Tuesday December 6, 2011 Group Stage: Group G Finished GSP Stadium

APOEL Nicosia 0 - 2 Shakhtar Donetsk

  • Luiz Adriano 62’
  • Seleznyov 78’

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  1. Shakhtar beat APOEL

    Shakhtar beat APOEL

    APOEL Nicosia celebrated top spot in the Champions League Group G despite going down 2-0 to Shakhtar Donetsk at the GSP Stadion. More

  • Live Commentary

    • APOEL Nicosia
    • Shakhtar Donetsk
    • 90'+4 And the ref has seen enough. The final whistle goes. Shakhtar have won the match 2-0 but it's APOEL who go through to the last 16.
    • 90'+2 Play is stopped again as another cloud of smoke drifts lazily across the pitch . Play resumes as Mkhitaryan knocks it forward for Fernadinho.
    • 90' Play continues though but it's a bit misty out there now. There'll be four minutes of added time.
    • 89' There are flares and smoke bombs on the pitch now. Plumes of orange smoke are drifting across the pitch and we could all have done without this!
    • 88' Free-kick to Shakhtar, but even they look like they're ready for the whistle. It's been a confident and assured performance but too little too late for Mircea Lucescu's men.
    • 87' There's a bit of a lull now. Hardly surprising with three minutes to go. There are bigger things to come for APOEL in the new year.
    • 85' We're in the last five minutes as Marceno's first touch concedes a free-kick.
    • 84' Sub for Shakhtar. Willian makes way for Marcelo Moreno.
    • 82' Shakhtar will be kicking for themselves for not playing like this earlier in the campaign. There's no doubt that they've been a class above their opponents tonight!
    • 81' Quickly followed by a booking for Shakhtar. Shevchuk impedes Adorno.
    • 80' Poor challenge by Oliveira on Mkhitaryan and that's another yellow card.
    • 78' GOAL SHAKHTAR!! Fernandinho lets fly with a rasping 30-yarder that Pardo can only parry to SELEZNYOV who curls the ball inside the post!! APOEL 0 Shakhtar 2!!
    • 77' Sub for both teams. Aldo Adorno replaces Charalambides for APOEL and ex-Arsenal man Eduardo is on for Shakhtar''s Costa.
    • 76' Trickovski floats in a cross, Rybka has plenty of time to watch that one and pluck it out of the air.
    • 75' We're in the last 15 minutes of Group G. APOEL won't give this up but they've found it hard going all match.
    • 74' Again an APOEL move breaks down, Willian wil drive forward, plays in Costa but that's good defending by Charalambides. Poor clearance though. Willian will try his luck from 25 yards and the ball zips well wide.
    • 72' And that's a cue for a Shakhtar sub. Adriano is off and on comes Yevhen Seleznyov.
    • 71' Solari goes into the book for a rash challenge on Kucher.
    • 69' BELAID!! Shoots! but Rybka is down to make the stop down low to his right! Good chance for the sub!
    • 68' Sub for APOEL. Manduca is off and on comes Esteban Solari.
    • 66' Rakitskiy on the ball, finds Srna, in comes the cross! COSTA!! Great reflex save by Pardo! Falls to ADRIANO!! Blocked again!! So close for Shakhtar!
    • 65' And Shakhtar indulge in a bit of keep-ball around their own box. APOEL are content to let them get on with it.
    • 64' That's no more than the visitors deserve. They've had practically all the play and look like finding the net again tonight!
    • 62' GOAL SHAKHTAR!! You can't say that wasn't coming!! Willian finds Vyacheslav Shvchuk on the overlap and his square ball is flicked home from close range by LUIZ ADRIANO!! It's APOEL 0 Shakhtar 1!!
    • 60' Sub for APOEL. Marcinho makes way for Tijani Belaid.
    • 59' SRNA!! Tries a snapshot from outside the box. Takes a deflection and rolls harmlessly past the post.
    • 58' That's better by APOEL! Trickovski with a good run down the Shakhtar right, tries to pick out Charalambides. Good defending by Shakhtar to cut out the danger.
    • 57' Quick thinking by the keeper who launches the ball long. His opposite number Rybka is alert though and thumps the ball into the crowd.
    • 56' Taken quickly. Too quickly. But the ball eventually falls to SRNA!! Pardo is there to claim.
    • 55' There is still no way through the wall of orange and black for APOEL. Douglas Costa cuts inside and lets fly. Deflected out for a corner.
    • 54' Singing breaks out around the GSP Stadion. Shakhtar are well in charge but regardless of what happens here, it's APOEL who are in the last 16.
