Tuesday December 6, 2011 Group Stage: Group F Finished Stadio Karaiskaki

Olympiacos 3 - 1 Arsenal

  • Djebbour 16’
  • Fuster 36’
  • Modesto 89’
  • Benayoun 57’

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  1. Olympiacos beat Arsenal but go out

    Olympiacos beat Arsenal but go out

    Arsenal lost 3-1 to Olympiacos at the Stadio Karaiskaki though the Greek side still crashed out as Marseille overcame Borussia Dortmund. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Olympiacos
    • Arsenal
    • 90+3' The referee blows the fulltime whistle. It's not all over yet in Dortmund. Follow it here
    • 90+1' That is incredible, a cruel blow to Olympiacos. Both teams are now just playing out time. Don't know whether the players know yet, but they probably sense it from the crowd.
    • 90' Marseille have just scored two in two minutes! It means all this work for Olympiacos has been in vain!
    • 88' Olympiacos 3-1 Arsenal - Goal! Olympiacos win the freekick by the corner flag. They flight the ball in, Mellberg with the towering header comes off the post and Modesto has the simple tap in as the Arsenal players step up wrongly appealing for offside.
    • 87' Arshavin is put through by Rosicky, but it;s just too far ahead of him. If he'g got to that he could have squared for Oxlade-C who would have had an open net.
    • 86' Vermaelen comes down pitch charging from deep. He receives the ball on the run, but his effort is blocked.
    • 85' Oxlade-C at the other end tries to jink into the area. Good feet, but he's crowded out after taking just that bit too long.
    • 83' Megyeri punts long, Modesto puts in an excellent cutback. Orbaiz with the snapshot and Mannone reaches up to palm clear!
    • 82' Chamakh with a gloriously poor square pass gives the ball away and Olympiacos pour forward looking to put the game to bed.
    • 81' Oxlade Chamberlain picks up a yellow for a professional foul on the halfway line.
    • 80' Mirallas completely does Miquel as he turn back inside the young Spaniard. It's a tough angle though and he can only shoot into the side netting.
    • 78' Oxlade-C with an excellent injection of pace and strength down the right. His deep cross is decent, but Papadopoolos dives and clears.
    • 77' Mannone hurt his arm in that challenge, but Arsenal don't have any other substitutions left or indeed goalkeepers. He'll soldier on though.
    • 76' Djourou doesn't give Mannone the easiest of backpasses, but even so the keeper's touch is terrible and it gives Djebbour the chance to slide in. Miquel comes in and hacks clear just in time.
    • 75' Rosicky should have scored as he and Benayoun exchange passes on the edge of the area. The Czech tries to flick it over the advancing keeper, but he's come out well and blocks.
    • 74' Vermaelen tries to sweep one over the defence for Chamakh to run onto, but the Moroccan is offside.
    • 73' Arsenal win the freekick after a foul from Popadopoulos. Rosicky swings the ball towards the backpost, but it's cleared with ease.
    • 72' Mirallas tries to jink his way down the left channel. Half hearted attempt from Arshavin to tackle. The cross is poor and Arsenal get the goalkick.
    • 71' That's all of Arsenal's subsitutions now. They'll hope they don't get another injury...
    • 70' Arsenal Sub: Rosicky is on for Coquelin.
    • 69' It's chaos, absolute chaos in the Arsenal box, though the Greeks can't get a shot in on goal until Modesto from the edge of the area hacks miles over the bar.
    • 68' So sloppy it's incredible from Squillaci as he gives the ball away. Vermaelen heads clear to concede the corner.
    • 67' The freekick clips off Modesto then Djourou's head and is looping towards the top corner, but Mannone plucks it out of the air with ease.
    • 66' Benayoun has space in front of him to run into, but he turns into trouble and Olympiacos get it clear. Frimpong brings down Orbaiz and he needs to be very careful.
    • 64' The final ball from Arshavin is again poor as it runs straight through for Megyeri. Modesto fouls Benayoun on the halfway line and Arsenal are slowly getting some control here.
    • 63' Olympiacos sub: Fuster is replaced by Djamel Abdoun.
    • 62' Arshavin tries long for Chamakh's head, but there's too much on it and it goes out for a throw.
