Wednesday May 1, 2013 Semifinal Finished Camp Nou

FC Barcelona 0 - 3 Bayern Munich

  • Robben 48’
  • Piqué 72’ (o.g.)
  • Müller 76’

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  1. Champions League - Bayern trounce Barcelona again to reach final

    Champions League - Bayern trounce Barcelona again to reach final

    Bayern Munich will contest a third Champions League final in four years after a 3-0 win over Barcelona at the Camp Nou. More

  • Live Commentary

    • FC Barcelona
    • Bayern Munich
    • - We could go on about this hammering all night - but we won't. Instead, here is a summary of the statistical records set tonight: Bayern secured the biggest semi-final aggregate win in the competition's history; Barcelona were unbeaten in last 21 Champions League home matches. Their last home defeat was a 2-1 loss against Rubin Kazan in October 2009; Barcelona were last defeated in both legs of a European knockout tie in 1987, at the hands of Dundee United
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    • 90+2 That's it! Bayern face Dortmund in the final after a 7-0 aggregate hammering of Barcelona. Wow.
    • 90+1 Mueller is fouled on the right. No sign of added time...
    • 90' Can't see much injury time being played. Surprised any is at all to be honest.
    • 88' Rafinha, who came on for Lahm to protect the Germany full-back, thrashes an effort into the side netting!
    • 87' BARCA SUB: Montoya is on for Bartra.
    • 86' Villa with a shot on goal but Neuer claims without fuss.
    • 84' Handball by Ribery but no card.
    • 82' Thiago has a pop from range but it's well off target.
    • 81' Bartra flies in to meet the corner but he heads just wide. That would count as a chance I suppose, but they just want to go home now.
    • 80' Villa tries to get in down the left but Tymoshchuk blocks for a corner.
    • 79' Robben swings over the free-kick but Barca clear that one.
    • 78' Pique fouls Mueller and is booked. For some reason he's arguing with the linesman.
    • 77' In case you were wondering, Barca now need eight goals.
    • 76' GOAL BAYERN! Deary me, it's Mueller with a far-post header after Ribery's cross once more. Barca trounced home and away.
    • 74' BAYERN SUB: Martinez is taken off as a suspension-fearing precaution, Tyhmoshchuk the entrant.
    • 73' Villa with an unmarked header but he sends it wide! Good cross by Alves but a poor finish.
    • 72' OWN GOAL PIQUE! A bit of a shocker as Ribery's cross was set to be tapped in by Mandzukic anyway but it's 0-2, 0-6 on aggregate. Horrible right-back play from Alves.
    • 71' Barca on the move now as Villa finds Pedro, who wriggles on to his right but shoots straight at Neuer.
    • 70' Robben on the right again and AGAIN Adriano shows him on to his left foot - d'oh!! - but this time he slips on shooting and Barca clear.
    • 69' Barca are making all the right noises, or they would be if this was a match that could be settled by the odd goal or three. As it happens, six isn't going to happen at this pace.
    • 68' Have had an excellent shout for Robben lookalikes - Patrick Stewart. Thanks to @JamesCoul for that.
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    • 67' Bayern now stroking it about at the back. This could be a long 25 minutes for Barca.
    • 66' BAYERN SUB: Luiz Gustavo comes on for Schweinsteiger, so big Bastian will not miss the final. Gustavo also on a booking but he's non-essential.
    • 65' Bayern clear the Barca corner and the flag is up for offside.
    • 64' BARCA SUB: Iniesta comes off for... Thiago. Still no Messi.
    • 63' Corner to Barca after Alves gets in down the right.
    • 62' You'd imagine that Lahm, Martinez and Schweinsteiger would all be taken off soon.
    • 61' Alaba with a run forward but he drags his shot well wide.
    • 60' Mueller has a dig but it hits Bartra in the chest and Barca clear.
    • 59' An aimless long ball is easy for Neuer after Boateng holds off Villa. Boateng has been marvellous.
    • 58' Iniesta cuts inside from the left but his through-ball is poor and Bayern clear.
    • 57' Ok this film is OVER, so let's play a game. Let's have some Arjen Robben lookalikes - he is a very distinct looking man, isn't he? Babies and old men welcome as suggestions. He reminds me of Stuey from Family Guy. @Reda_Eurosport
