven games for Egypt since debuting on December 29, all as a sub.
    • 70' Lazy from Gyan and the break is on! But a poor ball from Hosny I think is straight back to Kingson.
    • 69' Hosny on the right, he digs out a super cross and Hassan goes down but no penalty, it drops for Zidan but he can't get the shot in from an angle and Ghana survive!! Did Inkoom pull down Hassan? No protests from Egypt though so probably not.
    • 68' Zidan gets in down the left, behind Sarpei and puts in a cross from the byline but caught by Kingson. Asamoah breaks, great run but no support. Now a long one almost sends Moteab through but Sarpei holds him off and Kingson claims. Is the game opening up maybe?
    • 67' Ghaly looks long, Moteab goes down after a tangle with Vorsah, who did nothing wrong other than being huge.
    • 67' Zidan to take but straight into Kingson's arms, having gone out of play. Poor from mini Zizou.
    • 66' ... Abdelshafy puts in a good deep cross but over Moteab and off the defender for a corner. That looked dubious, seemed to go straight out.
    • 65' Long down the left for Zidan, who gets there but Vorsah clears. Asamoah on the ball on halfway and he tangles with Hassan, Ghana get the free-kick but poor from Inkoom and Said clears. Ghana get it back but Gomaa gets across to block the through ball. Good pressure for Ghana but Gyan gives it away to Ghaly, now Zidan...
    • 64' Lumped into Egypt's box but Fathy closes Asamoah Gyan. Throw to Ghana, worked inside then back across but Badu's ball is terrible, out for a throw.
    • 63' Abdelshafy on the left, he's quick too and launches a good ball for Moteab but he pushes Vorsah and the flag is up.
    • 62' Great turn by Gyan, Gomaa blocks him off and it's a free-kick on the left wing. Annan to take, quick to Gyan AND HE SMASHES IT ON GOAL BUT SIDE NETTING! Half the ground thought it was in! El-Hadary had it well covered though.
    • 61' Zidan chases a long one down the left but can't keep it in.
    • 60' Asamoah leaves it for Gyan, low into the box, Badu gets a touch but out for a goal kick.
    • 59' Ghaly pulls Asamoah's shirt and is booked for the sin. Free-kick 35 yards out. The ref has been very good so far.
    • 58' Really good one touch play from Egypt sees it flicked wide to Al-Muhammadi but his cross is cleared. Ghaly has a pop from 30 yards but well wide. Abdelshafy caught Ayew, who is hurt but will live.
    • 57' EGYPT SUB: Moawad is off for fellow wing-back Abdelshafy. Maybe Shehata fears both his wing-backs being booked could leave them a touch prone out wide.
    • 56' Ghana have their backs against the wall briefly but a high ball of Moteab's head is easy for Kingson. Egypt are preparing a sub... Gedo maybe? Ghana break, Asamoah to Ayew, Gyan is free but Ayew shoots, sending it well wide. Better from Ghana.
    • 55' Addy clears high under pressure from Zidan. Egypt are coming back into this now.
    • 54' Good defending by Vorsah to shepherd the ball out of play under pressure from Moteab.
    • 53' Gyan will take this, just to the left of the D.... and he sends a dipping, fizzing shot over the wall but just over the bar! El-Hadary had it covered anyway.
    • 52' Al-Muhammadi fouls Badu and the Egyptian is booked. Free-kick around 25 yards out. Dangerous.
    • 51' Egypt stroking it about as Hassan is brought down by Badu but play on says the ref. Egypt keep ball as per usual. Hassan has a pop from range, low this time, but well wide.
    • 50' Lovely ball from Hosny to Al-Muhammadi but his cross is blocked, he gets on to the loose ball but is tackled and Gyan can break but has no support and it's out for a Ghana throw.
    • 49' Gyan runs it out of play. He looks knackered already.
    • 48' Al-Muhammadi goes off for some treatment but he is on his feet again. Hosny's free-kick is put in but cleared. Sarpei brings it out but a handball from Moawad and he is booked. Both left-backs then are on thin ice.
