Tuesday January 29, 2013 Group Stage: Group C Finished Mbombela Stadium

Burkina Faso 0 - 0 Zambia

  1. African Cup of Nations - Holders Zambia crash out after draw

    African Cup of Nations - Holders Zambia crash out after draw

    Zambia's African Cup of Nations defence ends at the group stage after a 0-0 draw with Burkina Faso was not enough to progress. More

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    • - It's all over between Nigeria and Ethiopia and that seals what we knew when the whistle went here: Nigeria and Faso advance to the quarter-finals but the 2012 surprise package see their title defence fall at the group stage.
    • 90+5' Fifth minute played, presumably because of the treatment for Kone, but there's the final whistle and pending the inevitable whistle in the other game, champions Zambia are out!
    • 90+4' Ball in for Sunzu, who has stayed up the pitch... but that's not a striker finish. Well off-target and that could be their last chance.
    • 90+3' While Zambia continue to be on top attacks-wise, Nigeria taking the lead has pretty much shifted control of the match. Burkina looking very comfortable seeing this one out now, moreso than when they were going through at a double 0-0 anyway.
    • 90+2' Faso kill a little time by bringing off Pitroipa for Abdoulrazak Traore, their final sub and the last of the game.
    • 90+1' B.Kone's nose and mouth are a mess after catching an accidental arm from Mbesuma.
    • 90' FOUR minutes of added time for Zambia to rescue their title defence and take the final spot at the expense of Faso. Seven minutes for Nigeria-Ethiopia. They're a minute ahead though and Nigeria are two up with a man advantage.
    • 89' Kabore almost picks out Pitroipa with a low cross from the right. It's inches beyond his outstretched toe and Mweene gets there first.
    • 88' Moses converts the second penalty and Nigeria are all but assured of progress. Only one team here can get through and the holders have a minute or so plus stoppage time to get the goal to stay alive in the tournament.
    • 87' It's getting a bit desperate for Zambia in the meantime. They were the better side and are still enjoying the bulk of possession but the Nigeria score has evidently seeped through to them and the desperate urgency is not helping them find the goal they need.
    • 86' Big delay before the penalty kick for Nigeria as an outfield player is ordered to dress entirely as a keeper - new jersey, new shorts, the lot - before trying to keep out the spot kick.
    • 85' Zambia have a free-kick just outside the area on the right but after some frantic pinballing, it's cleared by Faso.
    • 84' The Ethiopia goalkeeper is off as Nigeria win another penalty. They are on the verge of ensuring they're one of the two teams going through. Burkina are the other... for now.
    • 83' Bance heads a long free-kick across goal but does so too well - it sails over two team-mates and out for a goal kick.
    • 82' Early Zambia cross from the left is easy pickings for Diakite to smother.
    • 80' An attacking final sub from the cup holders reflects their newfound state of urgency: Jonas Sakuwaha replaces Lungu up top.
    • 79' Kabore constructs a great move down the middle for Burkina but goes for goal when he had players to put through to his right. Zambia of course need something now or else Faso and Nigeria go through.
    • 78' Now Zambia win another corner at the opposite end as.......... Moses scores for Nigeria!
    • 77' There's a penalty to Nigeria in the other game as Kabore sees a corner easily caught by Mweene.
    • 76' Koffi and Diakite are not on the same page dealing with a raking free-kick into their area from the halfway line, almost allowing Zambia to force an error. They get away with winning a defensive free-kick and recreate open play.
    • 75' Kalaba cuts inside from the left but goes for goal and it's nowhere near the target.
    • 74' Zambia are really getting on top now and look by far the likely side to nab a late winner, if anyone does.
    • 73' He is ok to continue and takes a goal kick without any problems.
    • 72' Treatment break now for Diakite, who landed flat with a thud on his right leg from that diving push-away.
    • 71' The Faso forward then concedes a corner from Musonda's weak delivery from the right while tracking back. Diakite acrobatically dives to put the corner one-handed away from danger, before the follow-up corner is headed over by Sunzu.
    • 70' Burkina clear their lines once, and then twice, but the breakaway attempt while well numbered is awkward and leads to an offside flag against Pitroipa.
    • 69' Corner dealt with but Kabore trips Mulenga and this free-kick from the left wing will be as useful as another flag kick.
    • 68' Rouamba with a vital interception at the expense of Zambia's fourth corner as the holders continue to turn up the heat.
