Tuesday January 1, 2013 Day 26 Finished Selhurst Park

Crystal Palace 3 - 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

  • Moritz 30’, 52’
  • Bolasie 40’
  • Ebanks-Blake 75’

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    • Wolverhampton Wanderers

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      6 -
      6 -
      Substitution Out45′ 6 -
      6.3 -
      6 -
      6.7 -
      Yellow Card 6 -
      6 -
      Goal Substitution Out90′ 6 -
      Goals ×2 Substitution Out80′ 7.3 -
      Yellow Card 5.7 -
      Substitution In90′ 1 -
      Substitution In45′ 4.7 -
      Substitution In80′ 3.5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      5.8 -
      Yellow Card 2 -
      Yellow Card 4.3 -
      2 -
      2 -
      5.5 -
      Substitution Out60′ 1.8 -
      Substitution Out80′ 1.7 -
      Substitution Out60′ 5.5 -
      Goal Yellow Card 6.8 -
      5.3 -
      Substitution In80′ - -
      Substitution In60′ Yellow Card 7 -
      Substitution In60′ 7 -

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  1. Hi BILL & ADRIAN. Hope you are both ok - heard­ nothing from you lately ???

    From Boddo, on Fri 11 Jan 13:12
  2. Did dem good ol' PALACE boyz win agen? . . . . . .­ . . . YEP! recon they sure did. Even with another­ $HlT ref.

    From The Yahoo Yee Har!, on Wed 2 Jan 16:56
  3. Will the last man at the Golden mosque please turn out­ the lights!!!

    From LUFC. Kiss The Badge!, on Wed 2 Jan 16:52
  4. Wolves have been good & bad since my first game in­ 1943. We were on a par with Man U, & Liverpool then­ won the FA Cup in 1949 but with a few exceptional years­ the club have gone generaly down hill since the­ management sacked Cullis and this management is just as­ bad and bought the club for nothing so what can we­ expect? Jack built us a new stadium but Morgan is­ spoiling it to give his company some work.The fans are­ faithful but very dissatisfied with the club­ management. Moxey & Co. must hand the club over to­ somebody with better skills, more money &­ determination to succed. Probably somebody with a name­ we cannot pronounce. Poor Wolves fans.

    From stan, on Wed 2 Jan 11:50
  5. No 26 eye for an eye. I agree with everything you have­ said mate. For the past year I have been predicting­ this current mess it was plain to see for anyone with­ half a football brain, which rules Moxey and Morgan our­ for a start. The real problem is that neither of them­ have any idea on what to do about it. We have suffered­ humiliation after humiliation against poor teams and­ platers that have come back and stuffed us. I have said­ it so many times; SOLBAKKEN IS NOT THE MAN FOR­ WOLVES." AN EXPERIENCED MANAGER NOT A NOVICE"­ COMES TO MIND AND LOOK WHAT WE HAVE ENDED UP WITH.!!! ­ The board are an embarassment to the club.

    From Boddo, on Wed 2 Jan 9:20
  6. Well done palace back to wining ways also we have a­ good charge of wining stoke in the fa cup on saturday.­ But i was watching sky again this evening and they­ showed the cardiff goal, next middlesbrough, then they­ went below palace to leicester city and left palace out­ again. They did not even say palace on the results. I­ don`t know way sky don`t like palace but all i say is­ let`s get palace up in the premier league and shut up­ sky once and for all. ­ ­ v.g.

    From VINCENT, on Wed 2 Jan 1:47
  7. Back to 'winning ways' . . . . . . . . . . . .­ . . . . . .N E X T !

    From HEISENBERG, on Tue 1 Jan 18:09
  8. To Boddo No 19, we lost because Mick Mcarthy bought the­ players Boddo (remember) LOL, Solbakken has been with­ the club for six months and he his still playing­ Mcarthys players? problem his he hasn't got­ Fletcher, Jarvis & Keightley to back them up, I saw­ some clown on here who seems to think Wayne Hennessey­ will save them! FFS Jesus couldn't save this­ shower. MORGAN & MOXLEY sack Solbakken then P**s­ off yourselves, the club has no ambition and no vision.

