Tuesday February 12, 2013 Day 29 Finished Riverside Stadium

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    • Middlesbrough
    • Leeds United

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      7 -
      6.8 -
      Yellow Card 6.8 -
      Substitution Out65′ 6.3 -
      6 -
      5.3 -
      Substitution Out73′ 4.7 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out87′ 5.3 -
      5.3 -
      4 -
      Goal Red Card 7.3 -
      Substitution In73′ 6 -
      Substitution In87′ 6 -
      Substitution In65′ 6 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      4 -
      6 -
      Yellow Card 6 -
      5.3 -
      5 -
      Substitution Out83′ 4.3 -
      Substitution Out83′ 5 -
      Substitution Out88′ 4.7 -
      6.7 -
      4.7 -
      3 -
      Substitution In83′ 1 -
      Substitution In88′ 1 -
      Substitution In83′ 1 -

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  1. "I'm delighted with the players we have­ brought in," said the boss. "I believe we­ have the better of the deal with Luciano compare this­ with "Unless I run on the pitch and put the­ chances in myself, I don't know what to do,"­ Warnock said. "It's frustrating. Interesting­ change of words,I believe the best part of the deal was­ playing in this game.Still the chances of promotion­ from League 1 next season will be quite good with that­ well put together squad.

    From KEVIN, on Thu 14 Feb 8:50
  2. Another (sadly) predictable result from Leeds...just as­ well accoriding to NW we only have to fear Hull in this­ division...oh yes and we are only 1 or possibly 2­ players away from challenging for automatic promotion­ spots- yes all quotes from our esteemed manager near­ the end of 2012....we have owners with no ambition (or­ cash it would seem), we have a manger who appears­ clueless in terms of selection and adapting tactics­ during the game, once again the only thing Leeds has is­ the best fan base of any club in the country...how much­ longer tho' do we have to put up with this dross,­ week in week out......The only chance we have on Sat is­ if Man City oput out their academy side- hang on a­ mo' I am not even sure then we have a­ chance.......despondently yours etc etc

    From Tony, on Wed 13 Feb 23:01
  3. Not good enough leeds

    From Gary, on Tue 12 Feb 22:34
  4. That's it! Warnock Out! he's had his chance,­ time to go!

    From John, on Tue 12 Feb 22:00
  5. Yet again we have nothing to look forward to, theres no­ ambition in the club, no reward for the patient fans­ and to be honest it's getting tedious. Supported­ Leeds for over 40 years and getting really bored now, I­ dont mind losing but knowing your gonna lose before it­ even kicks off shows the desire in this present team ­ Oh for the days of Tony Currie !!!!!!!!!!

    From Shaun, on Tue 12 Feb 21:47
  6. Whats going on ? A small club like Barnsley run us­ ragged and then turn over Boro just a couple of days­ ago. Where do we go from here besides down. Gutted is­ an under statement !

    From JOHN, on Tue 12 Feb 21:46
  7. 1-0 will do come on the boro

    From Neil Taylor, on Tue 12 Feb 21:45
  8. we need a new team sign a few neil ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    From CLIVE, on Tue 12 Feb 21:43
  9. 3 substitutes made in the last 7 minutes?? to little to­ late Warnock!!

    From ALEX, on Tue 12 Feb 21:42
  10. Get up u beauty

    From stephen r, on Tue 12 Feb 21:39
  11. kenny out & ashdown in

    From F, on Tue 12 Feb 21:29
  12. come on the boro we need to turn things around fast UTB

    From LEE, on Tue 12 Feb 20:46
  13. LEEDS WIN 3~0

    From jay dee, on Tue 12 Feb 19:50
  14. 2-1 to the mighty REDS UTB

    From Neil Taylor, on Tue 12 Feb 18:47
  15. Its a must win for the mighty whites, MOT!

    From ALEX, on Tue 12 Feb 18:30
  16. leeds will look to try and get another penalty!

    From Brian, on Tue 12 Feb 10:20
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    smog 1 dirty leeds 2 ftm

    From Blackcat, on Mon 11 Feb 18:13
  18. come on boro up the terriers

    From Michael, on Mon 11 Feb 16:19
  19. Cmon Leeds beat this lot, MOT

    From kevin, on Sun 10 Feb 19:35
  20. Could be worse, we could be Manchester City fans, how­ the mighty have fallen. Wish we had been playing City­ on Saturday, come the Cup tie they will probably be out­ for revenge........ I see another draw for Leeds to go­ with the current state of under achieving, we are far­ too soft and in serious need of some backbone.

    From B4ts, on Sun 10 Feb 9:17
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