    • 67' Still no goals in either game today, which leaves the table untouched and sends both of these sides through.
    • 66' Great challenge by Panandetiguiri cuts out the threat of Lungu on the right flank.
    • 65' Game getting a bit end-to-end in the last few minutes, which can only be a good thing, but still no killer final ball from either side.
    • 63' It's given Mayuka another reason to complain but he's wisely constrained in doing so this time, being on a booking already.
    • 62' Great through pass for Mayuka on the right-hand side of the area but Bakary Kone comes across well to intervene. It looks to be out for a corner but the referee thinks otherwise.
    • 61' The Burkina captain looks worse for wear, but after a period of treatment will carry on. Only one sub left for each team now after an early enforced change each and a tactical one apiece in this half.
    • 60' Kabore is brought down and wins his side a free-kick in the centre-circle.
    • 59' FREE HEADER FOR MBESUMA! Off-target! His marker Koulibaly half-heartedly got a high boot up to try and clear and left the striker a great chance to open the scoring.
    • 58' Now a corner for Zambia, won by Mbesuma off B.Kone.
    • 57' Pitropia attempts to latch onto a forward through ball but is muscled away from harm by the centre-backs.
    • 56' Faso win another corner but Zambia play their way out and look to break, which ends when new boy Mulenga's dribble drifts over the line for a throw.
    • 55' Zambia make their second change as Chansa makes way for Mukuka Mulenga.
    • 54' It's also led to more physical exchanges that don't rely so much on the ball's movement, which has made for decent viewing when not stop-start with constant fouls.
    • 53' The players look a lot more settled on the sandy conditions now and have adapted their passes well.
    • 52' Good energetic run down the right by Mayuka but his low cross doesn't have the same zeal behind it, and is comfortably cleared by the defence.
    • 50' Kone gets a head to it, but there are bodies in his path and the effort is blocked in short order.
    • 49' Corner now for Faso as Sunzu is unable to keep the ball in play on the right.
    • 48' Mbesuma tries to force an error as Burkina play the ball backwards, but only gives away a free-kick.
    • 47' Early free-kick for Faso 30 yards out and central but it's merely another for Bance to send against the wall.
    • 46' And Burkina kick off the second half. Ethiopia-Nigeria resumed moments earlier.
    • - Wilfred Dah comes on for Balima in a half-time change for Burkina Faso.
    • 45+3' Flag kick is cleared and half-time sounds. It's 0-0 here and also between Ethiopia and Nigeria at the halfway mark.
    • 45+2' We enter a third minute anyway as Koulibaly concedes a late Zambia corner.
    • 45+1' Two minutes added on, which is quite concise considering the two injury subs.
    • 45' Lungu tries his luck with a ball in from the left now... Burkina leave it to go out for a goal kick but Kalaba is there at the far post! Header saved by Diakite! Almost suicidal defending from Faso there.
    • 44' Mbola launches a dangerous cross from the left which Diakite does very well to catch ahead of the lurking Mbesuma.
    • 43' A nice overhead kick clearance from Bance as he comes back to help Burkina deal with a Zambia attack.
    • 42' Mweene claims a deep Kabore cross.
    • 40' Mayuka has cut a frustrated figure since being booked and again vents after being flagged offside. He really doesn't want to do something silly here and leave the champs one man short...
    • 39' Sinkala is clutching his elbow after a shoulder to shoulder challenge, but should be fine to carry on. Famous last words once already from yours truly, I know...
    • 38' It was just outside the area and replays show that there indeed was zero contact.
    • 37' Mayuka bursts forward but goes down immediately after, claiming contact from Panadnetguiri... the referee is having none of it and books the Southampton man!
    • 36' Kabore and Pitropia continue to link well together but the latter's final touch off a one-two is heavy, allowing Mbola to recover the ball.
    • 35' Kalaba sends a long free-kick from halfway straight over the crowded penalty area and into Diakite's waiting arms.
    • 34' Good work from the Burkina back line as Zambia stride forward to prevent a corner and then play their way out of danger.
    • 33' Koulibaly is tripped by Kalaba in the centre-circle as he had his man beat, but no booking for this one.
    • 32' It's still the men in green looking the more confident and Chansa does well to stop an attack as it enters the Zambian box.
    • 31' Just 15 minutes into his appearance from the bench, Musonda picks up the game's first yellow card after leading into a challenge with Rouamba with his forearm.
    • 30' Zambia just putting a few short passes together at the back to halt the recent Burkina momentum and get back to their own possession. Herve Renard has not sat down since the opening whistle.
