Wednesday October 19, 2011 Group Stage: Group H Finished Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

AC Milan 2 - 0 BATE Borisov

  • Ibrahimovic 33’
  • Boateng 70’

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  1. Boateng screamer in Milan win

    Boateng screamer in Milan win

    Milan moved within one win of the Champions League last 16 with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Group H minnows BATE Borisov at the San Siro. More

  • Live Commentary

    • AC Milan
    • BATE Borisov
    • 90+3' All over! The Milan fans happy as they depart the San Siro. A comfortable night for them.
    • 89' Three minutes to be added to the action...
    • 88' Taiwo wallops the ball well wide of the BATE goal from 30 yards. Game, well and truly done and dusted now.
    • 87' Ball breaks to Skavysh on the edge of the box. Gets the shot at goal, but straight down the throat of Abbiati, who stands tall to make an easy stop.
    • 86' Gutor out to clutch the ball after Emanuelson raced into the box to fire it across goal.
    • 85' Milan and Barca going to be heading top of the group with seven points from three games. They will need one more win to put themselves into the last 16 with two games to spare.
    • 84' Milan content to keep the ball at the back in the wide open spaces of the San Siro before Kontsevoi is fouled by Nocerino.
    • 83' Mexes wheeled on to replace Nesta for Milan. Job done, but he will get at least five minutes.
    • 82' Milan knocking the ball around at the back. BATE look as if they are tired as Abate's attempted cross comes back off him for a goalkick to the visitors.
    • 81' Strong, surging run by Taiwo down his left. Fires the cross into the middle, but straight into the arms of Gutor.
    • 80' Milan keeping the ball without too much hassle as Abate picks up before driving a pass across the pitch to Taiwo. Milan don't seem in a hurry to grab a third.
    • 79' Emanuelson arrives to replace Boateng for the home side.
    • 78' Pavlov immedietely into the action with a late tackle on Bonera. Chance for Milan to make another change.
    • 77' Change then for the visiting side as Bressan departs to be replaced by Pavlov for the closing minutes.
    • 76' Ibrahimović is flagged for offside. Looked to be the wrong decision. Was well onside there.
    • 75' Barcelona continue to lead Vicktoria Plezen 1-0 in the other game in this group. Can follow that one here.... Barca match...
    • 74' Gutor speeds from his goal to knock the ball away from Robinho. Milan starting to enjoy their night with the pressure off to find the second goal.
    • 73' Taiwo tries to get in on the scoring act, but this time his effort swerves harmlessly wide. Shouldn't make too much difference. Milan well on their way to three points it would appear.
    • 72' Simic penalisted for a late challenge on Boateng. Another chance for Milan from distance.
    • 71' GOAL!! Boateng from 25 yards out. Never gave Gutor a chance as the ball hits the underside of the bar before nestling in the rigging. That should be that. Milan lead 2-0.
    • 70' Ibrahimovic's volley is blocked by Simic seconds after his free-kick hits the wall. Stout defending by BATE, but Milan have a corner.
    • 69' Boateng taken out of the play in the middle of the BATE half by Simic. Milan with the free-kick chance.
    • 68' Volodko's attempted cross is blocked by a Milan shirt, but Baga's corner is poor and Abate can break for Milan.
    • 67' A lot of whistling around the San Siro. Robinho showing off his skills in the visiting box, but that shot from 20 yards is well wide of the target.
    • 66' Olekhnovich takes over from Likhtarovich for BATE.
    • 65' Bonera having to be mindful to knock the ball away from Kezman. Looks like another change is on its way.
    • 64' Robinho tries to combine with Ibrahimović, but BATE have plenty of bodies in there. All too predictable from Milan..and not fast enough.
    • 63' Radkov nudges the ball back to Gutor in the visiting goal. He hammers it long up the park. Milan finding the search for this second goal tough going at the moment.
    • 62' Change for Milan as Cassano departs to be replaced by Robinho.
    • 61' All a bit quiet in the San Siro. Not exactly an electric atmosphere as Bressan is felled by Aquilani.
    • 60' Boateng swings a boot at the ball from 30-yard range. Never really got any venom into the shot as Gutor makes a comfortable stop.
    • 59' Abate tries to pick out Boateng, but too near the visiting keeper as Gutor comes to collect with some ease.
    • 58' Bonera fouls Kezman on the edge of the home area. Free-kick chance for BATE. Poor delivery as Milan break from deep.
    • 57' Chance for Ibrahimović to play in Boateng, but he opts to thump a shot at goal as the ball clears the bar by some distance. Poor, poor play by the big forward.
    • 56' Nocerino plays the short pass to Aquilani, but he is falling back as his shot swerves wide of goal. Goalkick to BATE.
    • 55' Taiwo picks out Van Bommel. He goes long with the pass, but Boateng sets off too early and is caught offside.
    • 54' Cassano knocks a shot straight off the legs of Simic in the BATE defence after a fine run and cross by Taiwo down his left flank.