    • 47' Hefty from Opoku into the back of Al-Muhammadi. You could see that coming and he is in the book. That was a bit naughty.
    • 46' The second half is underway!!
    • - Expect Gedo to make an appearance soon, whatever happens - no changes from either side though.
    • - Our player ratings appear to have been hijacked by Algerians - Egypt players have been rated between 3/10 with Ghana all 8/10.
    • 45+2 Half-time, goalless but an intriguing game so far!
    • 45+1 Gomaa gets a knock after a clash with Gyan, Gyan helps him up and they shake on it.
    • 45+1 Lovely play by Al-Muhammadi and Fathy on the right, Hosny now threads it wide to Al-Muhammadi on the overlap but too much on it and he can only play the cross out for a goal kick.
    • 45' Gyan flicks it up to Badu but it bobbles on a quite terrible pitch and Egypt get it back to El-Hadary.
    • 44' Said plays it long and Zidan gets his head on it but easy for the keeper. Awful kick from Kingson, whose groin is clearly off key, but Ghana get it away. Do NOT pass it on to his right under pressure lads! Asamoah wins a free-kick.
    • 43' Gyan backs into Gomaa and Egypt have a free-kick. Gyan can't believe it as Egypt take quickly. It amounts to nothing though, and Moawad fouls Ayew. Getting a touch bitty now. Good football in this final but no real chances. Cat and mouse.
    • 42' Kingson is angry about something, he thinks Hassan handled when trying to convert that free-kick - and he has a point! His hand is what put it out, arguably a yellow card for that. Ah, I see, the flag was already up for offside so it would not have counted and therefore it is not a handball.
    • 41' Free-kick for Egypt... brilliant ball in from Hosny and in flies Moteab but over his head and HASSAN FAR POST but wide! He'd have been lucky to get that on target from that angle.
    • 40' I think Egypt have had approaching 60% possession as Zidan is fouled by Sarpei. Free-kick 35 yards out.
    • 39' Gyan has gone down heavily after clashing with Gomaa I think. No real contact, more a heavy fall but the ref awards a free-kick.
    • 38' Good passing again from Egypt as they keep it short and the movement fluid... No final ball though yet. Crossed in by Al-Muhammadi but Addy heads clear.
    • 37' Gyan on the right has support from Inkoom but the move breaks down and Ghaly gets it clear.
    • 35' Vorsah heads away and Ghana can counter, this is where they're dangerous but Gomaa robs Opoku.
    • 34' Ghaly on the right inside to Hosny, now Zidan tries a one-two with Moteab but a team-mate gets in his way and Badu clears.
    • 33' Said is still down and the stretcher is on. The more you look at that the worse it gets but it's all soft tissue down there so he should be okay.
    • 32' Unfortunate tackle by Badu on Said, an accidental knee to the woo-hoo and Said is crying. Badu thinks it's funny: Said's missus will not agree.
    • 31' Zidan with a good delivery ino the six-yard box but Vorsah is a man-mountain and heads that clear. Foul by Fathy on Opoku.
    • 30' Ghana give the ball away, Hosny wide to Moteab who does well to keep it in and then chase Sarpei down, forcing him to clip his heels. Excellent hassling from Moteab - which means "annoying" in Arabic. Free-kick on the left wing...
    • 29' If you could get prizes for keeping the ball Egypt would be world champions. Now Ghaly on the right puts in a lovely ball and if Moteab was six foot and not 5'9" he'd have nodded that in! Just skimming his head!
    • 28' Gomaa tight on Gyan at the throw and Ghaly hoofs away. Asamoah looks hurt on the touchline...
    • 27' Ghana now with a spell of possession as they move from right to left. Good stuff from the Black Stars as Gyan gets in down the left but his cross is again blocked by Said.
    • 26' More keep ball from Egypt as they do what they do best, slowly slowly... Badu tackles Fathy though, Asamoah tries a quick one to Gyan but intercepted. Now Zidan on the edge of the box but he drills it well wide.
    • 25' Opoku robs Al-Muhammadi, he gets around him and could be in but Said gets across to tackle. Good defending.
