Tuesday August 17, 2010 Play-off round Finished Stade de Suisse Wankdorf

BSC Young Boys 3 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur

  • Lulic 4’
  • Bienvenu 13’
  • Hochstrasser 28’
  • Bassong 42’
  • Pavlyuchenko 83’

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  1. Spurs tie on knife-edge

    Spurs tie on knife-edge

    Tottenham came from three goals down in a 3-2 Champions League play-off first-leg defeat to Young Boys at the Stade de Suisse. More

  • Live Commentary

    • BSC Young Boys
    • Tottenham Hotspur
    • 90+2 That's it, the final whistle goes, it's a 3-2 win for Young Boys but Spurs will take that after their horror opening. All to play for in the second leg!
    • 90+1 Bale plays a cute ball in to Pavlyuchenko but the angle is too tight and he can only hit the side netting.
    • 90' Two minutes to be added on.
    • 89' YOUNG BOYS SUB: Raimondo on for Degen.
    • 87' Spurs have had the ball for a few minutes now without getting into the opposition box...
    • 86' Spurs don't need to do anything silly now as they keep the ball patiently. They'll take this.
    • 85' Spurs come again as Keane leads the charge but his through ball is poor.
    • 83' WHAT A GOAL! PAVLYUCHENKO! OOOOH! That is why he is still at Spurs. Lovely step over by the Russian, Keane flicked it into the box first time and Pavlyuchenko smashed it into the roof of the net.
    • 82' Shocking back-pass from Palacios and Bienvenu is in! Gomes races out to block and it spins to the corner flag. Bienvenu finds Degen who almost gets taken out by Dawson but crosses AND SCHNEUWLY but he blasts over!
    • 81' Bale puts the corner in for BASSONG but he heads over! Free again!
    • 80' Huddlestone has a crack from the edge of the box but blocked. Corluka now has it on the right, good ball and Pavlyuchenko leaps like a salmon but a solid tip over by the keeper.
    • 79' Young Boys break as Degen races away from Dawson, who must be the slowest professional footballer in the world at the moment, he's in and cuts it back FOR CHRISTIAN SCHNEUWLY but he smashes it just over!!
    • 78' The ref has a word with a few players in the box... The throw comes in, glanced on and Dos Santos can finish but the hosts clear!
    • 77' Pavlyuchenko clearly tripped on the edge of the box but the ref again ignores it. Spurs get a corner though.
    • 76' Poor touch from Pavlyuchenko as he almost wrigggled clear with Keane free.
    • 75' Another great ball by Bale but Pavlyuchenko and Keane can't connect and Young Boys manage to clear.
    • 74' Young Boys have another free-kick but Spurs clear after it is taken short.
    • 73' Affolter needs treatment after Keane, who won the ball, accidentally clipped his ankle. He's fine though.
    • 72' Bienvenu with a cynical pull on Kranjcar, a yellow for him.
    • 71' Dawson well placed to intercept as Young Boys almost passed their way in again.
    • 70' Spurs with some good pressure but unable to work an opening. Bassong rushes forward and drives from some range but it flies well wide.
    • - We are told that Bassong was booked earlier for a late challenge that the ref played an advantage on.
    • 68' Good ball in from Degen AND BIENVENU FREE WITH THE HEADER but he sends it over! Should have been 4-1!
    • 67' Spurs in trouble as Schneuwly gets on to a flick down the right. Bale chases back to tackle, should be a corner but the linesman thinks it was a foul. No difference really.
    • 66' Worryingly for Spurs, Defoe is down feeling his groin. Keane is coming on for him.
    • 65' YOUNG BOYS SUB: Costanzo off for Schneuwly.
    • 64' Pavlyuchenko rifles a long-range drive well over.
    • 63' Young Boys are defending pretty well under serious pressure. Spurs trying to break them down.
    • 61' Costanzo to take but Sutter's flick flies away.
    • 60' Degen on the ball, he gets past Palacios who flies in but misses, and Bassong gets back to block the finish! Corner.
    • 59' Good ball from Costanzo but Spurs clear and win a throw.
    • 58' Spurs concede possession in midfield, Hochstrasse releases Degen, who goes down and wins a free-kick. A shove the ref says. Harsh.
    • 57' Huddlestone with a free-kick on the right, good high ball in and Bassong goes down, surely a tug by Affolter but nothing given!
    • 56' BIG MISS! Super run by Bale down the left and an even better cross that was inches away from Defoe's flying boot but Pavlyuchenko also stretching spooned it over!
    • 55' Bale with a strong but good challenge on Degen, now Pavlyucheno races on the ball, he knocks it past Jemal and goes down really heavily. Play on says the ref, a dive and he is probably correct.