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    • 56' An Alves cross is blocked by Van Buyten but Bayern don't break this time.
    • 55' BARCA SUB: Sanchez on for Xavi. Still no Messi.
    • 54' Bayern have men over again but Robben mis-hits a flick well wide after a cross from Alaba.
    • 52' Iniesta feeds Villa, who strikes one on goal but Martinez of course is the man blocking.
    • 51' Reports are suggesting that Bayern will sell Robben this summer after one of his more 'mercurial' seasons. I would say keep the little man, unless of course you replace him with Bale or similar.
    • 50' Barcelona need SIX goals now. That, my friends, is the end of that.
    • 49' GAME SET AND MATCH BAYERN! Fantastic curling strike from Robben as he cut inside Adriano from the right. What a strike into the top left!
    • 48' Early corner for Bayern but an easy catch for Valdes.
    • 47' Mueller with a good challenge and run but he runs out of steam.
    • 46' The second half is back underway!
    • - The rumours were just rumours - no Messi that I can see. Boo! Hiss!
    • - @FadyK85: "Barca are not even fighting for pride. No ideas, no teamwork, no good efforts, too much passing. Team needs big shake-up." ; @EMAD_UK_ " No messi No party ;("
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    • - Rumours that Messi is coming on at half time...
    • - As ever, pump your own views and titbits from the first half my way. on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport.
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    • 45+1 That booking was the half's last act, goalless, Bayern in cruise control as if they ever weren't.
    • 45+1 Alves is booked for that foul, even though he is feigning injury himself.
    • 45' A Pedro cross bypasses a strandd Neuer but also Villa and Bayern bring it clear. Now a late one from Alves on Schweinsteiger....
    • 44' Pedro fouls Schweinsteiger and Barca's momentum has gone. Bayern doing a very good job stifling them.
    • 43' Adriano with a quick throw but Villa can't take it down and Bayern have a goal kick.
    • 42' Cute passing from Barca until Boateng puts a size 11 through the ball ahead of Villa.
    • 41' Almost a purposeful run by Pedro down the left but his cross is cleared before Villa can pounce. Meanwhile an Alves cross is blown towards goal but again Neuer is there.
    • 40' Easy save for Neuer as Adriana ran from halfway before scuffing a low shot straight at the Bayern keeper.
    • 39' Alves weaves in and out of Alaba but great play by Ribery to ease him off the ball.
    • 38' Bayern have everyone behind the ball right now as they look to stifle Barca.
    • 37' Good defending by Martinez to get goal-side of Iniesta's flick, outmuscling him to let it roll behind for a goal kick.
    • 36' Mueller fouls Pedro, who makes a meal of it and is helped up by the Germany forward. Barca will start play-acting at some point tonight, expect it and don't act shocked.
    • 35' Alves is, as you'd expect, playing as a winger now, which leaves Barca open to the counter - as they are now, Robben coming forward before hitting a shot that spoons up off Bartra and away for a throw. Should have gone for Mandzukic!
    • 34' Barca have had 58% possession according to UEFA; we have it closer to 55 but you get the idea.
    • 33' Fabregas releases Iniesta, who beats one man with a shimmy but gets greedy and tries to work the shot when he had Pedro and Villa showing well for him.
    • 32' Robben and Song collide and the referee decides that the Dutchman went in a bit high and books him.
    • 31' Almost a nicely worked move from Barca as cute passing allows Xavi to stride into the right, his low cross met by Fabregas but poked wide.
    • 30' A nice Barca counter stalls as Pedro whips in a cross that Neuer reads well to claim to chest. Villa was well placed had Pedro crossed with more accuracy.
    • 29' Pique again sweeps up, as he will be required to do with Xavi playing further forward and Song likely to stray upfield.
    • 28' Barca think Fabregas was pushed in the back by Lahm as he met that Alves cross - which had no impact on his poor finish, but he feels it should have been a penalty. I'm not sure.
