Monday January 21, 2013 Group Stage: Group C Finished Mbombela Stadium

Nigeria 1 - 1 Burkina Faso

  • Emenike 23’
  • Traoré 90’

  1. African Cup of Nations - Burkina Faso strike late for Nigeria draw

    African Cup of Nations - Burkina Faso strike late for Nigeria draw

    Nigeria were held to a 1-1 draw in their African Cup of Nations opener against Burkina Faso by Alain Traore's late goal. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Nigeria
    • Burkina Faso
    • 90+5 And that's it! A last-gasp goal by Alain Traore gives Burkina Faso a famous 1-1 draw against 10-man Nigeria. Thanks for joining us tonight, so far only one victory in six Afcon matches!
    • 90+4 GOAL BURKINA FASO! RIGHT AT THE DEATH! They had overplayed it as Pitroipa inexplicably refused to shoot after going through, falling over as he tried to pass it back, but Alain Traore flew in with the low finish. 1-1! Yobo and Oboabona all at sea.
    • 90+3 Kone with a fine ball to Sanou, who could shoot here but he slips it in to Dagano, who holds off the defender but makes a royal mess of his pass back. Shot-shy.
    • 90+2 Nigeria have everyone behind the ball now as Burkina Faso try to snatch an equaliser. Aimless ball from Kone though.
    • 90+1 Playing 4 minutes of stoppage time (I think - it hasn't been signalled, helpfully) as Koffi goes on a mazy run but panic-shoots miles over when the pass was the better option.
    • 90' Traore (Alain) is free on the left but a horrible low cross straight at Enyeama. Weak given how well he'd done to work the space.
    • 89' Sanou with a decent cross that a stretching Oboabona nods clear. Burkina Faso piling men forward now...
    • 88' Now Mikel with a superb pass wide to Uche, who plays it back to Musa who puts it over.
    • 87' Decent ball from Musa but Panandetiguiri clears.
    • 86' With Burkina Faso committing men forward, Nigeria break again but Musa is offside as he comes through.
    • 85' Poor from Musa, straying offside as Uche was set to send him clean through.
    • 84' Kone is robbed by Musa, who takes on the right back, but Kona gets back to clear in time. Now Razack Traore goes on the run but is challenged. Throw to Burkina Faso.
    • 83' After a decent cross from the Nigeria left, a risky back-pass from Panandetiguiri almost lets Musa in but the keeper is alive to it.
    • 81' BURKINA FASO SUB: Traore (Abdou Razack) comes on for Rouamba.
    • 80' Uche with a fantastic run inside from the left but his finish is wayward. Mikel sent him through - best player on the park in my view.
    • 79' Scrappy phase again now with Nigeria looking to break up the play as much as possible.
    • 77' NIGERIA SUB: Ideye comes off for Omeruo, a young Chelsea defender on loan at Den Haag in Holland.
    • 76' Mikel asks the ref why his players are being booked, while the likes of Rouamba - who just fouled him - is getting away with it.
    • 75' Nigeria must defend their narrow lead with 10 men for the last quarter hour. The initial free-kick is cleared, throw to Burkina Faso.
    • 74' Ambrose receives a second yellow card and is sent off! It's been a bitty match punctuated by fouls, but he cynically pulled down Pitroipa after getting skinned by the Rennes winger.
    • 72' Nosa is booked for catching Rouamba after the Burkinabe slid in. Hmmm. Both were at fault there.
    • 71' Mikel with a fine tackle and immediate through ball but just too long for Uche!
    • 70' ... Alain Traore, who came on for Bance a few minutes ago, takes it but sends the free-kick straight into the wall before blasting the rebound over.
    • 69' Free-kick to Burkina Faso on the right. A huge wall for Nigeria...
    • 68' Now Pitroipa has a shot from range but it bounces conveniently for Enyeama.
    • 67' Sanu with a superb run but his cut-back for Pitroipa is cleared by Oboabona.
    • 65' UCHE MISSES A SITTER! Should have been 2-0 but he snatches at his finish after a fantastic first touch takes the ball across the defender!
    • 64' Pitroipa had some space on the left wing but he overruns it and Nigeria clear. Now Nosa slides Musa through but a fantastic slide tackle from Koffi to boot it to touch.
    • 63' This is much better from the Burkinabes as they attack once more.
