Monday April 1, 2013 Day 40 Finished St. Andrew's

Birmingham City 2 - 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers

  • Elliott 55’ (pen.), 90’
  • Hunt 20’
  • Ebanks-Blake 27’, 37’ (pen.)

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    • Wolverhampton Wanderers

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      Yellow Card 1.7 -
      2.7 -
      2.7 -
      3.3 -
      4.5 -
      Goals ×2 Yellow Card 3.3 -
      2.7 -
      Substitution Out82′ 3.3 -
      Substitution Out78′ 3 -
      5.3 -
      1.5 -
      Substitution In82′ 1.5 -
      Substitution In78′ 4 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      6.3 -
      6 -
      Yellow Card 6.3 -
      6.8 -
      Yellow Card 8.2 -
      Yellow Card 6.3 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out58′ 6.3 -
      6.3 -
      Goal Substitution Out87′ 8.4 -
      Goals ×2 Substitution Out64′ 8 -
      7.4 -
      Substitution In58′ 8.5 -
      Substitution In87′ 7.5 -
      Substitution In64′ 8.5 -

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  1. No 17 dangermouse. Like I said, at least we have­ experienced some success during the clubs history.­ Blues to my knowledge have never won anything other­ than a mickey mouse cup which must stand all on its own­ in a shoe box.

    From Boddo, on Fri 5 Apr 16:36
  2. Aghh those were the days!! waving snot ridden hankys­ while wearing your flat cap and brylcreem..baggy shorts­ and leather studs..since then your biggest achievment­ is getting relegated...happy days !!

    From Dangermouse, on Fri 5 Apr 12:20
  3. No 15 dangermouse. At least Wolves have had a period in­ their history when they have won something !!!

    From Boddo, on Thu 4 Apr 8:04
  4. You didn't answer the question bozzo....and­ certainly no more lonely than that pea sized brain­ rattling around in that large head....

    From Dangermouse, on Wed 3 Apr 17:36
  5. Hi dangermouse. Bet that trophy's a bit lonely­ mate. Must sit in its own cabinet about 24" square­ and the cabinet was probably donated.

    From Boddo, on Wed 3 Apr 8:28
  6. Maybe they could chip in a buy you a brain????Major­ trophy won year before last.. Blues 2 Arsenal 1 ...when­ was yours snotrocket?......

    From Dangermouse, on Tue 2 Apr 13:57
  7. I think the Wolves board should club together and buy­ Blues a trophy cabinet, shouldn't cost too much.

    From Boddo, on Tue 2 Apr 13:40
  8. No pride no passion thanks Carson for making our team a­ laughing stock again

    From nosieblue, on Mon 1 Apr 23:01
  9. once again blues you are so predictable,beat palace­ away and then lose at home to a struggling side who­ cannot score goals unless it blues and they get 3.blues­ u r c**p.

    From Colin, on Mon 1 Apr 19:04
  10. BCFC.....masters at the art of disappointing.

    From Neil, on Mon 1 Apr 16:09
  11. Birmingham shity more like beat a team like palace at­ their ground and then get beat by struggling wolves. ­ middle of the table finish for blues.promotion no­ chance with this team.thank god I never wasted my money­ today.well at least with my entrance fee to day I can­ hire some dvds and watch something more interesting. ­ next season my entrance fees go towards re-decorating­ my house where I,ll have something to show for my­ money. bye blues linger in championship for a few more­ seasons, with this team and a overated goalkeeper ­ that's where'll stay FROM AN E 50 YR OLD­ LIFE SUPPORTER OF BLUES -NO LONGER.--M.C.WOLF

    From Stephen Bennett, on Mon 1 Apr 15:57
  12. Blues 0 Wolves 1 !

    From un_too_slow, on Mon 1 Apr 15:26
  13. cm.on u woflers

    From SAM LANGSTON, on Mon 1 Apr 15:12
  14. Come on wanderes fan get behind em tday

    From Simon, on Mon 1 Apr 14:05
  15. Five at the back five in midfeild ,,,,,for ­ me defend in numbers we carnt afford to ­ loes this ,,,,, we are not far off gettin ­ out of it

    From Simon, on Mon 1 Apr 14:03
  16. Come on Wolves. Got a good record here, let's keep­ it going and stay in The championship.

    From un_too_slow, on Mon 1 Apr 14:01
  17. ...........blues have won one more away game than they­ have at home.....they need the crowd behind­ them....come on city.............buster gut

    From buster gut, on Sun 31 Mar 20:58
  18. Never mind the fixture list, if Wolves can win this­ they will survive. Blues have had an extra day to­ prepare than Wolves.

    From Boddo, on Sat 30 Mar 19:03
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