Friday March 29, 2013 Day 39 Finished King Power Stadium

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      9 -
      7 -
      Red Card - -
      7 -
      6 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out58′ 7 -
      6 -
      5 -
      7 -
      Substitution Out84′ 7 -
      Substitution In58′ 6 -
      Substitution In84′ 5 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      6 -
      Goal Yellow Card 6 -
      6.7 -
      5 -
      5 -
      Yellow Card 5 -
      Substitution Out72′ 5 -
      Yellow Card 6 -
      6 -
      Substitution Out90′ 6 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out72′ 5 -
      Substitution In72′ 6 -
      Substitution In90′ 5 -
      Substitution In72′ 6 -

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  1. Tactical error from Nigel Pearson.He should have­ brought on Whitbread left Schlupp as midfield took off­ Nugent and maybe bought on Kane earlier for Nugent to­ play behind Wood.Schmeichel is outstanding but wont be­ with us if we stay in the Championship.Morgan is­ clumsy,konchesky is unpredictable,Keane average,De Laet­ pretty safe.James,Drinkwater,King, work hard but need­ to score goals.Knockaert Has talent but is so­ unpredictable and gives the ball away too much.Nugent­ is past his sell by date,Wood could be good as a target­ man but nobody is ever their to support him.How many­ strikers has Mr Pearson bought during his tenure?He has­ had plenty of funds available to him but has bought or­ borrowed some rubbish.I think that if Leicester fail to­ win promotion he should do the honourable thing and­ resign,and give the new manager a chance to clear out­ the dead wood and start with a clean sheet,I dont think­ many of the current squad would remain.How many stikers­ have we got?If strikers is what they call themselves.I­ dont get chance to watch too many Leicester games as I­ live in the north but the ones I have watched on Sky­ have embarrased me.We were unfortunate that Mr Pearson­ left Hull,we could have possibly had Steve Bruce and­ might have been in the automatic play of places now? ­ Good luck Leicester for the remaining games,but I wont­ hold my breath

    From John, on Sun 31 Mar 21:15
  2. on current form we would be in a relegation battle if­ this continues what will we be in for next season we­ lack any idea how to change a game no insperation from­ the manager how much is he paid !

    From RAYMOND, on Sat 30 Mar 19:04
  3. Well done Ref hope you got your paycheque from Millwall

    From tony, on Sat 30 Mar 14:08
  4. A win, 3 points, Millwall , ha ha, f u ck the rest of­ yer, best fans ever :-).

    From Ian, on Sat 30 Mar 10:02
  5. AHHHHHHHHH. The thought of all those lovely jellied­ eels next week !!!! What a thrashing the Lions gave the­ Tiggers !! THATS WHAT WE DO. Come on you Lions.

    From , on Sat 30 Mar 7:11
  6. Come on Brighton put Pearsons over paid premadoner out­ of the playoffs

    From J.A, on Fri 29 Mar 22:31
  7. Well done Millwall put pearson in his place he may even­ get the sack sorry about that but i'm and out and­ out TIGERS fan

    From J.A, on Fri 29 Mar 22:29
  8. Well done to the boys weathered the storm and got a­ well deserved win keep it up from the only i think fan­ residing out here in Malta

    From Kevin, on Fri 29 Mar 21:48
  9. The team deserve credit for holding out for so long.­ The manager of the other hand should go tonight. The­ owner should sack him this would be relaxation format­ if it had been been earlier in the season.

    From Roger, on Fri 29 Mar 21:47
  10. 1-1 i think

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:42
  11. smallwall to win the league

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:36
  12. i say your mum is easy

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:34

    From jimmy, on Fri 29 Mar 21:34
  14. leicester shyte have bin Dunne

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:33
  15. what do you say now wa$%&rmouse

    From Peter, on Fri 29 Mar 21:33
  16. wow smallwall beating a small club

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:32
  17. yawn yawn yawn

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:26
  18. boring

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:25
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dismal, scrappy, bad-tempered rubbish. High time sky­ paid tv money per shots on target. How much are these­ mediocre donkeys being paid for this? Far too much I­ suspect. And we're paying them.

    From david, on Fri 29 Mar 21:22
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    smallwall are going to get a man sent off and then­ loose

    From Why?, on Fri 29 Mar 21:20
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