    • 53' All a bit scrappy at the moment which will suit BATE's game plan. Milan toiling to find any space. Their play is all a bit sluggish.
    • 52' Well, Milan can't say they haven't been warned. Really need to find a second goal. Has been a sloppy start to the half by them.
    • 51' Bordachev obviously in the mood, but this time his hopeful shot from distance scurries well wide of the Milan goal.
    • 50' Bordachev inches away from the equaliser, but Abbiati got his finger tips on the shot to tip it wide. Vital stop there.
    • 49' Volodko winds up a shot from 35 yards out. Ball wide of the home goal. Plenty of pace on that one again from the BATE man.
    • 48' Abate back to Aquilani, but his high looping cross is food and drink for Gutor, who collects with some ease.
    • 47' Slack play again by Milan to squander possession. Kezman's shot blocked before Bressan hammers a volley over the bar. Really poor play by the home side.
    • 46' AC Milan get this half off and running.
    • 45+1' There goes the whistle for the break. Milan lead 1-0. Well in control of this game. Expect a few more goals in the second period.
    • 44' A minute to be added then to his half.
    • 43' Ball breaks to Abate in the area, but he can only prod a shot wide of the goal. Looks like Milan are going to have to settle for the one goal in this first period.
    • 42' Another foul then as Simic takes down Ibrahimovic. Didn't look too much in it, but another booking for the visiting side as Simic is shown the yellow card.
    • 41' Bordachev booked for a late challenge on former Liverpool playmaker Aquilani.
    • 40' Gutor out seconds later to scramble the loose ball away from Cassano. Milan looking good when they do things at speed.
    • 39' Ibrahimović smacks the dead ball straight into the wall. Disappointing outcome from him.
    • 38' Ibrahimović brought down on the edge of the box by Radkov. Free-kick chance for the home side. Straight down the middle. 25 yards from goal.
    • 37' Milan quick to pick up the ball seconds later. Cassano knocks the ball off a yellow shirt for a corner, but the move comes to nothing.
    • 36' Nocerino takes out Kezman with a late challenge from behind and he is going to be booked for that effort.
    • 35' Boateng drills the ball across the visiting goal, but BATE hack it clear. Real rearguard action now for BATE.
    • 34' Ibrahimović chips the ball over Gutor, but narrowly wide of the goal. Lovely pass by Cassano to play him in with the reverse pass.
    • 33' Huge change in this match. BATE will be kicking themselves for that missed chance. Dangerous times now for BATE.
    • 32' GOAL!! Ibrahimović scores for the home side. Seconds after they could have been one goal behind, BATE fail to clear the danger and the Swedish striker drills a shot beyond Gutor from just inside the box. Milan lead 1-0.
    • 31' Almost a huge error by Milan. They gave the ball away needlessly in defence, but Bressan's shot is saved by Abbbiati. Stunning stop. BATE shoud have been ahead.
    • 30' A half-chance then for Kezman. Got a couple of yards in the box, but just pulled the volley wide from the cross by Likhtarovich.
    • 29' Taiwo smacks a volley wide from the edge of the box. Difficult to score from there, but he certainly got the power if not the direction.
    • 28' Nesta rises to head out the free-kick. BATE not committing numbers forward for that free-kick. MIlan back on the ball.
    • 27' Van Bommel takes out Bressan with a cynical late tackle. Free-kick chance for the visitors from distance.
    • 26' Aquilani fires in another shot. This time he hits the target, but Gutor is down smartly to his right to make a fine diving stop.
    • 25' Kezman fouls Bonera as AC Milan are handed cheap possession seconds later.
    • 24' BATE keeping the ball at the back. Technically very comfortable on the ball. Milan would love a goal before the break.
    • 23' Cassano throws over a corner, but Bonera is pulled up for a foul on Kontsevoi. BATE survive without too much danger.
    • 22' Bressan has scored four goals in six games for BATE. He is clearly the man in form for the visiting side.
    • 21' Boateng challenges Gutor in the area from Cassano's cross, but that is clearly a foul on the visiting goalkeeper. Free-kick to BATE.
    • 20' Boateng is penalised for a late challenge on Yurevich. BATE at least getting forward a bit more.
    • 19' First shot of the night by BATE. Likhtarovich pulled the tigger from 25 yards out, but wide of goal.
    • 18' More frustration for Milan as Ibrahimović knocks the cross from Cannao over the bar. So unlucky for the big striker. Great movement, but couldn't keep the shot down.
    • 17' Likhtarovich takes out Boateng with a late tackle, but Gutor races from his line seconds later to collect a loose ball.
    • 16' The Belarusian side have never won a Champions League game, registering four draws and four defeats.
    • 15' BATE have survived that early spell of Milan pressure, but not doing much in their own right so far as Abbiati launches the ball long down the park.
