Saturday February 2, 2013 Day 30 Finished Hillsborough

Sheffield Wednesday 3 - 1 Brighton and Hove Albion

  • Lita 5’
  • Pugh 34’
  • Antonio 56’
  • Orlandi 54’

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    • Sheffield Wednesday
    • Brighton and Hove Albion

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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      8.4 -
      8 -
      8.7 -
      8.1 -
      Goal Yellow Card 9 -
      Yellow Card 8.1 -
      Substitution Out83′ 8.1 -
      8.7 -
      9 -
      Goal 9.6 -
      Goal Substitution Out90′ 9.5 -
      Substitution In90′ 7.5 -
      Substitution In83′ 8.3 -
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      4 -
      1 -
      Yellow Card 3.2 -
      2.3 -
      1 -
      Substitution Out45′ 1 -
      1 -
      1 -
      Goal 1 -
      Yellow Card Substitution Out62′ 1 -
      Red Card 6.3 -
      Substitution In45′ 4.5 -
      Substitution In62′ 1.5 -

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  1. It's like talking to a pig talking to you­ piggy(rodders) after all that's what you are? The­ Owls will stay in the Championship this season and the­ Bacon Blades will stay in the 1st division ( where they­ belong)

    From Always Right, on Fri 8 Feb 10:58
  2. Why on earth would I go on the Blades site I AM RIGHT?­ I'm the outstanding owls biggest fan I keep telling­ you. Wednesday Wednesday Ra Ra Ra. Am just here for­ inteeligent and decent conversation.

    From justapiggypieater, on Thu 7 Feb 17:46
  3. That idiot is you piggy (rodders). If you were a decent­ chap you would go back on the piggy blades site where­ the rest of the grunters are?

    From Always Right, on Thu 7 Feb 9:27
  4. Don't know what you are talking about I AM RIGHT. I­ am not piggypieater. I'm only here for decent and­ intelligent conversation. What type of idiot would have­ more than one ID anyway?

    From justapiggypieater, on Wed 6 Feb 20:27
  5. rodders(piggy) - we know you and justapiggypieater are­ the same person, that's no problem if you have a­ split personality but try to use a different picture­ for each one? Then we know which personality ( idiot­ or bigger idiot ) we are dealing with.

    From Always Right, on Wed 6 Feb 8:39
  6. Well I never Jones and Oatsaway facing a charge, load­ of rubbish! We should be allowed to headbutt and­ abuse every one. We are the outstanding owls.

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 5 Feb 21:02
  7. I pinched this picture off decent chap though I AM­ RIGHT . Whats the problem?

    From justapiggypieater, on Tue 5 Feb 21:00
  8. brighton are rubbish

    From TERRY, on Sun 3 Feb 9:46
  9. It's piggy here,this is my new ID.What's all­ this nonsense wodders,talking like Jonathan Woss­ doesn't fool anyone,once a piggy Blade always a­ piggy Blade.I don't think Wilson has become a bad­ manager overnight,it's taken years of practice,wish­ we'd appointed Jones.

    From Pork Is Cheap, on Sat 2 Feb 21:59
  10. If you want to be rodders again you must change the­ picture, you are still using justapiggypieaters picture­ or aren't you clever enough to do that?

    From Always Right, on Sat 2 Feb 20:13
  11. Looking more like Owls not having to play against­ Piggie Blades next season.

    From David, on Sat 2 Feb 18:43
  12. aw dont cwy you can be rodders too. I AM RIGHT might­ call you piggypieater though so dont be surpwised.­ Think he's just jealous and wants to be rodders as­ well!

    From justapiggypieater, on Sat 2 Feb 17:07
  13. I am not justapiggypieater I am rodders outstanding­ owls number one fan. So there. ner ner ner.

    From justapiggypieater, on Sat 2 Feb 10:54
  14. As I said before piggy (rodders) you can't fool us­ you are justapiggypieater you can't disguise the­ rubbish you write so please give us all a break and go­ back to writing on the Piggy Blades site where the rest­ of the grunters are.

    From Always Right, on Sat 2 Feb 10:48
  15. Why are you calling me a piggy I AM RIGHT ? I am the­ outstanding owls number one fan and am here for decent­ chat and intelligent conversation only. That piggy chap­ you are calling me is not me, he comes out now and­ again just to abuse me, its not fair. He nearly makes­ me cwy. My mummy says I should just ignore him and­ hopes he'll go away. Wednesday Wednesday RA RA­ RA

    From justapiggypieater, on Sat 2 Feb 10:41
  16. Get back on the Bacon Blades site piggy (rodders)­ nobody is interested in your infantile comments.

    From Always Right, on Fri 1 Feb 19:19
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Oh I say I'm here again for decent chat and­ intelligent conversation. The outstanding owls should­ win quite easily 11-0. We are a M A S S I V E club and­ should win every week at least 10 - 0. I cant go again­ unfortunately, as the rubber duck I got for cwistmas­ had got a puncture and mummy is taking me to get it­ repaired. My pwediction is Owls 11- O Bwighton ­ Scorers Tynan 3 Waddle 4 Palmer 2 Dooley 1 and Swann 1

    From justapiggypieater, on Fri 1 Feb 17:32
  18. Bet watching Jones was more interesting than watching­ the match.

    From Anon, on Fri 1 Feb 17:12
  19. GUESS who we all saw in the crowed @ leicester and­ wolves match, YES it was jonesy probably looking to­ find ANOTHER on loan for his side, OR decided to come­ and see a real team play. You should do away with the­ owls motive and become THE LOAN RANGERS.

    From Roy, on Fri 1 Feb 15:53
  20. Hey Swine is that the new United logo,suits you.

    From Anon, on Tue 29 Jan 21:00
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