Saturday October 23, 2010 Day 13 Finished Keepmoat Stadium

Doncaster Rovers 2 - 0 Sheffield United

  • Coppinger 33’
  • Sharp 42’

  1. Doncaster defeat hapless Blades

    Doncaster defeat hapless Blades

    First-half goals from James Coppinger and Billy Sharp steered Doncaster Rovers to their first home victory over Sheffield United since 1983. More

  • Live Commentary

    • Doncaster Rovers
    • Sheffield United
    • 90+3' FULL TIME: A deserved victory for Doncaster. They'll delighted with the result and pleased with the way it came. A good performance from the hosts!
    • 90+3' Dumbuya wins a throw on the byline in the dying moments.
    • 90+2' Time ticking away with Doncaster in possession.
    • 90+1' Slew does well to cut back from the byline - it breaks to Yeates on the edge of the box but his shot is tame and saved with ease.
    • 90' Three minutes of stoppages to play out.
    • 89' Ward brings down O'Connor as he tries to latch on to a through ball.
    • 88' Ward looks for a penalty after being toppled in the box by Coppinger - perhaps he had a point but the referee waves play on.
    • 87' Yeates trudges back after conceding a free kick - Sullivan ambles over to take this one and get the ball well upfield.
    • 86' Calve plays in Ward but with his back to goal there's little he can do - the Doncaster defence has held firm.
    • 84' Slew immediately into a little space but Dumbuya is calmness personified to force an error and clear for Rovers.
    • 83' Last change for the Blades - Slew replaces Cresswell.
    • 83' Thumping shot from Calve from outside the box - looked dangerous but it was blocked on the edge of the area.
    • 82' O'Driscoll is still quite animated on the touchline as Doncaster look to close this out. Are Sheffield United missing the presence of their manager?
    • 81' Time running out for the Blades - they've had plenty of possession in the second half but they look like a side struggling for goals.
    • 79' Final Doncaster change - Woods replaced by Hird.
    • 78' HAYTER CLOSE! Absolutely should have scored after that Coppinger delivery, but no - it was offside in any case.
    • 77' Martis off, Lockwood on for Doncaster.
    • 76' Messy in the Doncaster box! Yeates makes another good cross and the ball falls into a dangerous position but Cresswell fouled Martis.
    • 75' CRESSWELL MISSES A GREAT CHANCE! It's a terrific ball from Yeates and Cresswell makes a mess of his free header to glance wide. Should have hit the target, and should have thrown his side a lifeline with a quarter of an hour remaining!
    • 74' Martis gives away a free kick in a good spot for the visitors and looks to be a bit sore after that one.
    • 73' Ward has been a handful since his introduction and he pops up again on the left, testing Mills.
    • 72' Good ball almost finds Ward - he gets a head on it but that steers the ball beyond his reach - goal kick.
    • 71' United have grown a bit stronger as the half wears on but they have two problems - they're not making any clear-cut chances, and there's a sense that Doncaster are still relatively comfortable, ready to step up a level if required.
    • 70' Yeates plays another useful ball into the Doncaster penalty area and Mills has to make a no-nonsense clearance to release the pressure.
    • 69' United break - Ward to Yeates, Yeates with a shot on his left, but straight to Sullivan!
    • 69' Impressive pace from De Laet as he gets going down the left - and it's an equally impressive tackle from Stock to stop him in his tracks.
    • 68' Sullivan only gets a faint touch on the ball but he's lucky that it pushes the ball on to Morgan's head - goal kick.
    • 67' Shiels gives away a useful free kick on the left with a poor challenge.
    • 66' A long clearance almost transforms into a great pass for Hayter, but not to be. The Blades can try to venture forward again.
    • 65' Yeates drives down the left and wins a throw on the byline for the visitors.
    • 64' STOCK OVER THE BAR! It was a super move and a first real look at how quick Dumbuya is - the ball is played in to Shiels and held up for Stock, but he drills high.
    • 63' Coppinger has briefly switched to the left but gives away a throw there to the Blades.
    • 62' Good play gets Oster into some space on the left but the move loses impetus.
    • 61' Yeates and Ward cannot quite link up there and as Doncaster break from that Hayter wins a free kick from Nosworthy.
    • 60' Goal kick for Sullivan as Doncaster clear. Sheffield United have been better in the second half, but that's currently keeping the score the same rather than getting the Blades back into contention.
    • 59' De Laet will look to send a long throw into the middle for the visitors - there are appeals for handball when the ball comes in but the referee is not remotely interested.
    • 58' Ertl off, Lowton on for the Blades. That's youth in place of experience as they look for a way back into the game.
    • 57' Decent cross from Ward dealt with by the Doncaster defenders. A second change is being lined up by Gary Speed.
    • 56' Coppinger loses out on the flank and the Blades have a throw and look to get moving.