    • 62' Burkina Faso break as Dagano spreads it wide to Sanou, who is in and fires a low shot across the keeper, who gets down to tip it around the post! Corner.
    • 60' Dagano flicks on the ball for Sanou, but his half-volley is blocked by Oboabona. Now Ambrose with a weak defensive header but Yobo sweeps up to clear.
    • 59' Mikel swings in a corner from the left but Dagano, back defending, heads clear.
    • 58' NIGERIA SUB: Uche on for Emenike.
    • 57' Emenike with a surging run into the right as Uche gets set to replace him.
    • 56' Looking at the replay of the penalty shot, Pitroipa appeared to slip, or even dive. No contact.
    • 55' Pitroipa goes down in the Nigeria box but the ref waves play on! Down the other end Mikel threads Ibeye clean through but fantastic keeping from Soulama who slides out to hoof clear!
    • 54' Wasteful from Emenike as, heading towards goal, he blasts a wild effort high and wide.
    • 53' Musa on a mazy run but his low ball in is cleared by Koulibaly. Sanou gets forward on the break again but Bance can't control the cross.
    • 52' Sanou gets behind Echiejile again but his cross is overhit out for a goal kick.
    • 51' Rouamba is causing all kinds of problems as he whips in another cross from the right.
    • 50' Rouamba with another superb cross but Oboabona blocks it.
    • 49' Another good ball in from the Burkina Faso right but Sanou's ball is cleared.
    • 48' SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE EQUALISER! Dagano misdirects his header after a fantastic cross by Pitroipa!
    • 47' Kone with a mighty clearance to touch as Nigeria start the half on the front foot.
    • 46' HALF-TIME SUB (BURKINA FASO): Dah, who I thought played well enough, is replaced by Sanou.
    • 45+2 Half time and Nigeria lead 1-0.
    • 45+1 A free-kick to Burkina Faso but a foul is committed and Nigeria have it back.
    • 45' Two minutes added time being played.
    • 43' Oboabona does well to win a free kick off Dah. A scrappy end to this half.
    • 41' Yobo with a header to touch as Burkina Faso come at Nigeria again.
    • 40' Igiebor finds Emenike but he shoots weakly at the keeper. Then Nigeria get a free-kick as Emenike is fouled by Panandetiguiri.
    • 39' Pitroipa swings in a cross aimed for Dagano, but Echiejile with a strong interception.
    • 38' Booking for Ambrose after a foul on Bance as he spun the full-back. The 21st foul already.
    • 37' Burkina Faso want a penalty after the corner appears to hit Igiebor on the arm! Nigeria break as Ideye races clear on the right but a good punch on his vicious cross by the keeper. Emenike could have scored there!
    • 36' Dagano shoots but hits the wall and Burkina Faso have a corner.
    • 35' Free-kick Burkina Faso then... around 30 yards out, Bance and Dagano over it...
    • 34' Ogude with yet another foul. He's already been booked and is walking a tightrope, this time taking down Pitroipa in full flight.
    • 33' The Burkina Faso keeper Soulama has to rush out of his box and head clear with Musa racing through at pace.
    • 32' The free-kick is sent to the edge of the box where Kone gets in Bance's way, and it was clearly meant for Bance as he is screaming blue murder at his team-mate!
    • 31' Yes, a handball so a free-kick to the Burkinabes just on the edge of the box. Looked like his chest, and it came from two yards so very harsh.
    • 30' A series of corners now but the third one sees the flag raised.... Echiejile has been penalised for a handball I think.
    • 29' Good spell of pressure for Burkina Faso as Echiejile hacks it away to touch. Corner.
    • 27' Dagano on the ball, now Bance as Burkina Faso play it about nicely before Kone inexplicably goes all the way back to the keeper.
    • 26' A long ball bounces up in front of Bance but it bounces too high and he flicks it well over.
    • 25' The free-kick is sent into the box, Bance flicks it on but the ball sails out for a goal kick. Ambrose is hurt, a whack on the head.
    • 24' Superb assist for Ideye, who backheeled it first-time through to Emenike. Ogude, meanwhile, is booked for one foul too many.
    • 23' GOAL NIGERIA! Nigeria with a quick break from that free-kick, long for Ideye to flick it on for Emenike and the Spartak Moscow striker gets a touch to send it past the keeper and in! 1-0 Nigeria!
    • 23' The free-kick is swung in for Bance to attack but it's too high for him and the keeper claims the ball.