    • 61' Modesto is offside as he tries to run on to the through ball down the right. Frimpong pokes through a nice pass for Chamakh, but he loses out to Popadopoulos who clears with ease.
    • 60' The referee didn't like the challenge from Frimpong. He caught Torosidis as the Olympiacos captain cleared.
    • 59' Oxlade-C skips round one, but his cross is blocked by the first man. Modesto gets in ahead of Arshavin who tries a mazy run and the Greek side have it back.
    • 58' Seconds later Olympiacos should score! Mannone and Squillaci wait for each other to take charge of the ball. Neither does and Modesto heads wide from just outside the six yard box.
    • 56' Olympiacos 2-1 Arsenal - Goal! Chamakh heads the ball down for Benayoun, who passes out to Miquel. The young Spaniard clips the ball back in for Chamakh who chests down, he's possible fouled, but no matter as Benayoun smashes a lovely shot into the top corner.
    • 55' Djourou slides in against Marcano who is charging across the touchline and does well to win his side the goal kick.
    • 54' Mirallas causes all sorts of problems down the left, making Oxlade-C fall on to his backside. The corner makes its way to Djebbour who cuts inside and narrowly hits over the bar.
    • 53' Miquel came on a minute ago due to that Santos injury.
    • 52' From the corner, Mannone palms it out to Mellberg, whose left foot shot is weak and the Miquel can head clear.
    • 51' Mannone throws straight out to an Olympiacos player and Modesto in the area has another shot for the home side that's just about cleared for the corner.
    • 50' Squillaci beats Djebbour to the ball, but Vermaelen's diagonal pass doesn't reach it's target. Olympiacos break forward, Mirallas cuts in and tries his luck, but the ball clips off Djourou and into the side netting.
    • 49' Looks like Santos is limping and he's gone down holding his shin. Looks like it'll be another forced substitution.
    • 48' No Arsenal players are on the posts as the header from the corner sails narrowly wide.
    • 47' Santos with an awful header at the back post as he tries to clear. Modesto picks it up and hits straight at Mannone at the near post.
    • 46' No changes at half time for either side as Olympiacos get the game back under way.
    • 45+5' Santos takes his turn to lose the ball in a dangerous area, but it's scrambled clear. Chamakh can't keep the ball in on the left and that's it for the first half.
    • 45+3' Djourou this time does well to intercept down the right. The ball makes its way to Santos and coming from deep is Vermaelen, who heads the cross way over the bar from a difficult angle.
    • 45+2' Benayoun tries to run onto a flick from Coquelin, but he over hits the ball and Olympiacos have it back.
    • 45' Djourou gives the ball to Maniatis in his own area. He literally passes it straight to him. Maniatis looks up from the edge of the area and tries to curl one past Mannone, but it's poor and the keeper holds with ease.
    • 44' The ball comes in from the right, it's a really good ball, just a shade too heavy and it evades everyone. Five minutes stoppage time!
    • 42' Arsenal have a corner taken by Oxlade-C, but it's easily cleared at the far post. Chamakh with a terrible looking dive. It may actually have technically been a foul, bu the dive deserved to get nothing.
    • 41' From the corner Djebbour almost nods it in at the near post, but it hits the side netting. It took a touch off Chamakh and should be another corner, but not given.
    • 40' Frimpong is covering as Mirallas by the left touchline tries to swing the ball in. Djourou races back to slide clear.
    • 39' Torosidis with an excellent run down the right as he cuts inside and causes havoc in the Arsenal box. It's scrambled clear as there are shouts for a handball from the Olympiacos players.
    • 38' The quality of goalkeeping below Sczeczny for Arsenal is truly woeful! Anyway the Olympiacos fans are now in fine voice.
    • 36' Olympiacos 2-0 Arsenal - Goal! Mannone tries to kick the shot from Fuster away! He's in th area and he tried to kick away a lofted shot! He could have caught it. It all came about as he came to the edge of the area to head the ball away. Fuster did do well though from distance.
    • 35' Arsenal win the freekick as it all gets a bit scrappy. Benayoun loses the ball and Djebbour looks to break out down the left.