    • 14' The home fans doing plenty of singing as Nocerino is taken out of the play late by Kontsevoi. Aquilani then fouls Bressan.
    • 13' Boateng is the latest home player try his luck, but this time the shot whizzes wide of the target. Not his best.
    • 12' Bordachev fouls Nocerino. Not being going for 15 minutes and already BATE are so far back defending. A goal is surely going to come.
    • 11' So unlucky for Aquilani as his shot from 20 yards comes back off a post. Almost the opening goal for Milan. Close, but no cigar.
    • 10' Van Bommel has a shot blocked before Abate smashes an effort wide of the target. Milan getting closer here.
    • 9' Abate and Yurevich tussle for the ball. Milan awarded the free-kick out wide of the visiting area.
    • 8' Milan yet to inject any real momentum into their play which suits the visiting side. Bonera taken late by Volodko.
    • 7' Boateng lays the ball off to Ibrahimovic, but his shot from 40 yards out sails over the bar. Cheeky smile by the Swedish striker. Would have been some goal. Worth a bash.
    • 6' Bressan fancies his chances from distance, but that effort flies over the bar. Never really testing Abbiati.
    • 5' BATE win a free-kick 30 yards out after Kezman is fouled by Nesta.
    • 4' Aquilani so close to the opening goal. Volley just over the bar after poor defending in the visiting defence. Poor, poor stuff by BATE.
    • 3' Taiwo taken out late by Baga and the home side have a free-kick. Taiwo's cross turned behind for a corner to Milan.
    • 2' Cassano with an early cross into the middle, but an easy take for Gutor in the visiting goal. Has to be a bit better than that.
    • 1' BATE get us off and running in this one.
    • 19.40 Teams on the way out. Milan in black and red, with the visiting side in yellow.
    • 19.35 Milan have won two of their last 10 matches at the San Siro in European competition. Milan are the team with highest tackle success rate in this season’s Champions League, succeeding in 87.88 per cent of their tackles.
    • 19.30 BATE Borisov have the leakiest defence in this season’s Champions League, conceding six goals. BATE’s Aliaksandr Volodko is the only player to have scored an own goal in the Champions League this season.
    • 19.25 Full teams: AC Milan: Abbiati, Abate, Nesta, Bonera, Taiwo, Aquilani, Van Bommel, Nocerino, Boateng, Ibrahimovic, Cassano..subs: Amelia, Mexes, Zambrotta, Emanuelson, Robinho, Yepes, Antonini////BATE: Gutor, Baga, Radkov, Simic, Yurevich, Alexander Volodko, Likhtarovich, Kontsevoy, Bressan, Bordachev, Kezman..subs: Chesnovskiy, Gordeychuk, Skavysh, Pavlov, Aleksiyan, Olekhnovich, Rudik////Referee: Tom Harald Hagen (Norway)
    • 19.20 MATCH ODDS: AC Milan 1/5, BATE Borisov 20/1, Draw 6/1
    • 19.15 BATE have won none of their four European games against Italian opposition losing twice to Milan in the 2001-02 UEFA Cup and drawing twice with Juventus in the 2008-09 Champions League. BATE have failed to score in three of their four games against Italian opponents, including both trips to Italy.
    • 19.10 BATE Borisov coach Viktor Goncharenko comments: "We will need to be very aggressive, well-organised in defence and courageous in attack. We will have to play as well as we can. Milan have many top-class players, with Zlatan Ibrahimović one of the best in their squad. When we played against them ten years ago it was a great experience – our first major experience, and the basis for building our club's reputation in Europe."
    • 19.05 Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri is targeting top place ahead of Barcelona in the group: "Finishing top of the section is a bonus as it means you play a runner-up from another group in the round of 16, but for now we have to focus on this game; that is the most important thing for us. BATE are well-organised and defend in an orderly manner. They have a young team which knows how to strike on the counterattack. Mateja Kežman is playing well and is a key player for them."
    • 19.00 BATE team news: BATE will be without Vitali Rodionov (knee) and Evegeni Kuntsevich (knee) for the trip to AC Milan. Aleksandr Yurevich has played his first game since tearing ankle ligaments and is available to play in Italy.
    • 18.55 Milan team news: Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso serves the third match of a four-match suspension earned during last season's last-16 clash with Tottenham. Injury-wise, the hosts are welcoming several players back, with Robinho in contention to play and Mark van Bommel rated fit by his manager. Clarence Seedorf and Massimo Ambrosini do not start.
    • 18.50 Teams: Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Bonera, Nesta, Taiwo; Van Bommel, Aquilani, Nocerino, Boateng; Ibrahimović, Cassano////BATE Borisov: Gutor, Yurevich, Radkov, Bordachev, Simic, Likhtarovich, Kontsevoi, A. Volodko, Renan Bressan, Baga, Kezman.
    • 18.45 Good evening and welcome to LIVE coverage of AC Milan against BATE Borisov in the Champions League at the San Siro.
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  • AC Milan

    Manager: Massimiliano Allegri

  • BATE Borisov

    Manager: Viktor Goncharenko

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