    • 24' Asamoah gets away from Hassan and with no options he has to shoot from range but straight down the throat of El-Hadary.
    • 23' Moawad on the left wing but Ayew shrugs him off before surging forward. Egypt are back en masse though and Gyan, sluggish in support, is at fault for that attack breaking down. Badu goes down but good challenge from Hassan and Egypt clear.
    • 22' Zidan turns and plays it wide, Al-Muhammadi crosses and Moteab goes down a bit easily and Kingson claims. Vorsah is twice his size and it shows.
    • 21' Zidan almost threads it through to Moteab but Addy intercepts and Ghana bring it away. Poor ball down the right by Badu though.
    • 20' Fathy robs Gyan and Al-Muhammadi on the right, inside to Fathy again and Hassan wide right crosses but over the head of Moteab and Zidan is not far post so out for a goal kick.
    • 19' Inkoom tries a cross but blocked, the second cross is headed poorly by Gomaa and Opoku can shoot but slices it well wide from the edge of the D.
    • 18' Egypt with some good possession but again Hassan shoots from long, long range and again well over. Al-Muhammadi is annoyed as he was in space right wing. Hassan is looking to use this dipping ball and perhaps Kingson's groin injury to his advantage.
    • 17' Egypt break and Ghaly with a clever ball into Al-Muhammadi on the overlap but just too long for him and Kingson claims. Opoku free down the left, he could be in here but Said not only tackles him but strides upfield with the ball. Zidan is dispossessed by Badu on the edge of the box.
    • 16' Sarpei with a terrible miskick but Addy manages to clear. Al-Muhammadi with a foul on Opoku though and Ghana have some respite.
    • 15' Asamoah drills the free-kick low from the right and Badu could finish but off Said and out for a corner! Any connection from Badu and Egypt were in trouble. El-Hadary with a great punch from the corner though. Set-pieces look a good shout for Ghana, they're big lads and Asamoah has a lovely left foot.
    • 14' Ayew is fouled by Moawad, play on but the ref decides there's no advantage and pulls play back.
    • 13' Hassan tries a shot from all of 40 yards, hoping for an error from keeper Kingson but it flies well over.
    • 12' Moawad with a neat turn into space but his cross is low and Ghana clear. Egypt have a throw after Opoku's interception. Moteab almost gets in but Annan clears. Ghana playing a risky game at the back trying to pass their way out until Addy hoofs it clear.
    • 11' Hassan wins a free-kick in the middle of the park. Egypt opt to keep possession and build carefully.
    • 10' Egypt pass it from the back, Ghana closing them down and forcing quick releases but Egypt don't mind that. Ball in for Zidan but offside.
    • 9' Inswinging corner, well over the stranded El-Hadary but Said gets a head on it, lofted back in by Gyan but well over.
    • 8' It's a bit closer in than I initially thought, so Gyan will shoot... into the wall but out for a corner.
    • 8' Decent delivery from Hosny and Moteab gets a header in far post but into the ground and easy for Kingson. Fathy fouls Asamoah and Ghana have a free-kick around 35 yards out.
    • 7' Hassan with a great ball looking for Moteab who takes it on the chest but he's held off by Vorsah and hacked out for a corner.
    • 6' Ghana with a sweeping attacking move but Said blocks Inkoom's cross.
    • 5' Eventually Ghaly overhits his first touch and fouls Badu, Egypt kept the ball for over 20 passes there.
    • 4' Egypt keeping the ball well now, knocking it short and patient just inside Ghana's half, waiting for an opening...
    • 3' Egypt with a bit of possession, Ghana pressing high up the pitch which is what they need to do otherwise the Pharaohs will control the pace of the game. Bright start from the Black Stars.
    • 2' This is a good start for Ghana as Al-Muhammadi has to close down Opoku and clear.
    • 1' Badu wins an early free-kick of the old man Ahmed Hassan. Inkoom plays it in and Badu flies in with a header but blocked and out for a throw.
    • 1' The 27th African Cup of Nations final is underway!
    • - A delay in the match start with everything a few minutes behind schedule...