    • 34' Holebas is back on now, as is Coquelin....as now is Papadopoulos.
    • 33' Papadopoulos in challenging Chamakh is now the latest player to go down injured. There really didn't look to be too much in it.
    • 32' Olympiacos are incensed as the ref blows for another foul, Arsenal get it quickly back under way. Vermaelen plays a long ball up to Chamakh, who tries to bring it down on his chest, but falls over.
    • 30' Both Holebas and Coquelin make their way off the pitch temporarily. Maenwhile Oxlade-C dinks in a fantastic cross to the back post and Benayoun coming back on to it volleys wide.
    • 29' It looks like there might be another Arsenal substitution as Coquelin looks to be in real pain.
    • 28' Arsenal again lose it in midfield cheaply, again Holebas fouls as Arsenal look to take it away on the break as they regain the ball. Holebas picks up a yellow for the foul on Coquelin.
    • 27' Santos is having an argument with Holebas after the latter fouls the former. The ref gives it, but the Greeks are straight back on the attack.
    • 26' Mannone is straight into the action as he clears a backpass. An infinitely better attempt than Fabianski managed.
    • 25' Arsenal substitution: Mannone is on for the injured Fabianski.
    • 24' In other news Chelsea are already beating Valencia 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. Follow it here
    • 23' Fabianski is now down injured after clashing with Vermaelen as they both went after the same ball, which came across the six yard box. The stretcher is out...
    • 22' Mirallas with a bit of opportunism as yet another terrible Fabianski clearance goes straight to the forward. He tries to lob the keeper from 40 yards, and it goes just wide!
    • 21' Arshavin has a speculative shot from 20 odd yards and it's sliced well wide. Nice play from Santos though to cut it back.
    • 20' Arsenal win the ball back in midfield and Arshavin tries to pick out the pass, but no one making the run and it goes straight through to Megyeri.
    • 19' Marcano recieves the ball high up on the left and tries to hook in a cross, but he's off balance and it loops out for a goal kick.
    • 18' It was poor defending from Arsenal there, but a really nice finish from the Algerian.
    • 16' Olymiacos 1-0 Arsenal - Goal! There's a touch on the throughball from Squillaci then Djourou. The ball falls kindly for Djebbour and he rounds Fabianski and slots in at the near post.
    • 15' Djebbour straight up the other end with a chance, but it's forced out for a corner...it's a short one and the execution's poor, cleared at the near post.
    • 14' Frimpong plays in Chamakh, his first touch isn't great and his shot is blocked. The ball comes back to him though and he plays the ball back to Frimpong, who's shot under pressure hits the side netting!
    • 13' Santos whips in a ball across the six yard box, but Chamakh failed to get on the end of it and it rolls out for a throw.
    • 12' The Greek fans are making a constant din, especially when Arsenal are in possession. A strange match for Arsenal; an intimidating atmosphere, but with nothing to play for.
    • 11' Frimpong almost loses the ball in his own half, but Squaillaci cleans up for him and goes back to the keeper.
    • 10' Chamakh is the target, but of course the way his season's going, he fails to win it.
    • 9' Very good ball across the 6 yard box from Mirallas, but there's no one there to get on the end of it. Torosidis should win the corner, but the referee blows for a goalkick.
    • 8' Olympiacos are making a concerted effort to push up and not allow Arsenal space. It is leaving them exposed to the break though.
    • 7' Fuster chases a ball down, but Fabianski smothers. Chamakh at the other end slips in Arshavin and he's completely through. He tries to nutmeg Megyeri, but the keeper stops with his feet.
    • 6' Oxlade Chamberlain with a lovely crossfield run, Arshavin loses the ball when in a goos position. Sums the Russian up recently.
    • 5' Arsenal have the ball back, but Olympiacos are doing well to put then immediately under pressure.
    • 3' Santos now concedes the corner and it's a really sloppy start from Arsenal. Chamakh with a slip fouls Holebas. Chamakh loses the ball after Squillaci desperately clears. Papadopoulos picks up a yellow for a trip on Frimpong.