    • 52' Still Shakhtar come forward. Looks like the pattern of the first half will be repeated as Pardo gratefully clutches a loose ball to his chest.
    • 51' Shakhtar on the attack again. Too much on that one and APOEL can clear their lines.
    • 50' Mkhitaryan!! Has a sight of Pardo's goal! Good pressure by Poursaitides to put him off and the ball drifts wide!
    • 48' Willian to Fernandinho. Good challenge by Oliveira and the Brazilian clatters Oliveira in return. Free-kick to APOEL.
    • 47' Poor challenge by Marcinho. Free-kick to Shakhtar. Played back and there's plenty of time and space in the Shakhtar half.
    • 47' Poursaitides with an early cross, palmed away by Rybka. Falls to CHARALAMBIDES!! Well over the bar but worth a pop!
    • 46' And we're back underway. No changes at the break.
    • 45'+1 And that's the last action of the half as the whistle blows. It's APOEL 0 Shakhtar Donetsk 0 at the break.
    • 45' Srna cushions a header back to his keeper, Rybka is caught slightly off balance and there's a slight panic before he brings the ball under control.
    • 45' In comes the corner, cleared by the Shakhtar defence as we move into the last minute of normal time.
    • 44' Floated in and Oleksandr Kucher heads it behind under pressure.
    • 43' Mkhitaryan gives the ball away and in trying to get it back he chops down Marcinho from behind and that's another yellow card.
    • 41' Now APOEL drive into the opposition half. Good lay off by Marcinho for TRICKOVSKI!! Straight at Rybka who makes the save!! That's APOEL's first real chance and it's come on 41 minutes!!
    • 40' COSTA!! Let's fly with a left foot shot but that curls high and wide!! It's all Shakhtar!!
    • 38' Shakhtar on the break again after another APOEL move breaks down. Luiz Adriano! Shot could be on! Chooses to square for FERNANDINHO!! Oooh! Poor ball! Gave the number seven no chance to get a shot away!
    • 37' Now Rakitskiy goes into the book for a rash challenge.
    • 36' We're in the last 10 minutes of the half. It's still APOEL 0 Shakhtar 0.
    • 35' Alexandrou with a misplaced pass and for the first time there are whistles in the crowd.
    • 33' Howls for a foul as Marcinho hits the deck. Shakhtar play on with DOUGLAS COSTA!! Again Pardo is in the right place to make the stop! The keeper has kept his side in this match tonight!
    • 32' Shakhtar are knocking on the door here! Surely a goal can't be too far away?
    • 31' Jahic tries to get the Cypriots away but it breaks down and it falls to WILLIAN!! Great save by Pardo again to keep the Brazilian at bay from the edge of the box!
    • 29' Shakhtar again on the attack. Great ball by Douglas Costa to WILLIAN!! Good stop by Pardo who blocked at the near post from an acute angle! Great chance for Shakhtar!
    • 27' They have a corner courtesy of Oliveira's sliding defensive challenge. Willian to take it. Looks like there was something thrown at him there! The corner comes to nothing and APOEL can clear.
    • 26' Shakhtar again with plenty of time on the ball. APOEL are happy to sit back and watch them at the moment. It's fair to say that APOEL aren't prolific attackers. They've only won 12 corners in the competition.
    • 24' We're over halfway through the first period and the game's certainly opened up now!
    • 23' Mkhitaryan!! Set up by Willian but that's a comfortable take by Pardo under his bar!
    • 22' Floated in by Charalambides. No reaction by Shakhtar and Oleksandr Rybka is forced to palm the ball away from the onrushing Jahic! Close for APOEL!
    • 21' This is better though by APOEL. Charalambides hits the deck and the Cypriots have a free-kick some 30 yards out and central. Good chance here! Charalambides to take.
    • 20' Pardo again with a long ball into Shakhtar territory, but there's no stemming the orange and black tide at the moment.
    • 19' Pardo again clears his lines. Shakhtar skiiper Srna will come forward. Douglas Costa with a clever back-heel by the corner flag. Unfortunately, Mkhitaryan wasn't on the same wavelength.
    • 17' That's a hopeful long ball from the Ukrainians and it'll bounce gently through to the APOEL hero Pardo. It wasn't the best penalty but the keeper guessed right to keep his side level.
    • 16' In it comes, but that's comfortable for the Shakhtar defence and they can build again.
    • 15' Now Gustavo Manduca goes down. Free-kick to APOEL midway in the Shakhtar half.