    • 55' Good play from Doncaster - Hayter holding it up well to get Doncaster on the move. Shiels slams the ball across towards Dumbuya but once again he's sent off to chase a lost cause.
    • 54' Bizarre backpass from Martis and it takes a cool head from Sullivan to connect with a clearance.
    • 53' Good noise at the stadium as both sets of fans try to rouse their fans for the second half.
    • 52' Stock, not for the first time, looks to set Dumbuya free down the right - but again, just a little too far in front of him this time.
    • 51' CHANCE FOR WARD IMMEDIATELY! Good flick into his path by Cresswell and Ward chips low over Sullivan but just wide of the far post!
    • 51' Early second half change - Jamie Ward replaces the ineffectual Bogdanovic for the Blades.
    • 50' Calve takes a long throw down the right hand side to try to get United upfield.
    • 49' Hopeful set piece forward in Cresswell's direction goes out for a goal kick.
    • 48' Sheffield United have only scored 9 goals from 12 games this season - they need two in 45 minutes to rescue this one.
    • 47' The ball being hoofed from one end to the other. Hayter ruled offside chasing one of these lengthy clearances.
    • 45' The second half begins - and Sheffield United kick off!
    • 45+3' HALF TIME: That's the last action of the first half! Doncaster deservedly lead - they found quality to match their possession in the latter stages and Sheffield United have been a distant second best. Join us in a few minutes to see if the Blades can try to turn things around.
    • 45+3' Sheffield United win a free kick in their own half. No prizes for guessing what Simonsen will do.
    • 45+2' Replays show that Sharp pulled out with a hamstring problem. He's extremely upset - and he won't even make it to half time - Dean Shiels replaces him.
    • 45+2' Dumbuya picks up a booking for a clumsy challenge which gives the Blades a useful set piece.
    • 45+1' Sharp looks in a little pain after a sprint - he's shaking his head. Is his day over?
    • 45' Three minutes of stoppage time to be played.
    • 44' Good ball from Woods and Oster tries to flick a header on but it's too high!
    • 43' Nosworthy brings down Sharp for a useful free kick on the right hand side as Doncaster look to end the half on a high.
    • 42' SHARP SCORES! 'FAT LAD FROM SHEFFIELD' IT SAYS ON HIS SHIRT! Mills with a dangerous cross and Simonsen makes a good save from Hayter only to parry it into Sharp's path! Good striker's finish, and the United fan makes sure not to celebrate it!
    • 40' Britton picks out Ertl with a delicate cross but the Austrian is a long way out and his header is poorly controlled.
    • 39' O'Connor gets Doncaster on the move, but soon the ball comes bouncing back the back four's way.
    • 38' Bold set piece from Sheffield United - floated out of the box towards Yeates, who does well to control a volley. Another corner for the visitors.
    • 37' Poor long ball from Doncaster this time - Woods long.
    • 36' Simonsen clears long... again - United are playing hit-and-hope - which is a shame because when they have played the ball on the ground they've looked better.
    • 35' Almost a break for Sharp! Coppinger's cross took a deflection and that made it a two-horse race between Sharp and Simonsen - but the keeper gets there first this time!
    • 34' That's five goals this season for Coppinger, who's been one of the better players in the first half.
    • 33' COPPINGER SCORES! THE HOSTS ARE AHEAD! Billy Sharp swaps passes with him and Coppinger applies a cool finish low into the far corner!
    • 32' Clever-looking set piece sees Oster try to flick a cross in - but no luck.
    • 31' The home crowd tries to rouse Doncaster but while they're playing their game further upfield they aren't creating clear-cut opportunities.
    • 30' Oster tries a short ball through to Woods but United clear - narrowly over and the hosts are held up once more. Then Sharp sees a header from a difficult angle go wide.
    • 29' Stock follows up witha good ball from the right hand side and that was a dangerous one - goes out for a goal kick nonetheless though.
    • 28' Nice shape to the delivery from Woods but Nosworthy gets to the header first.
    • 28' Free kick for the hosts from a set piece about halfway into the United half.
    • 27' Out for a goal kick at the Doncaster end. Still a disjointed encounter here at the Keepmoat.
    • 26' Hayter is a little woozy here and he's coming off briefly - but no suggestion he'll be substituted.
    • 25' Morgan caught Hayter with an elbow there as they both went up for the ball. Looks to have been an accident but the Doncaster man needs some treatment.
    • 24' Calve eventually clears as Sharp finds the ball at his feet in the box - the turn and shot does not quite come, and United escape.
    • 23' A no-nonsense clearance frm Morgan very nearly breaks for Bogdanovic, but it's shepherded back to Sullivan in goal.
    • 22' Coppinger plays a clumsy, heavy pass as Doncaster look to break and that stops their momentum dead.