    • 22' This ref likes to blow his whistle as Oduge is penalised for a challenge on Rouamba.
    • 21' Kone is tripped b Emenike as both flew in for a 50-50.
    • 20' Throw to Burkina Faso as Bance gets hold of it, now Rouamba crosses but Yobo clears ahead of Dagano.
    • 19' Ambrose fouls Dagano but clears the resultant free-kick.
    • 18' Yobo again gives it away by Dagano fires straight at Ambrose. Another chance for Dagano but Yobo gets back to challenge.
    • 17' Yobo is caught in possession by Pitroipa, now Dah in space on the right but he decides to shoot instead of crossing first-time, putting it into the side netting. Should have crossed!
    • 16' Two balls on the pitch so the Algerian ref stops play.
    • 15' Mikel with another superb pass wide to Emenike, acres of space and a superb cross with Echiejile unmarked at the far post but Ideye ignores his screams and tries to head it himself, the ball coming off the top of his mohawk and landing behind his team-mate!
    • 14' Ogude fouls Dagano, says the ref, but contact was minimal. Free-kick Burkina Faso... sent towards Dagano but he's falling as he back-heads it yards over.
    • 13' IDEYE MISSES A SITTER! Musa with a fantastic ball from the right wing after being released by Emenike's superb pass out wide. Should have scored but Ideye smashes the finish over the bar from 10 yards!
    • 12' Kone brings the ball out of defence and overplays it a touch but is fouled by Odgude.
    • 11' Musa tries to play Ideye in but Burkina Faso are back in numbers as Bance brings it clear.
    • 10' A high ball is taken down by Pitroipa but his attempt to juggle it to Dagano don't pay off.
    • 9' Superb long pass from Mikel and Ideye is through, Kone is all over him and both go down - but the keeper claims and the ref waves play-on. Controversial as Kone seemed to collide with Ideye, but the Nigeria striker appeared to handle while controlling it too so probably fair enough. Indeed, the replay shows there was minimal contact and that it WAS a handball. Good refereeing.
    • 8' Panandetiguiri gets forward from defence and launches a cross into the box but ahead of Dagano and Nigeria clear.
    • 7' Great first-time ball from Bance to release Dagano, but good defending by Oboabona who manages to hack clear before winning a free-kick.
    • 6' Ogude with a poor pass after Mikel had created space in the middle.
    • 5' Musa again causes problems with his pace but again Panandetiguiri is back covering to clear.
    • 4' Ideye is offside after being played one-on-one. A yard or so past the last defender. Now Nigeria have a free-kick on the right as Panandetiguiri gives away a foul. Diven in by Musa and all kinds of problems until Kone gets it away.
    • 3' Foul on Musa by left-back Panandetiguiri. Musa is quick and direct and will cause problems.
    • 2' Cagey start from both sides - in contrast to the previous game, which was played at 100mph from start to finish. Same stadium, of course, so a dreadful pitch.
    • 1' The first half is underway!
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    • 17:50 William Hill's odds heavily favour Nigeria, who are 4/6 with Burkina Faso 7/2 and the draw at 23/10. What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!
    • 17:45 Nigeria opt to leave recently-capped Chelsea forward Victor Moses and Villarreal's Ike Uche on the bench, with Emenike, Ideye and Musa forming a triple-pronged attack. Shola Ameobi was left behind at Newcastle's request in the end, while Peter Odemwingie is an international outcast after falling out with staff. Obafemi Martins and Yakubu are simply out of favour these days.
    • 17:40 Referee: Mohamed Benouza (Algeria)
    • 17:35 TEAMS - Nigeria: Enyeama, Echiejile, Yobo, Oboabona, Ambrose, Ogude, Mikel, Igiebor, Emenike, Ideye, Musa /// Burkina Faso: Soulama, Koffi, Kone, Koulibaly, Panandetiguiri, Kone, Pitroipa, Rouamba, Dah, Bance, Dagano
    • 17:30 Hello and welcome to live coverage from the African Cup of Nations. Today it's Group C in action, with two-times champions Nigeria facing Burkina Faso at the Mbombela Stadium. Kick off at 6pm.
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    Manager: Stephen Keshi

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