Wednesday July 28, 2010 Qualifying Round 3 Finished Estádio Municipal de Braga

Sporting Braga 3 - 0 Celtic

  • Alan 26’ (pen.)
  • Elderson 76’
  • Matheus 88’

  1. Celtic suffer beating at Braga

    Celtic suffer beating at Braga

    Celtic have a mountain to climb to stay in the Champions League after the Glasgow side suffered a 3-0 defeat at SC Braga. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Sporting Braga
    • Celtic
    • 90+4 And there goes the final whistle! Celtic go down 3-0. Surely all over for them in the Champions League.
    • 90' Celtic pushing for an away goal, but they could play all night here and not score.
    • 89' Heading for the last minutes.
    • 88' The visitors have never really been in this.
    • 87' THIRD GOAL FOR BRAGA! 25-yard free-kick by Mathus flies over Zaluska and that is surely the tie finished. Celtic have endured an awful evening.
    • 86' Celtic all over the place it woulld seem.
    • 85' Heading for the last five minutes.
    • 84' Mulgrew wide of target with a hopeful effort.
    • 83' Could certainly have done with McGeady out there.
    • 82' Looks like Celtic are a spent force.
    • 81' Nine minutes left on the clock.
    • 80' Celtic look like a side that are playing together for the first time. No cohesion.
    • 79' Celtic would dearly love an away goal. They need one really.
    • 78' James Forrest replaces Juarez.
    • 77' Braga have had four attempts at goal to Celtic's one.
    • 76' Celtic facing a real struggle to stay in this tie now.
    • 75' Terrible defending by Celtic. Awful marking at that corner by Matheus.
    • 74' GOAL FOR BRAGA! Elderson (Echiejile) slots into the net from close range.
    • 73' Alan ball across goal is swatted out by Zaluska.
    • 72' Madrid attempts a volley from 30 yards, but that spins wide of goal. Celtic will take those all night long.
    • 71' Braga with 68% of the ball to Celtic's 32%, but the home side are not making their possession count.
    • 70' Decent defending by Loovens to head clear that cross by Matheus. Dangerous play by Braga,
    • 69' Maloney is replaced by Murphy.
    • 68' Moises can't direct header on target after Maloney fouled Matheus.
    • 67' 1-0 would not be a disaster for Celtic the way they have played, but a long way to go yet tonight.
    • 66' Most noticeable thing about this game has been the orange ball.
    • 65' A crowd of 20,187 watching this match. Has not been great fare.
    • 64' Lima goes off to be replaced by Matheus
    • 63' A real messy game, but Braga will be the happier of the two teams.
    • 62' Game littered with late tackles and free-kicks.
    • 61' Samara fouled by Moises, but Mulgrew's free-kick fails to find a Celtic head.
    • 60' Poor passing by Celtic. Juarez and Mulgrew clearly not on the same wavelength yet. Celtic not really gelling.
    • 59' Heading for the hour-mark of what has been a pretty poor spectacle.
    • 58' Lima took a sore one there from Loovens.
    • 57' Loovens is booked for a cynical late foul.
    • 56' Echiejile tries to scamper down the left, but that ball has too much pace on it. Celtic back in possession.
    • 55' Celtic need to take the sting out of matters. Foul by Samaras on Garcia.
    • 54' The Braga fans making a fair bit of noise. These are uneasy times for this Celtic side.
    • 53' Cesar waltzs through Loovens too easily, but no power on the shot and an easy save by Zaluska.
    • 52' Lennon out on the touchline trying to encourage Ledley and Maloney to discover their best form.
    • 51' Wonder how long Lennon will persist with Samaras up front.
    • 50' Maloney operating a bit deeper than Samaras.
    • 49' Zaluska shows safe hands to deal with that Cesar cross.
    • 48' Cha's latest foul sees him haul down Cesar. Celtic not made to pay. Ball is with Zaluska.
    • 47' Mulgrew flights a free-kick into the box, but nodded clear by the Braga defence.
    • 46' Celtic start the second period. How they would love an away goal in these next 45 minutes.
    • 45' Lennon has a few harsh words for the referee and his linesmen. Clearly unhappy with decision to award a penalty for Ki's handball from Garcia's ball into the box.
    • 45' There goes the whistle for the break. Braga lead 1-0. Poor first period, but Braga have the crucial opening goal.
    • 44' Last minute of the half.
    • 43' Loovens has been warned by the referee for a few hefty challenges.
    • 42' Braga have slowed the game down, but Celtic are posing little or no threat.
    • 41' Celtic will be happy to get to the break 1-0 behind here.
    • 40' Hooiveld is booked.
    • 38' Hooiveld foul on Lima.
    • 37' Foul by Loovens on Salino. Echiejile flights in the free-kick, but Zaluska saves.
