Monday January 30, 2012 Group Stage: Group B Finished Nuevo Estadio de Malabo

Ivory Coast 2 - 0 Angola

  • Eboué 33’
  • Bony 64’

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  1. African Cup of Nations - Ivory Coast send Angola packing

    African Cup of Nations - Ivory Coast send Angola packing

    Goals from Emmanuel Eboue and Wilfried Bony gave Ivory Coast's second string a 2-0 win over Angola in African Cup of Nations. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Ivory Coast
    • Angola
    • - Burkina Faso pulled one back at the end, but it makes no difference as Sudan still have a better goal difference (same on head-to-head and goals scored as Angola).
    • 90+4 That's it! Sudan go through and Angola are out! Terrible from Angola, but congratulations to Sudan, whose first ever win at the ACN has put them into the quarters!
    • 90+3 Keita tries a spectacular effort but the flag was up and he is booked for kicking the ball away.
    • 90+2 Wilfried finds Keita but it's out for a goal kick. Sent long by the keeper.
    • 90+1 Wasted corner, sailing out for a goal kick. Angola really poor today.
    • 90' Mateus has a pop from a long way out, it hits a defender and goes out for a corner. Four minutes added time.
    • 89' Angouna and Keita almost combine but the Angolans clear.
    • 88' Drogba agin holds it up well but Konan's shot is well wide.
    • 87' IVORY COAST SUB: After some delay for an injury, Lolo is replaced by Angouna.
    • 85' Wild but effective challenge from Lolo and Bamba completes the clearance.
    • 84' Drogba tries to send Keita through wide right but he pulls up, realising he won't reach it.
    • 83' Angola are pressing gamely but it's too little too late. Drogba is holding it up well for the Ivorians too.
    • 82' Vunguidica has come on for Angola by the way. Campos made way.
    • 81' Drogba wins a throw under pressure from Massunguna, who almost caught him.
    • 80' IVORY COAST: Drogba on for Doumbia.
    • 79' OFF THE LINE BY IVORY COAST! A high ball to the far post, headed past Yeboah by Massunguna but hacked off the line, I think by Boka! No, it was Toure standing next to him. Bodies everywhere.
    • 78' SUDAN HAVE SCORED A SECOND! A goalkeeping error lets El Tahir in once more and it's 2-0! Angola in all kinds of trouble now!
    • 77' WHAT A SAVE BY YEBOAH! Near-post header from Manucho but a fantastic reflex stop by the keeper!
    • 76' Long ball sends Mateus in but he delays and Bamba nicks it behind for a corner.
    • 74' Gradel swings it in and BAMBA FLIES IN BUT JUST WIDE!
    • 73' Corner to Ivory Coast on the right, taken short but the ref wants it retaken as the ball was out of the D.
    • 72' Angola look out of ideas, winning free-kicks aside. Ivory Coast meanwhile look tasty on the break.
    • 71' Manucho shoots from a long way out but straight at the keeper and weak too.
    • 70' Djalma puts it in but straight to Yeboah again.
    • 69' Free-kick to Angola again won by Manucho, who is trying to do it all now.
    • 68' Aaanyway, rule confusion aside Angola are going out now.
    • 67' Sorry Dony - I misunderstood what you were saying. Unless the literature I have is erroneous - I published the tie-break rules as given by CAF - it is head-to-head and goal difference. Which was level at 1-0, which would have then moved it to goals scored giving Angola the edge.
    • 66' Free-kick Angola a long way out but curled into teh keeper's arms.
    • 65' Poor Massunguna - Wilson at fault for not calling as he rushed out, the defender with a back-header over his keeper. Wilfried definitely got the last touch.
    • 64' GOAL IVORY COAST! Wonderful pass by Keita, Wilson and Massunguna tangle and the ball flies in! Wilfried pokes it over the line so he can claim the goal, which otherwise would have been an own-goal.
    • 63' IVORY COAST SUB: Keita is on the pitch but I think it's Eboue who has gone off, as Wilfried is back on.
    • 62' An Ivorian attack breaks down and Angola can counter - but Toure reads it well to clear from the onrushing Djalma.
    • 60' Yeboah is charged down well by Manucho but the loose ball flies out for a goal kick.
    • 59' Wilfried is carried off on a stretcher. Keita is warming up.
    • 58' Wilfried goes down after fouling Miguel. He hurt his ankle while flicking his opponent's.