    From eye for an eye, on Tue 1 Jan 17:50
  9. To Paul No 16 I have been going to watch wolves since­ 1953, and the team is bad, but not the worst ever, you­ obviously wasn't at Chorley the day when we got­ stuffed LOL, short memories or what?

    From eye for an eye, on Tue 1 Jan 17:38
  10. Just listen to yourselves Wolves fans, anyone would­ think you expected a result here. wait till the­ aftermath at Luton on Saturday then you will see how­ bad Wolves really are. if it makes you all feel better­ keep blaming Mick Mcarthy. its the same old rubbish­ week in week out.

    From eye for an eye, on Tue 1 Jan 17:27
  11. Will have to get used to league one footy!!!!!!

    From Cliff S, on Tue 1 Jan 16:42
  12. Boddo moxey only cares about money for shareholders and­ doesnt give a stuff about the team and never has.as i­ understand it moxey has told stale theirs no money for­ team strengthening unless he sells .whos going to buy­ any of them . Hennessy will be sold as sooon as he is­ fit

    From Martin, on Tue 1 Jan 16:36
  13. That back 4 Johnson aside (probs our best player this­ year) are the same as we walked the championship with a­ few yrs back. All should be good enough for this level.­ The midfield is the same just missing Jarvo and­ Kites. Forwards same, infact i think we would all agree­ Doyle is better than Keogh. The problem, plane and­ simple is the idiot managing us. I remember at the­ start of the season when everyone was "awesome a­ real manager" and "in Stale we trust". ­ Yeah awesome guys!!! The bloke destroyed his German­ team last year, a side full of internationals, some of­ them current German internationals, yet you all thought­ he would come here and save us! JOKE!!! Whats needed­ now is a real manager. Someone who will come in, ditch­ all the dross we signed in the summer, Sako, Doumbia,­ Pezko, get shot of the lot. Send Doyle, Ohara (remember­ him), and Blake with them. The sign 2 good championship­ standard strikers, a good attacking creative midfield,­ someone like, ooooohhhhhhhh yeah Guedioura. Then a­ really good pair of left and right backs. Get that and­ we might, just might stay up. Its been the same thing­ we have required since we won the champ, at least a LB,­ 2xCF and a good ACM.

    From david w, on Tue 1 Jan 16:19
  14. No 19. That back 4 are the same as last season when­ they let in 82 goals and Stoll says he is happy with­ the defence - absolutely clueless. My prediction for­ the match was Palace 4 - Wolves 0. Half time at­ present, it is 2-0 so Palace are on course to score at­ least 4. Where are you BILL. Is this all part of the­ master plan by Morgan and Moxey???

    From Boddo, on Tue 1 Jan 16:06
  15. I see the Wolves back 4 is Stearman, Johnson, Berra and­ Ward. This lot could not keep a clean sheet against a­ Sunday pub team.

    From John, on Tue 1 Jan 15:47
  16. Here we go again, Wolves need to re build including the­ board where the real trouble sits

    From DAVID, on Tue 1 Jan 15:46
  17. Palace 4 - Wolves 0.

    From Boddo, on Tue 1 Jan 9:52
  18. Anerley AKA "Simple Simon", why don't you­ F*** Off to bolton, the you can stick yer 'ed back­ up GREEDman's butt hole?

    From HEISENBERG, on Tue 1 Jan 9:47
  19. I know theres more chance of a bolt of lightening, but­ i want to see Wolves humiliated and hopefully then­ Stale will quit or be fired

    From Mac, on Mon 31 Dec 18:15
  20. No 1. I think your name should be Mr Talkballs

    From Boddo, on Mon 31 Dec 8:42
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