    • 2' Fabianski's first contribution is to shank a woeful clearance straight to Olympiacos. They stream forward, but Djourou does just enough to clear.
    • 1' Arsenal get us under way and they are shooting from left to right. Vermaelen receives the ball and goes long straight away.
    • 19:40 The both reams are coming out on to the pitch now. Vermaelen is captain for the night in the absence of Van Persie. If you wan to keep a track on all the night's goals in the Champions league... Come here
    • 19:35 Arsene Wenger celebrates his 200th game in European Football tonight. Quite an achievement, but he's only won 95 of those matches. Not that it's a terrible record. He's never won a European trophy with Arsenal though in 15 years.
    • 19:30 Arsene Wenger: "The first priority is to respect the competition and win our game. This is what we will try to do. I will come with a group of experienced players but I will also give a chance for young players. This is what I did against Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the Carling Cup and you have to realise that this team had responded. The goal is to meet this competition, winning our match and finish the group stage unbeaten."
    • 19:25 So for Olymiacos David Fuster does start regardless of that knock. Villa legend Mellberg plays at the heart of the defence, and he's had some success against Arsenal in his time, notably scoring the first ever competitive goal at the Emirates for his former club.
    • 19:20 Olympiacos manager Ernseto Valverde: "Our injury problems are serious in midfield but we cannot think of this. We must think of the players who will be on the pitch. It will be difficult for us, I don't know which Arsenal players will be here but whoever plays must be good because we're talking about Arsenal. They're one of the best teams in Europe and they're not coming here to let us win."
    • 19:15 So Arsenal are playing a pretty experienced team all things considered. That first 11 probably has an older average age than Wenger's first choice team. A solid defence and experience capaigners up front. Only central midfield looks inexperienced, but both Coquelin and Frimpong were impressive against Manchester City.
    • 19:10 The teams are in - Olympiacos: Megyeri, Torosidis, Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Marcano, Maniatis, David Fuster, Modesto, Mirallas, Djebbour, Holebas. Subs: Costanzo, Papazoglou, Pantelic, Fetfatzidis, Orbaiz, Potouridis, Abdoun///Arsenal: Fabianski, Djourou, Vermaelen, Squillaci, Andre Santos, Coquelin, Frimpong, Benayoun, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh, Arshavin. Subs: Mannone, Rosicky, Park, Eastmond, Miquel, Ozyakup, Yennaris.
    • 19:05 Olympiakos are without Argentine playmaker Ariel Ibagaza for this crucial clash. The former Real Mallorca man has battled with a thigh injury since early November, and will sit out the match on Tuesday night along with Ljubomir Fejsa and David Fuster, who scored for his side in London.
    • 19:00 All three clubs below Arsenal have a chance of going through. Bottom placed Dortmund can still sneak it if they can beat Marseille and Arsenal are victorious in Greece. You would have to put Olympiakos as slight favourites since they are playing an Arsenal 'B' team and Marseille will find it tough to beat the Germans.
    • 18:55 Arsenal have the included the likes of raw midfielders Emmanuel, Oguzhan Ozyakup and Craig Eastmond, defenders Ignasi Miquel and Nico Yennaris - many of whom had played in the Carling Cup defeat to Manchester City. England Under-21 international Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is expected to start.
    • 18:50 It's the final round of games in Group F tonight. Arsenal are assured of top place and therefore qualification, but Olympiacos have it all to play for. They lie in third position, but can go through if they win and Marseille fail to do so against Dortmund.
    • 18:45 Hello and welcome to Eurosport UK's live minute-by-minute coverage of the match between Olympiacos v Arsenal from the Stadio Karaiskaki.
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    Manager: Ernesto Valverde

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    Manager: Arsène Wenger

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