    • 57' Angola are putting the pressure on. They, unlike South Africa in qualifying, know the rules...
    • - ACN TIE-BREAK RULES: points earned in the matches between the teams concerned; goal difference in the matches between the teams concerned; number of goals scored in the matches between the teams concerned; goal difference in all group matches; number of goals scored in all group matches; fair play points system taking into account the number of yellow and red cards; drawing of lots by the organising committee.
    • 56' Djalma is booked.
    • 54' Confusion about the rules - let me come back to you (sorry Dony).
    • 53' Lolo sends Eboue forward and he finds Konan but the ball spins out for a throw to Angola.
    • 52' Ivory Coast on the run now as Doumbia flicks the ball on but Wilfried can't get on to it and Angola clear.
    • 51' A delay with an Angola player down... Vidigal looks on with concern. His team need to find a way back into this - or hope Sudan blow it.
    • 50' Ivory Coast counter with Doumbia on the ball but he gives it away and Angola clear.
    • 49' Free-kick to Angola now just outside the Ivory Coast box on the left. Gilberto can't get it over the wall though.
    • 48' Angola keeping up the pressure but they leave a gap on the break which Ivory Coast fail to exploit.
    • 47' Aware of the need to score, Angola are having a right go as Gilberto crosses in, Yeboah claiming.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • 45+2 Half-time and Ivory Coast lead 1-0. With Sudan leading Burkina Faso, that would send Sudan through at Angola's expense!
    • 45+1 Eboue is back on as an Angola attack breaks down due to Gilberto straying offside.
    • 45' One minute added time being played.
    • 44' Eboue gets another whack and he limps off for some treatment.
    • 43' Free-kick to Angola on the right which Gilberto swings in left-footed - great ball that and Manucho attacks but Bamba with a super defensive header clear!
    • 42' Still with Ivory Coast but an aimless ball flies out for a throw.
    • 41' Gradel on the run down the left but he fails to put the ball in despite plenty of space.
    • 40' Angola with a move forward but poor play on the left allows Lolo to sweep up, back with Yeboah.
    • 39' Boca with a good run down the left but Airosa does well to track him and it's a goal kick.
    • 38' Angola back in possession now. Given events in the other game they need to get one back - but do they know?
    • 37' Angola back in possession now. Given events in the other game they need to get one back - but do they know?
    • 35' From the restart it has been all Ivory Coast too - they may not need (or even prefer) a win, but this XI are playing for their places in the knockout stages.
    • 34' Very poor defending by Miguel for that goal - in the other game, Sudan have taken the lead. Well then - that would put Sudan through!
    • 33' GOAL IVORY COAST! On the counter attacl, great run from Wilfried and a low cross into the box is poorly-defended and poked in at the far post by a sliding Eboue.
    • 31' Very cagey from both sides now as the game is played at a snail's pace.
    • 30' Eboue is back on his feet and play resumes.
    • 29' The medics are on for Eboue, who is still down. It was a nothing challenge from Dede, a shoulder-charge at worst.
    • 28' Ivory Coast come forward and Dede collides with Eboue, who stays down...
    • 27' Gilberto plays a high ball in that Yeboah almost fumbles but he manages to hold on.
    • 26' Angola come forward and a long-range drive from Macanga but well wide. There were options had they been more patient.
    • 25' Very cagey from Angola as they go back to Wilson once more. Clearly happy to grind out a point.
    • 24' Macanga wins a free-kick in midfield, running into an opponent to slow things down.
    • 22' Taken short to Toure and he drills it low past the wall and half a yard wide. Decent effort, but the keeper seemed to have it covered.
    • 21' Yellow card to an Angola player after a foul on Eboue. Didn't catch the shirt number but I think it was Macanga.
    • 20' An offside gives Angola a free-kick and time to slow it down and regain some possession.
    • 19' Ivory Coast have a corner on the left but Wilson claims easily.