    • 27' WHAT A MISS FOM XAVI! Fabregas with the flick-on from Alves's cross, but Xavi volleys over from eight yards! If that was on target...
    • 26' Valdes with a rushed clearance after Mueller pressurises Bartra into a backpass. No real danger though.
    • 25' Xavi's corner drops for Pedro on the edge of the box but this time the shot is blocked. Now Alves crosses but Alaba nods it away from a lurking Pique, with Barca having a corner.
    • 24' Pedro hits a rising drive from range and while Neuer has it covered he decides it's not woth the risk and tips the ball over for a corner.
    • 24' But the move again breaks down, although Bayern don't play it out from the back as Neuer elects to go long with his clearance.
    • 23' Robben gives it away on the right and Barca can build again. Alves now on the other flank before Pique brings it forward like he does...
    • 22' A waste from Alves, who mis-directed his cross out of touch.
    • 21' Martinez plays a long ball that Valdes reads but the Spanish midfielder appeared to run it out first.
    • 20' Barca on the move now as this match really picks up, but Boateng and co are ready for Villa and bring it clear.
    • 19' BRILLIANT TACKLE PIQUE AGAIN! Bayern swept through on the break, Lahm sent through after super one-touch play with Schweinsteiger and Robben, but Pique somehow lunges in to bring the ball away. Super challenge!
    • 18' Iniesta on the run but Bayern have strength in numbers, very much set up deep for the counter-attack.
    • 17' The ball is swung in, half-cleared to Robben who pokes it back into the box only for Mandzukic to be caught offside.
    • 16' Great run by Ribery, who leaves Xavi for dead before trying a one-two but Bartra clobbers him and it's a Bayern free-kick on the left.
    • 15' The game has very much sparked into life now as Barca come forward in waves. but Mandzukic wins the ball in midfield and Bayern break..
    • 14' Suddenly it's end to end as Alves hares down the right, but Fabregas is too late arriving and the Brazilian's cut-back is cleared.
    • 13' Now Bayern break and Robben could be in, decent cross but it's behind Mandzukic, there are men over but Barca get it clear!
    • 12' Barcelona go down the other end and win a corner. Xavi puts it in but Adriano's effort is well off target.
    • 11' Schweinsteiger with a glorious pass over the top to release Robben, who was in his own half when the ball was played. No way is that offside, so anyone with his hand in the air doesn't know the rules, but Pique gets back brilliantly anyway to slide in and block the shot, which squirms into Valdes's arms.
    • 10' A Barca attack is halted by Robben, who accidentally handballs as it spins off his heel on to his hand. Harsh decision, his arm was literally at his side. Bartra heads well over from the subsequent Xavi free-kick.
    • 9' Free-kick to Bayern on the left after Alves clumsily halts Ribery. Robben swings it deep but it's a touch too deep as Mueller can only head out for a goal kick. Adriano a bit heavy with the challenge but the ref walks on.
    • 8' Fabregas almost squeezes past Van Buyten but, via the Belgian's heel, Boateng gets hold of it, Bayern play their way out of trouble and they almost have a shot on goal as Ribery's effort is blocked.
    • 7' Lahm trips Pedro deep in the Barca half. Feels weird watching Barca play a big game without Messi - am sure the great man feels the same!
    • 6' Iniesta does well tracking back to rob Robben as he prepared to shoot from the edge of the box.
    • 5' Alves with a cross-turned-shot that is plucked out from under the far corner by Neuer.
    • 4' Pedestrian start from both sides with Bayern looking livelier so far - Mandzukic almost bundles through into the box after good play from Mueller, but the hosts get it back to Valdes by what looked like an Alves backpass.
    • 3' Adriano with a shove in Robben's back as the two renowned aerial warriors duel for a high ball.
    • 2' You wouldn't expect a frantic start from Barca, whatever the circumstances, but you would like a tiny bit of urgency. Pretty timid so far.
    • 1' Mueller is caught offside from a Mandzukic flick, about a yard off in the end.
    • 1' The first half is underway. Can Barca do it?