    • 54' Great run from Kranjcar who finds Pavlyuchenko, who tries to turn and can shoot but a great tackle from Jemal to clear.
    • 53' Lovely ball wide from Huddlestone but Corluka's cross is too deep for Defoe, who commits a foul.
    • 52' Giovani finds Corluka on the right, inside to Palacios and now Bale on the left tries a one-two with Defoe. Spurs keeping the ball well now.
    • 51' Kranjcar finds Huddlestone, who drags a shot well wide from the edge of the box. Spurs bossing it right now, but they need another goal!
    • 49' Bale finds Huddlestone, who spins on a sixpence in the box and lashes a super cross that Defoe just fails to meet!
    • 48' Huddlestone strides forward to find Bale, who wins a throw on the left.
    • 47' Spurs start the second half with intent as Corluka bombs forward and crosses low but the keeper gets there before Defoe.
    • 46' The second half is underway.
    • - Half-time sub: Kranjcar on for fellow Croat Modric.
    • 45+1 Half-time and it's 3-1 to Young Boys. What a game!
    • 45+1 The corner spins away from everyone and Costanzo hoofs upfield. Modric picks it up and Spurs can build again. Huddlestone surges in and Bale smacks a super cross FOR DEFOE but he heads wide!
    • 45' Decent ball again by Bale, the keeper punches clear. Spurs get it back and Dos Santos finds Pavlychenko, whose shot is deflected wide for a corner.
    • 44' Corluka on the right wins another corner for Spurs. One more before the break and the whole face of the tie changes.
    • 42' SPURS SCORE! Bassong scores from the corner, heading it in off the hand of the keeper and bar.
    • 41' Bale tries to take a corner from the left but the ref holds play up to have a word with Spycher and Defoe.
    • 40' Are you watching this on the telly tonight? What on earth are Spurs playing at tonight? I can't work it out. Is it the plastic? The pressure?
    • 39' Bienvenu looks like Vieira as he spins away from two Spurs players in midfield. This is Young Boys' cup final but Spurs have been weak.
    • 38' Defoe is onside, Young Boys have been caught out, Pav is free and Huddlestone far post but Defoe tries a lazy, lazy cross-shot straight into the keeper's arms.
    • 37' Free-kick to Spurs 35 yards out which Bale swings in and Bassong beats the keeper to it but he was offside.
    • 36' SPURS SUB: Redknapp did not want to risk Huddlestone's knees on the astroturf. Assou-Ekotto is off, meaning Bale will play left-back and Modric left mid.
    • 35' Costanzo is over it... a yard from the edge of the box, but Jemal takes it, sending the dipping shot just over. Gomes had it covered.
    • 34' After some lovely one-touch passing from Young Boys, Bassong should clear but AGAIN he makes a right hash of a simple hoof away. Sutter finds Bienvenu, who is tripped on the edge of the box by the now rotten Bassong. Hapless defending from the former Newcastle man.
    • 33' Dos Santos tries to show some positivity by giving chase to a lost cause on the right. You have to say the last two goals were the result of wooden, dreadful defending. Spurs have been fine going forward.
    • 32' Spurs have a throw at the right. Crouch warms up.
    • 31' Redknapp looks depressed, shaking his reddening face as his side are torn apart. Spurs defending like a pub side tonight.
    • 30' There's a free-kick to Young Boys on the right, Costanzo puts it in but this time Spurs clear for a throw on the left.
    • 28' 3-0! INCREDIBLE! More shocking defending from Spurs and it's Hochstrasser who was allowed to run straight through on to a simple ball from Costanzo. Shocking from Bassong who just let the ball run, showing the turning circle and pace of a tortoise, with Assou-Ekotto caught out too.
    • 27' STATS: Shots on target: YB 3-1 Spurs; Shots off target: YB 1-3 Spurs; Possession: YB 45-55 Spurs.
    • 26' Sutter again gets in to prevent Bale from crossing from the left.
    • 25' Costanza steals the ball off Palacios, drifting inside and finding Lulic who curls a nasty cross into the Spurs box that spins away from the defenders but out for a goal kick!
    • 24' Bale is closed down by Sutter as Spurs get what is a rare attack for the visitors.
    • 23' Spycher puts in a straight ball that Gomes should claim but Bassong panics and throws his body in the way, causing all kinds of problems, but Corluka hacks it clear.
    • 22' Young Boys are keeping the ball very well here. Spurs rattled.
    • 21' Dos Santos gets in on the edge of the box but he shoots high and wide. Harry Redknapp is angry with pretty much everyone.
