Sunday December 2, 2012 Day 20 Finished Turf Moor

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    • Burnley
    • Blackburn Rovers

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      4.3 -
      6.6 -
      Yellow Card 4.3 -
      6 -
      4.9 -
      Substitution Out75′ 5.9 -
      6.9 -
      Substitution Out86′ 4.3 -
      5.6 -
      6.3 -
      Substitution Out75′ 5.9 -
      Substitution In86′ Goal 9.8 -
      Substitution In75′ 9.5 -
      Substitution In75′ 3.5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      7.4 -
      5.4 -
      6.9 -
      6.4 -
      5.6 -
      Yellow Card 6.3 -
      6.6 -
      6.9 -
      Substitution Out55′ 7 -
      6.9 -
      Goal 7.7 -
      Substitution In55′ 4.2 -

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  1. It's that mad Rhodes AGAIN

    From Scenicman, on Sun 2 Dec 17:01
  2. When I saw that we were getting beat with 5 mins to go­ I was so angry that I tore up my Burnley home top. Then­ I go for a dump and when I get back we equalise!! I­ wish I did not tear my top now! I bought it back in the­ 80's as well!! We should sell Austin now because he­ did not bang a single goal in this game!! But anyway..­ brb as I am touching cloth again! Must have been that­ Bhuna I had this morning. Was very spicy!!

    From , on Sun 2 Dec 14:46
  3. Blackburn just cannot cure themselves of that disease­ of letting the opposition score in injury time, had­ they not done that last year we would have finished­ half way up the league.

    From Frank, on Sun 2 Dec 14:43
  4. Berg out you don't know what you are doing can not­ believe they gave him the job draws are not good enough­ if we are to get out of this league

    From Gary, on Sun 2 Dec 14:23
  5. Noooo 1-1. Well at least that's better than I­ expected!! Away from home as well!!

    From , on Sun 2 Dec 14:19
  6. i cant believe #$%$ rangers-elgin game gets put on sky­ and they dont bother with this massive derby. if anyone­ has had the delights of watchin and under 10s game and­ loved it then sky sports 1 is the channel for you, just­ cos its rangers. it shouldnt matter anymore there a­ #$%$ division 3 team now and should never be shown on­ tv again. people at sky u should get ur priorities­ sorted out, or is it just the fact that its not a­ manchester club or a london club, ur a bunch of­ benders.......right im done

    From jimmy, on Sun 2 Dec 14:14
  7. Get out the Rhode cos JORDAN'S COMING THROUGH!! I­ knew a rotation of players would do the boys all the­ good!!

    From , on Sun 2 Dec 14:05
  8. bit of a comedown on this game as no live streams and­ no live commentary on here what is going on this is one­ of the biggest local games in the championship....

    From andrew, on Sun 2 Dec 12:56
  9. Massive Game!

    From Business Owners Direct, on Sun 2 Dec 12:13
  10. what a blooy shame it aint on sky ive looked on every­ sporting channel to try and get it on its a derby for­ goods sake

    From RITA, on Sun 2 Dec 12:10
  11. 33 years

    From Paula, on Sun 2 Dec 11:04
  12. COME ON U MIGHTY CLARETS !!! down here in Toulouse­ celebrating already !! Good Luck Burnley from the­ Toulouse Clarets NO NAY NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

    From David, on Sun 2 Dec 9:41
  13. Come on Dafty cant loose tommorow???? playing golf­ lunch time give me a ring with the score's.

    From steve f, on Sat 1 Dec 16:28
  14. Come on Dafty cant loose tommorow???? playing golf­ lunch time give me a ring with the score's.

    From steve f, on Sat 1 Dec 16:27
  15. Dingles very very quite this week think there not that­ sure they can do it even the way the superblues are­ playing??

    From steve f, on Sat 1 Dec 9:47
  16. ŁGeo, so its 33 yrs is it since you won the derby­ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm didn't think it was that long?? ­ Your lot better turn up Sunday!!!!!!

    From steve f, on Fri 30 Nov 19:15
  17. Hi Łgeo, done it already its an absolute cert all the­ Carets must be completely mad not to be on this one!! A­ monkey at least along with a double, Charlie Austin hat­ trick superb odds on that one!!

    From steve f, on Thu 29 Nov 17:02
  18. Flying visit on your way to the 1st Division I think­ John. Looking forward to Sunday, on your current run of­ form should be 3pts in the bag for the Clarets. SteveF,­ having your usual punt on us this weekend?

    From ŁGeo, on Thu 29 Nov 12:45
  19. I hear on the grapevine that Olsen's been given the­ week off before the derby to go to Waves to practice???­ LOL.

    From steve f, on Mon 19 Nov 8:56
  20. Roll on this game the Dingles couldn't run a bath­ currently and as for Sean??? LMAO

    From steve f, on Sat 17 Nov 17:19
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