    • 19:41 @incakolanews: "Messi benched = Tito being realistic. Pretty clear that 1) Messi still not 100% 2) Barca's chance slim. Fight another day." ; @Cramhead: "I feel like they don't think they need him and don't want to injure him, but they'll put him in if they're not scoring" - have your say on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport.
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    • 19:40 FACTS: Barcelona’s 4-0 defeat in Munich in the first-leg was their heaviest in a Champions League game since their defeat by the same scoreline against Dinamo Kiev back in November 1997. Not only has no side overturned such a deficit, but Barca have only won once in seven matches against Bayern, who are on the brink of a third final in four years.
    • 19:35 Jupp Heynckes: "We can't think about negative scenarios. We have a very clear idea of the game we want to play and I will explain it in detail to my players. I am a positive person, I never think negatively and I trust my team completely."
    • 19:30 Tito Vilanova: "If there's a team that can make life difficult for teams (in this situation) it's Barcelona. But if we fail, we have to have fought until the end as we always have in recent years."
    • 19:25 So what do you make of the decision to drop Messi to the bench? Is he still injured from that first leg against PSG, or just burnt out? I doubt he'd be dropped for training poorly, and he's not exactly known to argue with coaches. Any tactical reasons will be discounted unless convincing beyond doubt. Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport.
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    • 19:20 SUSPENSION WATCH: Song and Gerard Pique are a booking away from a suspension that would rule them out of the final, in the unlikely event of a 4-0 plus Barca win.
    • 19:15 SUSPENSION WATCH: Bayern had a suspension crisis last season, and this is no difference. No-one is banned tonight, but Javi Martinez, Mario Gomez, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Luiz Gustavo, Dante and Philipp Lahm are all a booking away from a ban. Perhaps explains why Gomez, Gustavo and Dante - who has had a cold recently - are benched.
    • 19:10 Messi aside, Barcelona were always going to make a few changes, with Jordi Alba suspended and Sergio Busquets out with a groin strain. As a result Alex Song and Adriano start, with Marc Bartra continuing at centre-half as Carles Puyol and Javier Mascherano both struggle with injury. Eric Abidal is out with a minor calf strain.
    • 19:05 So it's not just Barcelona who make a key change, although Bayern's switch is less dramatic - defender Dante is benched with Jerome Boateng and Daniel van Buyten the centre-halves tonight. Mario Mandzukic is preferred to Mario Gomez too.
    • 19:00 TEAMS - Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Bartra, Adriano, Song, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Pedro, Villa; Subs: Pinto, Montoya, Thiago, Jonathan dos Santos, Sanchez, Messi, Tello /// Bayern: Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Van Buyten, Alaba, Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Mueller, Robben, Ribery, Mandzukic; Starke, Dante, Tymoshchuk, Shaqiri, Rafinha, Luiz Gustavo, Gomez
    • 18:55 In case you didn't see it top of our website, Lionel Messi is only on the bench for this big match. He has been struggling with his fitness this past few weeks, and has not made the cut tonight. Cesc Fabregas starts in his place.
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    • 18:50 Given the nature of this tie - Bayern winning the first leg 4-0 - it would be easy to say it's all over. But given the nature of the hosts, you cannot discount it. For Barcelona to get through though they would have to make history - no-one has lost a 4-0 lead in the European Cup.
    • 18:45 Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Champions League semi-final second leg between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, kick-off at 19:45 UK time.
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  1. ... the coach of barca is so bad he puts in like the­ BADDEST player of the time like: Bartra ... sooo bad­ but still barcelona is the best! 3 champions leauge and­ Bayern 1