    • 20' Assou-Ekotto makes a right mess of clearing and Degen is in, this is a mess for Spurs but the left-back gets back to clear.
    • 19' Young Boys are definitely hurtable at the back but they seem really adept at using this hard, skiddy surface with Spurs all over the shop defensively.
    • 18' Defoe flicks the ball just wide! A cross in from Bale on the left put him in but he attacked it with his right and it spun off his heel and away!
    • 17' Every time Young Boys attack Spurs struggle. A lofted ball bounces awkwardly for Assou-Ekotto but Gomes managed to claim.
    • 15' Bassong gives away a free-kick on the right, Costanzo's delivery ricochets to Bienvenu again but Gomes saves at the near post and he was offside anyway. Just.
    • 14' Oh deary me. Palacios gave it away as he slid in for a tackle, the ricochet should have seen Dawson clear but he was agonisingly slow to react - and to chase - and Henri Bienvenu surged away to finish.
    • 13' Mistake from Palacios lets in Bienvenu, horrible error and the Young Boys midfielder is in as Dawson flounders and he rolls it past Gomes and 2-0! 2-0 to Young Boys!
    • 12' Costanzo puts in the corner, but this time Spurs complete the clearance as Dos Santos wins a throw on the left wing.
    • 11' Sutter with a dangerous cross that Bassong flies in to head over for a corner.
    • 10' Lulic almost gets behind Corluka on a long ball but it spins away from him and out for a goal kick.
    • 9' Assou-Ekotto plays a long ball in for Bale who could be in but slips on the astro and the hosts have the ball.
    • 8' Long ball knocked down by Bale, Pavlyuchenko makes space for DEFOE but he blasts over from just inside the box!
    • 6' Great save by Woelfi! He makes himself big at the feet of Giovani after the Mexican did really well to race into the box.
    • 5' That was very lucky looking at the replay. The man who the shot hit was offside.
    • 4' GOAL! YOUNG BOYS! LULIC! Spurs half-cleared the free-kick, the ball landed to Bienvenu who had a crack, it hit Jemal on the back, rebounded off Bassong and Lulic was adjudged onside as he drilled past Gomes.
    • 3' Degen is found by Sutter before being taken out by Assou-Ekotto. Yellow card.
    • 2' YOUNG BOYS HIT THE POST! Lulic with a low drive that left Gomes standings after a one-two with Degen!
    • 1' The first half is underway! Neither of these sides has ever played in the group stages of the Champions League so history will be made when these ties are over.
    • 19:40 You can bet on this game - and others - by going to
    • 19:35 Redknapp: "Pav's starting for Crouchy, who I've given a rest."
    • 19:30 Harry Redknapp has pointed to the plastic pitch at the Wankdorf for his team selection: "We got one or two knocks and Ledley can't play two games in quick succession and Tom's knee can't take the astroturf. Aaron is not comfortable, his hamstring's a bit tight so we've brought Giovani in."
    • 19:25 So what a chance for Dos Santos. He seemed to be close to finished at Spurs after loans away from the club, but his good World Cup and impressive form in pre-season have played him right into contention.
    • 19:20 Michael Dawson was already dreaming of marking Lionel Messi ahead of this game.
    • 19:15 One person who misses this game for Spurs is Jermaine Jenas. Find out why here!
    • 19:10 Redknapp: "Nobody expected us to get here in the first place last year. We suddenly went from where we were to finishing fourth in the Premier League. People's expectations get very high but I don't think about not qualifying."
    • 19:05 Harry Redknapp sought to take the pressure off his Tottenham side for tonight's Champions League clash at Young Boys by insisting failure to reach the group stage would not be a disaster. More here!
    • 19:00 So mini-surprises as Dos Santos and Pavlyuchenko start ahead of Huddlestone and Crouch. King is, as expected, rested with this match being on astro.
    • 18:55 Referee: Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium)
    • 18:50 Teams - Young Boys: Wolfli, Sutter, Spycher, Affolter, Jemal, Lulic, Tape Doubai, Degen, Hochstrasser, Costanzo, Bienvenu; Subs: Burki, Marco Schneuwly, De Pierro, Christian Schneuwly, Raimondi, Regazzoni, Mayuka /// Tottenham: Gomes, Corluka, Dawson, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Giovani, Palacios, Modric, Bale, Pavlyuchenko, Defoe; Subs: Cudicini, Kaboul, Huddlestone, Lennon, Keane, Crouch, Kranjcar
    • 18:45 Welcome to our LIVE coverage of Spurs' trip to Bern where they face Young Boys in the first leg of their Champions League play-off, from 7.45pm UK time.
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