    • 36' Free-kick against Juarez for fouling Alan.
    • 35' Samaras fouls Salino. Free-kick to Braga.
    • 33' Alan this time fouls Ki. What was the young South Korean doing at that penalty? Should always keep your hands down.
    • 32' Brown offside as he prepared to bury Maloney's cross. Better play by Celtic.
    • 30' End of the first half-hour.
    • 29' Loovens almost taken to the cleaners by Alan, but Celtic survive that scare.
    • 28' Celtic really have to get a grip on the midfield.
    • 27' Suddenly Braga look dangerous.
    • 25' Alan slams that high into the net. Zaluska went the wrong way.
    • 24' Ki is booked.
    • 23' Braga have a penalty. Ki handled in box.
    • 22' The Brazlian player Alan is Braga's best player.
    • 21' Mulgrew looks a bit uncomfortable against the pace of Alan.
    • 20' Both sides with one attempt on target.
    • 19' Carmo Leandro Salino fouls Hooiveld. Celtic have the chance to catch their breath on this steamy night in Portugal.
    • 18' Celtic enjoying 47% of possession to 53% by the home side. That is decent stats away from home.
    • 17' First real chance of the match falls to Braga. Clever play by Rocha Paulo Cesar, but Zaluska gets down to block his swerving shot.
    • 16' Moises clears Maloney's shot.
    • 15' Ki is the latest Celtic player to fly in late on Salino, but Celtic survive.
    • 14' So far, so good for Celts. No sign of any repeat of that 5-0 drubbing at Artmedia five years ago. This young Celtic side looks fresh and hungry.
    • 13' Osorio Alan hoists in that free-kick, but comes to nothing.
    • 12' Efrain Juarez fouls Rocha Paulo Cesar. Free-kick to Braga.
    • 11' Celtic fairly sticking the boot in here.
    • 10' Lima tried to dash into the box, but he can't get hold of the pass and the ball runs over for a goal-kick to Celtic.
    • 9' Lennon will be happy with this start. Celtic look comfortable and system seems to be working well.
    • 8' Braga not been seen much as an attacking force.
    • 7' Celtic playing what looks like a 4-4-2. Maloney slightly deeper than Samaras.
    • 6' Thumping tackle there by Cha Du Ri. Lucky to avoid a caution.
    • 5' Celtic look fairly comfortable in possession. Playing in their bumble bee strips.
    • 4' Mulgrew is booked for taking too long over a throw-in.
    • 3' Ki swings that free-kick well over from 25 yards. Poor effort.
    • 2' Celtic with an early chance.
    • 1' Braga get the match underway.
    • 20:00 Celtic go into their huddle and so do Braga. Big night for Neil Lennon's side.
    • 19:55 Braga: Felgudiraf, Miguel Garcia, Alberto Rodriguez, Moises, Echiejile, Madrid, Vandinho, Leandro Salino, Alan, Paulo Cesar, Lima Celtic: Zaluska, Juarez, Hooiveld, Loovens, Cha, Mulgrew, Brown, Ledley, Ki, Samaras, Maloney Referee: Serge Gumienny (Belgium)
    • 19:50 Joe Ledley, Charlie Mulgrew, Efrain Juarez and Cha Du-Ri make their competitive debuts for Celtic against a side that finished in second place in the Portuguese league last season.
    • 19:45 No Aiden McGeady for Celtic this evening. Not sure if the Irish winger is injured, or perhaps he is heading for the exit door.
    • 19:40 Here is the Celtic side for tonight: Zaluska, Mulgrew, Hooiveld, Loovens, Cha, Juarez, Brown (c), Ledley, Ki, Samaras, Maloney Substitutes: Cervi, Rogne, Crosas, McCourt, Murphy, Forrest, Fortune
    • 19:30 Good evening and welcome to tonight's Champions League qualifying match between Braga and Celtic. The first leg of this tie should make for intriguing stuff.
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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Sporting Braga

    Manager: Domingos

  • Celtic

    Manager: Neil Lennon

  • Line-up

    Live Team Line-Up

    • Starting line-up

      • M. Felgueiras
      • A. Rodriguez
      • M. Garcia
      • Lima Substitution Out (66′)
      • Elderson Goal
      • A. Madrid
      • L. Salino Yellow Card
      • Moisés
      • Vandinho
      • Alan Goal Substitution Out (90′)
      • Paulo César


      • H. Barbosa Substitution In90′
      • Sílvio
      • Aníbal
      • Keita
      • Meyong
      • Matheus Substitution In66′ Goal
      • Artur
    • Starting line-up

      • L. Zaluska
      • D. Cha
      • G. Loovens Yellow Card
      • J. Hooiveld Yellow Card
      • C. Mulgrew Yellow Card
      • S. Ki Yellow Card
      • S. Brown
      • S. Maloney Substitution Out (71′)
      • E. Juárez Substitution Out (79′)
      • J. Ledley
      • G. Samaras


      • M. Fortuné
      • D. Murphy Substitution In71′
      • P. McCourt
      • M. Crosas
      • D. Cervi
      • T. Rogne
      • J. Forrest Substitution In79′
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