    • 14' That's a huge let off for APOEL but there's no doubt they've been under the cosh from the first minute!
    • 12' Luiz Adriano steps up… saved by Pardo!! And Adriano can't put the rebound away as Sanel Jahic clears!!
    • 11' And that's a penalty for Shakhtar! Poor challenge on Fernandinho by Nektariios Alexandrou and the ref points to the spot! And Alexandrou is in the book to boot for a wild kick.
    • 10' Shakhtar on the attack again and that'll be a corner to the side from Ukraine. Played short to Srna. Crosses it in, the ball isn't cleared and Shakhtar can come again.
    • 8' Trickovski in APOEL's first meaningful attack. Tumbles theatrically in the box under Mkhitaryan's attention. And that's a yellow card for diving for the Macedonian!
    • 7' Cross in by Adriano, too much on that one, but Yaroslav Rakitskiy is brought down by Charalambides. Free-kick to Shakhtar but that's wasted by Willian.
    • 5' Stlil Shakhtar attack. Fernadinho dinks the ball over the top to Luiz Adriano, but his fellow Brazilian can't get his shot away. Great start by Shakhtar!
    • 4' Willian jogs back on after having a cut to his mouth mopped up. Urko Pardo kicks it out, Shakhtar attack again, WILLIAN!! Tries his luck from range but the ball sails over the bar!
    • 3' This is the ref's first Champions League match. Big decision already for Mr Hategan!
    • 2' Oooh! Early call for a spot-kick as Willans tumbled under Marcelo Oliveira's challenge. Nothing doign says the ref, and the replay shows that was a good decision.
    • 1' Shakhtar with an early hopeful ball into APOEL territory. Headed away.
    • 1' And it's APOEL who get us underway in what is a party mood in Nicosia!
    • 19:42 And here come the teams to fireworks and the Champions League anthem! APOEL in their yellow shirt and blue shorts, Shakhtar in orange and black stripes, black shorts.
    • 19:34 The teams are warming up and it should be an intriguing match tonight! Both teams are on form in their domestic leagues. APOEL have won their last two fixtures 2-0, but Shakhtar are outscoring their hosts. Their last two matches both ended in 5-0 victories.
    • 19:26 Our referee tonight is Romanian Ovidiu Alin Hategan. Fellow countryman Lucescu will have to watch what he says tonight!
    • 19:24 Any doubts about Shakhtar's approach should be dispelled by Mircea Lucescu's 4-2-3-1 formation. Luiz Adriano is the front man with Willian and Douglas Costa outside him and Henrik Mkhitaryan in the middle.
    • 19:19 So APOEL manager Ivan Jovanovic brings in Sanel Jahić into the midfield in place of the injured Hélio Pinto, while Ivan Tričkovski is expected to operate as the lone striker.
    • 19:15 SHAKHTAR: Rybka, Kucher, Shevchuk, Rakitskiy, Hubschmann, Fernadinho, Willian, Douglas Costa, Srna, Luiz Adriano, Mkhitaryan. Subs: Pyatov, Rat, Kobin, Gai, Eduardo, Seleznyov, Marcleo Moreno.
    • 19:12 And the teams are in! APOEL: Pardo, Paulo Jorge, Jahic, Oliveira, Poursaitides, Nuno Morais, Charalambides, Manduca, Alexandrou, Marcinho, Trickovski. Subs: Chiotis, Kaka, Belaid, Satsias, Adorno, Solomou, Solari.
    • 19:01 An APOEL win will guarantee top spot, but the Cypriots can be pipped at the post if they lose or draw - depending on the result in Portugal where Porto entertain Zenit St Petersburg. Keep up to date with Porto v Zenit St Petersburg here.
    • 18:57 The match in Ukraine ended in a 1-1 draw. Ivan Trickovski opened the scoring for APOEL on 61 minutes, but the league leaders were pegged back three minutes later by Jadson's goal.
    • 18:56 In contrast, Shahktar are already guaranteed bottom spot and without even a Europa League place to play for, it'll be interesting to see how the Ukrainians approach the match. They were quarter-finalists last season.
    • 18:55 Manager Mircea Lucescu's men have already surpassed all expectations to become the first Cypriot side to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League. But the men from Nicosia want to go one step further to win Group G and avoid some of the competition's bigger guns in the last 16.
    • 18:50 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of tonight's Champions League clash between APOEL Nicosia and Shakhtar Donetsk from the GSP Stadion.
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  • APOEL Nicosia

    Manager: Ivan Jovanovic

  • Shakhtar Donetsk

    Manager: Mircea Lucescu

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