    • 28' The duo look for better luck in a role reversal, with Kabore sending a raking pass over the top for the run of Pitropia, but it's telegraphed enough for Mweene to race out and claim first.
    • 27' Good follow-up from the attacking throw goes to waste when Kabore stumbles and sends a shot teed up by Pitropia well wide.
    • 26' Bance is teed up to strike from the set piece, but he sends it straight against the wall.
    • 25' Free-kick Burkina coming up, and it's in decent range. Central and just over 25 from goal.
    • 24' Zambia are now finally playing with a little enterprise, though the final balls are not meeting runs and twice they end their own pressure with silly fouls.
    • 22' Lungu produces a decent cross from the right which caught the Burkina defenders off-guard, and they're lucky no orange shirts were in a good enough position to attack the delivery.
    • 21' So in the early going both sides have been forced by injury to make one sub apiece.
    • 20' Nkausu leaves the pitch in tears as he knows his tournament could be over regardless of the result here. Joseph Musonda is on in his place.
    • 19' Balima tries an early ball from the left but there's far too much behind it and the ball goes out for a goal kick.
    • 18' Not only their first serious chance, but a rare moment of attacking threat of any kind from the holders.
    • 17' Chance for Zambia! Panandetguiri is caught in possession just outside his own box and Lungu squares for Mbesuma, who fires straight at Diakite in what is a bit of a wasted effort.
    • 16' It looks like Nkausa is still struggling and may also be withdrawn soon, in fact.
    • 15' Balma almost gets past Mbola with a clever heel flick, but the defender had him stood up well to block.
    • 14' Traore was clutching his left thigh as he departed on the stretcher and appeared to possibly be blaming the sand-soaked pitch for the innocuous strain.
    • 12' Another good Burkina spell of possession but sub Bance cannot get onto the final ball. Zambia have hardly seen the football thus far.
    • 11' Now we get the switch as Traore is stretchered off and Bance comes on.
    • 10' Play resumes and the change will have to wait. Zambia down to 10 for now.
    • 9' Aristide Bance is one of the players warming up as treatment continues for Traore.
    • 8' In fact, Traore now drops to the ground and looks like he's signalling to the bench that he needs to be withdrawn.
    • 7' In fact, Traore isn't doing too much better and is visibly limping.
    • 6' Alain Traore accidentally treads on the foot of Nkausa as the two contest a loose ball. He's in pain from that but will continue.
    • 5' The pitch is in a bad way and has led to plenty of misplaced passes already.
    • 3' Early free-kick for Burkina almost leads to Mweene flapping the ball into danger, but Pitropia is unable to connect.
    • 2' Both of these games have kicked off at the same time, and we'll keep you informed of the twists, turns and permutations which follow.
    • 1' And we're underway! Two more quarter-finalists will be decided in the next two hours.
    • 16:55 The teams are out and it's anthems time. Kick-off in a few minutes.
    • 16:50 Of course, the highlight of the group thus far was Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene's penalty heroics in the 1-1 draw with Nigeria. Rather than keeping one out, however, it was he who equalised five from time with as good a spot kick as you'll ever see: African Cup of Nations - Keeper Mweene scores as Zambia hold Nigeria
    • 16:45 The Copper Bullets are unbeaten in their last 10 AFCON games with five wins and five draws. However, a draw will not suffice today as a point apiece keeps Faso above them and leaves them prone to be overtaken by Nigeria or Ethiopia.
    • 16:40 Looking to dislodge the group leaders and title holders from the top two spots in Group C are Ethiopia and Nigeria, who play each other at the same time as per the usual final pool fixture deal. Follow updates of THAT in another tab with @Reda_Eurosport here: Ethiopia v Nigeria | African Cup of Nations 2013 - Yahoo Eurosport UK
    • 16:35 ZAMBIA: 16-Kennedy Mweene; 6-Davies Nkausu, 13-Stopilla Sunzu, 5-Hichani Himoonde, 18-Emmanuel Mbola; 3-Chisamba Lungu, 8-Isaac Chansa, 19-Nathan Sinkala, 17-Rainford Kalaba; 9-Collins Mbesuma, 20-Emmanuel Mayuka. /// BURKINA FASO: 1-Daouda Diakite; 5-Mohamed Koffi, 4-Bakary Kone, 8-Paul Koulibaly, 12-Mady Panandetiguiri; 6-Djakaridja Kone, 18-Charles Kabore, 7-Florent Rouamba, 11-Jonathan Pitroipa; 12-Alain Traore, 14-Wilfried Balima
    • 16:30 Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE Africa Cup of Nations matchcast as reigning champions Zambia look to survive the group stage in their final Group C fixture against Burkina Faso. Team news will follow very shortly!
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