Saturday March 2, 2013 Day 35 Finished Elland Road

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    • Leeds United
    • Millwall

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      7.7 -
      7 -
      7.5 -
      7 -
      Goal 8.6 -
      7.2 -
      Substitution Out75′ 7.2 -
      7.3 -
      Substitution Out75′ 8.4 -
      Substitution Out90′ 7.5 -
      8.3 -
      Substitution In75′ 10 -
      Substitution In90′ 10 -
      Substitution In75′ 10 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      6.4 -
      Yellow Card 5.8 -
      5.6 -
      Yellow Card 4.8 -
      Yellow Card 6.8 -
      Substitution Out84′ 5.5 -
      6.3 -
      7 -
      6.8 -
      Substitution Out67′ 5.6 -
      Substitution Out67′ 5.8 -
      Substitution In67′ 6.3 -
      Substitution In67′ 6.3 -
      Substitution In84′ 9 -

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  1. very quiet today arn't they .........well done­ LEEDS.....

    From uglytroll, on Sat 2 Mar 23:52
  2. John the Police are there to protect the leeds United­ supporters.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Sat 2 Mar 22:14
  3. Julie seems so bitter, your team won and you will be­ playing Millwall again next season,so enjoy the­ momment. !00 Millwall fans turn up at Elland road to­ cheer there team on, with a 19000 attendance where are­ your so called supporters. 3 points each this season,­ not much to shout about for the so called mighty leeds­ against a small club like Millwall.

    From THOMAS NEAL, on Sat 2 Mar 20:18
  4. 5TH AND 6TH both have games in hand

    From jason, on Sat 2 Mar 16:54
  5. Oh you poor poor little boys no doubt when you all get­ home your mummies will wipe your noses and your very­ dirty botties with sandpaper.hahaha. Despite your­ attempt you failed as expected. The mighty whites are­ a true football club and have no need to cheat in order­ to win a game. 3 yellows which should have been more­ indicated the sort of team we were facing. THE MIGHTY­ WHITES MARCH ON.M.O.T.

    From JULIE, on Sat 2 Mar 16:06
  6. Big 3 points today, cmon Leeds keep this run going now,­ i cant undersand where are the shooting boots though,­ if we are going to make 6th place we have to start­ getting fingers out and play for the shirt. MOT

    From kevin, on Sat 2 Mar 15:56
  7. Hardly convincing by Leeds, team full of softies.­ Wonder if we can get somewhere next season with a new­ Manager, I tried to give NW a chance but its all sadly­ lacking.

    From B4ts, on Sat 2 Mar 15:44
  8. " WE WUZ ROBBED" Jammy Northern Gits.

    From , on Sat 2 Mar 15:27
  9. To Ron you're right mate my education was clearly­ not as good as yours and I am probably on a level 2c in­ English but hey ho I don't worry about that. The­ fact is Leeds won and Millwall brought a handful of­ fans per usual protected by police at the rate of 3 to­ 1. Until they can look after themselves why don't­ they stay at home and save the tax payers some money­ plonkers.

    From JOHN, on Sat 2 Mar 15:23
  10. Well done Leeds, deserved win.

    From Richard, on Sat 2 Mar 14:32
  11. wow leeds are winning

    From Why?, on Sat 2 Mar 14:05
  12. smallwall fans are soft like girls (fact)

    From Why?, on Sat 2 Mar 14:01
  13. 6th Longest serving manager right now = Kenny­ Jackett.............C'Mon LIONS maul these weeds.

    From WackyHarpo, on Sat 2 Mar 13:43
  14. McCormack is a Muppet can even score from penalty spot­ now, Leeds can't buy a goal since Becchio has gone.

    From Paul, on Sat 2 Mar 13:38
  15. To leeds fan'd have more authority if­ you got your grammar correct; it's not There fan­ base and There followers - it's THEIR fan base and­ THEIR followers....Ron.

    From RonP, on Sat 2 Mar 13:37
  16. two veryvery small clubs with no real fan base at all .­ i think smallwall will win this one though

    From Why?, on Sat 2 Mar 13:34
  17. c'mon Leeds stuff these Sarf London Shlags!

    From steven, on Sat 2 Mar 13:33
  18. come on leeds we need a win

    From Richard, on Sat 2 Mar 13:21
  19. Morison to stuff you kittens leeds to win this­ yorkshire mick

    From Mike Hall, on Sat 2 Mar 12:55
  20. LEEDS UNITED to win this one 2-nil.

    From Mike Hall, on Sat 2 Mar 12:51
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