Saturday March 30, 2013 Day 39 Finished Portman Road

Ipswich Town 3 - 0 Leeds United

  • McGoldrick 45’, 49’
  • Emmanuel-Thomas 68’

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      7.8 -
      7.8 -
      Yellow Card 7.8 -
      8.2 -
      Yellow Card 7.8 -
      8.2 -
      8.2 -
      Substitution Out64′ 7.8 -
      7.8 -
      Substitution Out78′ 8 -
      Goals ×2 Substitution Out77′ 8.2 -
      Substitution In77′ - -
      Substitution In64′ Goal - -
      Substitution In78′ - -
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      4 -
      4.2 -
      4 -
      Red Card 7.4 -
      4.2 -
      Yellow Card 4.3 -
      4.3 -
      Substitution Out46′ 4.8 -
      Substitution Out69′ 5 -
      4 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out69′ 4 -
      Substitution In69′ - -
      Substitution In46′ 6.5 -
      Substitution In69′ Yellow Card - -

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  1. And as for Jason's comment about Leeds not being­ able to survive being promoted,what a laugh,as if­ that's even worth considering. Take a look at the­ table,your only a few points off the relegation­ zone,maybe if you were relegated your club might be­ competitive with the other semi professional outfits

    From , on Sun 31 Mar 4:43
  2. Hahaha,Leeds are truly one sad outfit. Your club is­ exactly where it belongs and will probably stay down­ there forever,every year you just get worse

    From , on Sun 31 Mar 4:36
  3. rubbish warnock OUT...

    From Pam, on Sat 30 Mar 17:10
  4. Well done town

    From Kol, on Sat 30 Mar 17:03
  5. End of season end of warncock, go now you idiot, can­ Leeds be relegated still 7 games left ?

    From kevin, on Sat 30 Mar 16:57
  6. I am not sure who has done the most damage at Elland­ Road, Bates or Warnock, but between them they have got­ rid of the better players brought in absolute rubbish­ and repeatedly made the team incapable of getting­ promotion, this is undoubably the worst team we have­ had since I have been a fan in the 1960's. As for­ Lees, he wants all his wages stopping for a month.

    From Richard, on Sat 30 Mar 16:50
  7. Warnock's Leeds season in quotes: "Should have­ scored", "Should have scored",­ "Fluffed his chance", "Over the­ bar", "Scuffed his shot", "Poor­ pass", "Lost the ball"... These quotes­ recur in every game Leeds has played under­ Warnock's management; not just in today's­ debacle against Ipswich!

    From Andrew, on Sat 30 Mar 16:46
  8. Loach to score next from a goal kick

    From Vivienne, on Sat 30 Mar 16:46
  9. What is going on at Leeds

    From TONY, on Sat 30 Mar 16:42
  10. rubbish warnock out...

    From Pam, on Sat 30 Mar 16:34
  11. Warnock no idea OUT.....

    From Tony AKM, on Sat 30 Mar 16:33
  12. I might have got it wrong looks like we are going to­ hammer leeds 4-0

    From susan, on Sat 30 Mar 16:32
  13. Ah season most certainly over and the end of Prawnock­ at Leeds, good riddance.

    From B4ts, on Sat 30 Mar 16:24
  14. Its going to be 3-0 for the blues

    From susan, on Sat 30 Mar 16:21
  15. come on town

    From Kol, on Sat 30 Mar 15:49
  16. Sad to say (again) I actually want Leeds to lose. If we­ win it will rekindle the possible play off hope and we­ might end up with Pensioner Warnock still at the club­ after May.

    From B4ts, on Sat 30 Mar 15:32
  17. come on the leeds leeds will win 2 1

    From PAUL, on Sat 30 Mar 13:34
  18. lllxxxG00GLE MY NAME FOR THE STREAMxxxlll

    From , on Sat 30 Mar 11:06
  19. LEEDS need a total re-think.This team would not stay up­ if they won promotion,fact. Time to build a team for­ the future,young blood that can mature into a cohesive­ squad that will take us foreward for years to come.We­ are a big club but only in Yorkshire not on the world­ stage,i doubt you will find a shop outside of the UK­ selling LEEDS shirts.But as proud fans we stay loyal to­ our team and hope for better days.

    From jason, on Sat 30 Mar 8:44
  20. hahahaha...weeds utd wanting promotion/play­ offs?...hahahaha...think they are such a BIG­ club...where are they?...

    From WackyHarpo, on Fri 29 Mar 21:53
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