    • - So all the fitness worries were merely worries - Richard Kingson and Emad Moteab start for Ghana and Egypt. Hossam Ghaly comes in for the suspended Mahmoud Fathallah, meaning Egypt go 4-4-2, or a kind of 2-2-2-2 with two centre halves, two defensive midfielders, two wingbacks, two attacking midfielders and two strikers.
    • - Referee: Koman Coulibaly (Mali) - more on this fella HERE!
    • - EGYPT TEAM: 1-Essam Al Hadari; 3-Ahmed Al Muhammadi, 6-Hani Said, 20-Wael Gomaa, 14-Sayed Moawad; 7-Ahmed Fathi, 8-Hosni Abd Rabou, 17-Ahmed Hassan, 12-Hossam Ghali; 9-Mohamed Zidan, 10-Emad Motaeb.
    • - GHANA TEAM: 22-Richard Kingson; 12-Lee Addy, 7-Samuel Inkoom, 2-Hans Sarpei, 15-Isaac Vorsah; 19-Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu, 13-Dede Ayew, 9-Opoku Agyemang, 10-Kwadwo Asamoah, 6-Anthony Annan; 3-Asamoah Gyan.
    • - EGYPT TEAM NEWS: Mahmoud Fathallah misses the final after picking up one booking too many in the match with Algeria. Either Abdelzaher El-Sakka will step in or Egypt will switch to a 4-4-2 with Hany Said operating as an orthodox centre-half as opposed to a sweeper. Emad Moteab is in a fitness battle to start. If he fails to make it, tournament top scorer and super-sub extraordinaire Mohamed 'Gedo' Nagy could be in line for his first Egypt start.
    • - GHANA TEAM NEWS: Keeper Richard Kingson seems to have won his fitness battle but, as said, the Big Five of Muntari, Essien, Appiah, Pantsil and Mensah are out.
    • -- Ghana boss Milovan Rajevac: "People are saying we need to score at least two goals against Egypt to win, but I say we only need to score half a goal more than them to win the title. They've won the last two titles, but we're not thinking about that. What's more important, playing beautiful football or the result?"
    • - Ahmed Hassan: "Against Ghana we will continue to play as we have started. We don't care how they play, we are here to defend our title, and we'll do everything to succeed. Our 4-0 win over Algeria has proved we are the best team in Africa, without argument."
    • - Eurosport commentator and former Nigeria striker Efan Ekoku would love to see Ghana's young side upset Egypt and win the African Cup of Nations, but he feels that the Pharaohs will have too much for the Black Stars.
    • - KEY MAN (EGYPT): Ahmed Hassan, the veteran captain, epitomises what Egypt are about - discipline, team-work and a never-say-die attitude. Equally important at both ends of the park, Hassan is 34 and knows this is probably his last chance to win a trophy with Egypt. He has won three CANs before this, and if Egypt triumph it would be a record fourth.
    • - KEY MAN (GHANA): Asamoah Gyan has got the goals but the real threat is Kwadwo Asamoah, the young Udinese midfielder with a cultured left foot and a brilliant engine. He has made the absent Muntari, Essien and Appiah look, well, replacable.
    • - ... Egypt, who have also been in the final eight times now, with six wins out of the previous seven including the last two competitions.
    • - Ghana have been in the final a record eight times, and have won it four times - behind record-holders...
    • - Egypt, meanwhile, have been typically dominant. They just seem to know how to win at this level. They have beaten Nigeria, Cameroon and Algeria to get this far, all World-Cup bound teams.
    • - Well done to Ghana for getting this far. Filled with players from their U20 World Cup winning team last year, they are without their five biggest players: Michael Essien, Stephen Appiah, John Pantsil and John Mensah are all injured, with Sulley Muntari canned for being a big-time charlie. But the kids have done mighty well, losing their first game 3-1 to the Ivory Coast but scraping wins in every match since.
    • - It's the big one! Ghana face Egypt in a clash of the titans at the African Nations Cup final in Luanda. LIVE from 4pm UK time!
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    Manager: Milovan Rajevac

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    Manager: Hassan Shehata

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