    From Rami, on Fri 3 May 20:21
  2. yeah what a great result... they beat a barca half­ team. the rest of players was just too tired after all­ the great seasons, without motivation... borussia will­ crush them!

    From Albu, on Fri 3 May 19:00
  3. @almasi 311 Platini has nothing to do with the two­ German teams in the final. they simple beat the two­ Spanish teams hence a all German final. Why can't­ people give credit where credit is due SMH!!!!!.­ Congrats to the two German teams that made in the­ final. After all i am sick of hearing Barca and Madrid­ all the time its like a broken record in fact i wish­ both Barca and Real never make it to the finals of this­ competition for the next 50 years. We also need to give­ other teams a chance as well.

    From , on Thu 2 May 11:56
  4. Great performance by Bayern ,what a team!! Team play is­ what football is all about!! thank you bayern for­ reminding us about that. I would pay billions to see­ Messi playing in Seria A or English Premier League­ hehe. RESPECT FOR BAYERN!!!

    From Cronick, on Thu 2 May 6:30
  5. Wata circus!,english they were very happy when it was­ annouced first match of semi final both spanish giants­ will play away they thought wooow our wembley 150­ anniversary it will be fantastic to have both spanish­ giants into the final but hahahaha platini very clever­ n he knows how to spoil the party instead he screwed­ wembley 150 anniversary by giving ingilaterra two­ german teams as very good present hahahaha,thank you­ platini&co

    From Almasi Fact, on Thu 2 May 1:40
  6. Arsenal didn't do too bad......just not good­ enough. Maybe next year................;-)

    From wiggins, on Thu 2 May 0:31
  7. @Hermann The German come out of the closet you have­ officially been exposed.

    From , on Thu 2 May 0:21
  8. BARCA !!!! Your POSESSION is a piece of #$%$ in front­ of BAYERN !!!!!! How worth is your passing style and­ TIKITAKA or even your boring football ?? Please change­ your squad and your tactic so the foootball tactic­ won't become BORING and i think this two maches is a­ pretty damn GOOD LESSON for you, BARCELONA !!!!!!!!

    From Khe Jia ming, on Wed 1 May 23:52
  9. Barca was made Bayern's #$%$ What a spanking

    From Antoine, on Wed 1 May 23:47
  10. i have enjoyed some great football over these two legs,­ Byern Munich just destroyed Barcelona, and what happend­ to Messi you could only say Barcelona were messy

    From robert, on Wed 1 May 22:57
  11. I just can't believe Barca couldn't score even­ a goal at Camp Nou...this is the year of the Germans.­ Both teams are very very very good. The finals would be­ a delight to watch. Bravo Borussia D. and Bayern M.

    From Eb-Nchenge De Haan, on Wed 1 May 22:10
  12. a dego free final ... superb

    From Lucifer, on Wed 1 May 22:07
  13. Most FB fans would have noticed that no Barca player­ drppped dead at the first hint of physical contact­ tonight. Is it because they were behind 0-4 ? ­ Normally when their opponents are chasing the game,­ they all drop dead all thr time. All this possession­ worth nothing. No goals over 3 hours

    From LOUIS, on Wed 1 May 22:06
  14. Neo,some people can see further than the others,by­ almasi

    From Almasi Fact, on Wed 1 May 21:59
  15. #280, Terry, which 70s sitcom are you living in? ­ Nazis? Seriously, mate, the world's moved on­ since then, perhaps you ought to give it a try too!

    From Magpie, on Wed 1 May 21:57
  16. Huraaaah Bayern! Let Barca fans live the experience of­ what they're fond of doing to others. I hope they­ have a good night's sleep.

    From The Hunter, on Wed 1 May 21:55
  17. It's not titos fault man got to follow instructions­ from the big boys people come on

    From Almasi Fact, on Wed 1 May 21:54
  18. Good football demonstration and spanking from the­ Germans! The refs refused to assist Barca this time­ around,and you see the score? 7-0!

    From The Hunter, on Wed 1 May 21:52
  19. #$%$ Hermann The German, you have not met my wife so­ keep her out of your post. Listen mate i have a wife­ you have a boyfriend dirty #$%$.

    From , on Wed 1 May 21:51
  20. Uefa committe very powerful even mourinho doesnt say­ much nowadays after was given few awards but in other­ way round its bribe but let's call it awards but­ follow wat we r saying otherwise u will be­ humiliated,damn devil curse on you

    From Almasi Fact, on Wed 1 May 21:51
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