    • 21' Stephen Quinn picked up a booking for the tackle two minutes ago which the referee played advantage for.
    • 20' Nosworthy has to concede a corner this time as the pressure continues from the hosts.
    • 19' Advantage played for Doncaster though it takes them a little while to make any use of it - it's a good cross on the left from Mills and it takes Morgan to head away the danger - corner for Doncaster!
    • 18' Britton spots a little space on the left and sends the ball out there for De Laet and just as the cross is set to come in from the left the assistant referee raises his flag.
    • 17' Stock plays the ball right to Dumbuya - he's been looking for that ball at every opportunity.
    • 16' It's been a scrappy first quarter of an hour but both sides are beginning to settle.
    • 15' Good ball in from Yeates but no Blades player can get close enough to it and the ball goes out at the far post.
    • 14' Yeates tries to drive Sheffield United forward but then turns and goes backwards. De Laet does better - he's brought down on the charge for a set piece in a good position.
    • 13' Throw in from the halfway line for United - Richie De Laet winds up for a long one. It gets to Quinn whose cross is cleared.
    • 12' Sharp tries to makes omething from nothing with that ball in - Nosworthy blocks - then Oster has a fierce strike which goes narrowly wide from 20 yards!
    • 11' Hayter goes down in a challenge with Nosworthy. It's not tidy stuff by the Sunderland loanee but Nosworthy gets away with that one.
    • 10' Calve's long throw is headed out once again but United gain some yards down the right. Scrappy.
    • 9' Doncaster have started the better of the two sides - but Coppinger cannot keep that ball in play. Simonsen can hoof long for the visitors once again.
    • 8' Good ball from Stock towards Dumbuya surging down the wing, but he's not quite quick enough to get to that one.
    • 7' A first-time cross from Calve looks as if it might be a dangerous one but it ends up easy for Mills to clear.
    • 6' Dumbuya runs out of options on the right hand side and Quinn can make the interception and clearance for United.
    • 5' COPPINGER FORCES A SAVE! It's a good hit and it requires Simonsen to get down well to his right to deny him from distance!
    • 4' Neither side has settled on the ball at all. Neil Sullivan walks the ball out of goal to take a long goal kick.
    • 3' Another chance Simonsen to kick Sheffield United upfield. It's been route one in these early exchanges.
    • 2' Long free kick lumped forward from the Blades - no threat to the Doncaster defence.
    • 1' WOODS CLOSE! Early warning for the visitors as he flashes a long ranger just a foot wide of the post!
    • 1' Away we go!
    • 17:13 The players are heading out on to the field - kick off is only moments away.
    • 17:10 Gary Speed is serving a touchline ban so the Sheffield United manager will have to watch from the stands.
    • 17:05 Doncaster are struggling for defenders but the Blades need to watch out for Billy Sharp of Doncaster - he's their top scorer this season with five goals already. And he's a lifelong Blades fan!
    • 17:00 TEAMS - Doncaster: Sullivan, Dumbuya, O'Connor, Martis, Mills, Coppinger, Oster, Stock, Martin Woods, Hayter, Sharp Subs: Gary Woods, Lockwood, Wilson, Hird, Webster, Shiels /// Sheff Utd: Simonsen, Calve, Nosworthy, Morgan, De Laet, Cresswell, Ertl, Quinn, Yeates, Britton, Bogdanovic Subs: Wright, Taylor, Ward, Bartley, James, Lowton, Slew
    • 16:55 Sheffield United won their last game against Hull to stop a run of four games without a win. Can they continue their revival with another game in Yorkshire?
    • 16:50 Before the day started Doncaster sat in the relative comfort of 14th with four wins, four draws and four defeats. Less happy times at Bramall Lane where Gary Speed's men are 17th, but just a point behind their hosts.
    • 16:45 Hello and welcome to LIVE updates from the action at Keepmoat Stadium where Doncaster Rovers host Sheffield United in the Championship.
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  • Line-up

    Live Team Line-Up

    • Starting line-up

      • N. Sullivan
      • M. Dumbuya Yellow Card
      • J. O'Connor
      • S. Martis Substitution Out (76′)
      • J. Mills
      • J. Oster
      • B. Stock
      • J. Coppinger Goal
      • M. Woods Substitution Out (80′)
      • J. Hayter
      • B. Sharp Goal Substitution Out (45′)


      • M. Wilson
      • D. Shiels Substitution In45′
      • A. Lockwood Substitution In76′
      • S. Hird Substitution In80′
      • G. Woods
      • B. Webster
    • Starting line-up

      • S. Simonsen
      • J. Calvé
      • N. Nosworthy
      • C. Morgan
      • R. De Laet
      • J. Ertl Substitution Out (58′)
      • M. Yeates
      • R. Cresswell Substitution Out (83′)
      • S. Quinn Yellow Card
      • L. Britton
      • D. Bogdanovic Substitution Out (51′)


      • R. Wright
      • A. Taylor
      • J. Ward Substitution In51′
      • K. Bartley
      • M. Lowton Substitution In58′
      • K. James
      • J. Slew Substitution In83′
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