    • 18' Bit of an aimless string of long balls from both sides.
    • 17' Eboue on the ball down the right wing once more but his cross is out for a goal kick.
    • 16' Wilson is clobbered by Bamba while punching the corner and the whistle has long-gone as the ball ends up in the back of the net.
    • 15' WILFRIED WITH A LOW DRIVE BUT TIPPED BEHIND BY WILSON! A mazy, surging run through the middle from the Ivory Coast forward but the keeper was equal to it. Wilfried Bony plays in Holland for Vitesse, by the way.
    • 14' After a slow start Angola are doing a lot better now, more time on the ball and more advanced positions. Given away from the back though and Boka has it for the Ivorians.
    • 13' Djalma puts it in low again, towards Gilberto, but Kolo Toure clears easily. Poor delivery once more.
    • 12' Angola go for a trick routine but the pass by Djalma for Manucho is short and Bamba clears. However, they have anotehr free-kick a touch more centrally...
    • 11' Angola have a free-kick on the left wing, they wait for everyone to come up for it...
    • 10' Ivory Coast clear the corner and immediately turn defence into attack, although Gradel can't reach the long diagonal ball wide left.
    • 9' Now they do get past halfway but a lofted pass is easy for stand-in keeper Yebouah. Now Manunco crosses but put behind for a corner. Some sloppy play at the back from the Ivorians.
    • 8' Coulibaly goes on a run but is unable to get a meaningful ball in. Angola have barely got past halfway so far.
    • 7' Earlier I said that Ivory Coast have no problem with coming second in the group: that's because it's a toss-up between Zambia or Equatorial Guinea in the quarters, who - this tournament anyway - have been much of a muchness, with the Equatoguineans impressing at home.
    • 6' Gradel in some space on the left, he drills in a low shot at the near post but Wilson gathers comfortably. First shot on target.
    • 5' Gradel amost races in behind to get on to Boka's ball but Zuela knocks it behind for a throw.
    • 4' Despite being very much under strength Ivory Coast are dominating the early exchanges.
    • 2' Ivory Coast attack and Doumbie combines with Eboue, who is playing as a winger of sorts. Cross is blocked but the Ivorians get it back...
    • 1' The first half is underway in Malabo!
    • 17:55 If you want to get in touch with me, Reda Maher, you can do so directly on Twitter @Reda_Maher. Keep it clean kids (actually don't). FOLLOW HERE!
    • 17:50 The ref for this match is Slim Jedidi from Tunisia.
    • 17:45 FACT: Angola could be unbeaten in the group stages for the third tournament running.
    • 17:45 FACT: Only two sides have had fewer shots than Angola so far (12), but only two have scored more goals (four).
    • 17:40 FACT: Ivory Coast won their only previous meeting with Angola in the competition 5-2 in 1998.
    • 17:40 FACT: Ivory Coast have made the most passes at the African Cup of Nations so far (931).
    • 17:35 A lot more at stake for Angola, for whom a point guarantees progress. One major change sees Wilson come in for keeper Carlos, while Dede replaces Flavio out wide.
    • 17:30 Ivory Coast, already qualified and not overly fussed about winning the group, have made several changes with the likes of Didier Drogba, Salomon Kalou, keeper Boubacar Barry 'Copa', Yaya Toure, Gervinho, Saka Tiene, Didier Zokora and Chiek Tiote all left out. Very much a second string side as forrmer Leeds and Leicester winger Max Gradel gets a start.
    • 17:25 Ivory Coast: Yeboah, Bamba, Eboue, Toure, Boka, Lolo, Konan, Coulibaly, Gradel, Doumbia, Bony; Subs: Barry, Angoua, Zokora, Gosso, Kalou, Tiote, Gervinho, Drogba, Tiene, Keita, Toure Yaya, Gnanahouan /// Angola: Wilson, Zuela, Miguel, Airosa, Dani Massunguna, Macanga, Dede, Gilberto, Djalma, Manucho, Mateus; Subs: Hugo, Osorio, Kali, Jaime, Amaro, Flavio, Love, Rafael, Manucho Barros, Mingo Bile, Vunguidica
    • - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Angola and Ivory Coast's African Cup of Nations Group B clash, kicking off at 6pm UK time and with the Angolans needing a point to qualify for the quarter-finals.
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  • Ivory Coast

    Manager: François Zahoui

  • Angola

    Manager: Lito Vidigal

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