Wednesday December 12, 2012 Semifinal Finished Toyota Stadium

Al Ahly Cairo 0 - 1 Corinthians

  • Guerrero 30’

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  • Live Commentary

    • Al Ahly Cairo
    • Corinthians
    • 90+5' There goes the final whistle as Cassio comes to collect a long high free-kick into this box. The fans of Corinthians celebrate in Tokyo. A 1-0 win. Thanks for joining us.
    • 90+4' Ball comes off the shoulder off Ralf, but lands safely in the arms of Cassio. Time the real enemy now for Al Ahly.
    • 90+1' Change coming for Corinthians as José Paolo Guerrero is replaced by Andrade dos Santos.
    • 89' We are into five minutes of time added on.
    • 88' Corinthians almost over the line here as we head for injury time in this contest.
    • 87' Rabia with a high ball into the area, but easy enough for Cassio to come off his line to collect.
    • 86' For some reason, Corinthians have spent most of the past 20 minutes or so knocking aimless long balls forward.
    • 85' Nagieb with a timely piece of clearing work to scramble the ball away from Romarinho's cross.
    • 84' Not too sure this Corinthians' display in the second half is going to worry Chelsea too much - assuming the English side reach the final.
    • 83' Al Ahly not really going anywhere with the ball fast enough as Rabia drills a shot over the bar from distance.
    • 82' All Al Ahly now. 30 or 40 pass before Al Hamdy's shot is gathered easily by Cassio.
    • 80' Ashour doing some fine clearing work before Chicão is forced to do likewise at the other end. This game becoming increasingly stretched.
    • 78' Walid Soliman thumps a shot a couple of yards over from distance. Would need to be a better hit to score from that range.
    • 77' Corinthians look content to let Al Ahly have possession and hit on the break.
    • 76' Fabio Santo alert to head clear a cross from Soliman. Al Ahly trying to force this match to extra-time. Corinthians can't get on the ball.
    • 75' Change coming for the Brazilian team as Douglas departs to be replaced by Jorge Henrique.
    • 74' Corinthians have fallen out of this game in the second period which is worrying given their domination in the first period.
    • 73' Paulinho penalised for a late challenge on Fathi, who does exceptionally well to stand his ground at the key moment.
    • 72' Romarinho is introduced to replace Emerson for the former winners.
    • 71' Kenawi forced to make a last-ditch block to prevent a shot by Paulinho from troubling his goal. A second effort now would surely kill this match stone dead.
    • 70' Aboutrika sees a shot deflect wide of the target. More impressive stuff from Al Ahly going forward.
    • 69' Santos appealing unsuccessfully for a throw-in. All getting a bit twitchy for Corinthians.
    • 68' Hamdy with a glorious chance in the middle of the Brazilian box, but his touch eludes him at the vital time. Al Ahly again find space at the heart of the opposition rearguard.
    • 67' Guerrero tries to bring the ball up the park, but Corinthians after finding their forays forward harder to come by.
    • 66' Soliman caught offside, but worrying moments for Corinthians, who seem to have nodded off at the moment.
    • 65' Ralf knocks the ball behind his goal and suddenly Al Ahly have a corner. This is a lot better from the men from Cairo.
    • 64' Ahmed Fathi spurns the chance to drag his side level as he knocks the ball into the side of the net with Cassio all over the place. That was a real chance to find the equaliser.
    • 63' Going to be several minutes added to this match with the injury to Sherif Ekramy causing minutes of delay.
    • 62' He is replaced by Mahmoud Abou Elseoud for the Egyptian side. The reserve goalkeeper finally tastes some action.
    • 61' Meanwhile, Sherif Ekramy is going to depart the action with his hamstring strain ending his hopes of continuing.
    • 60' Ramy Rabia thumps a shot spinning wide of goal from 30 yards. Decent hit, but never had the direction.
    • 59' Soliman sees a cross cut out as Al Ahly amble up the park. At least the Egyptian side have a bit more possession to cling to.
    • 58' Gomaa and Fathi keeping the ball, but not going anywhere with it. Corinthians happy to let them have it deep in their own half.
    • 57' We resume play with Al Ahly having only the one shot at the Corinthians' goal in almost one hour of play.
    • 56' Sherif Ekramy is wanting to stay on here. Mahmoud Abou Elseoud getting ready to come on, but will remain on the sidelines for a while. No change as yet.
    • 55' Sherif Ekramy needing some extensive treatment. Not sure he is going to see out this match. Seems to be hamstring pull.
    • 54' Change coming for the Egyptian side as Mohamed Aboutrika is wheeled on to take over from Abdallah El Said.
    • 53' Guerrero miskicks in front of the Al Ahly goal, but he is righly deemed to be offside.
    • 52' Guerrero looking for a corner after breaking up the park, but the referee says no. A goalkick to Al Ahly.
    • 51' Al Ahly trying to open up the Brazilian side, but easier said than done. Alessandro with a strong challenge on Geddo.
    • 50' Tite lost Leandro Castan to AS Roma and Alex to Al-Gharafa of Qatar but made up for that by signing Peruvian Jose Paulo Guerrero from Hamburg SV, Jose Manuel Martinez from Argentines Velez Sarsfield and midfielder Guilherme from hometown rivals Portuguesa.
    • 49' Paulinho heads over the bar from a Douglas corner - the Brazilian's side fifth corner of the game.
    • 48' Emerson breaks swiftly to the other end, but can only whack a shot wide of the target. Decent counter attack from Corinthians.
    • 47' Chicão clears the ball after El Said tried to work an opening for the Egyptian side.
    • 46' Al Ahly get the second half off and running then.
    • 45+1' There goes the whistle for the break! A 1-0 lead for Corinthians. No more than they deserve.
    • 44' We are into one minute of time added on.
    • 43' Corinthians won this tournament in 2000, and look like they will be heading to the half-time interval with one foot in the final.
    • 42' Those 20,000 or so Corinthians' fans continue to revel in the moment. They are obviously taking this business very seriously.
    • 41' More of the same with Corinthians keeping the ball and Al Ahly retreating deep.
    • 40' Ashour told to keep his calm after a late one on Paulinho. Can't accuse this referee of being card happy out there.
    • 39' Soliman takes up a decent position, but gives the ball away for no apparent reason. Poor distribution in a promising area for the unfancied Al Ahly.
    • 38' Cassio comes off his line to clear the danger with a punch before Gedoo is caught offside.
    • 37' Emerson takes a tumble, but the referee isn't really in the mood to award any free-kicks or bookings.
    • 36' Those Corinthian subs are well wrapped up in their respective technical areas on such a cold evening.
    • 35' Doulgas unusually gives the ball away under no pressure. Meanwhile, Rabia might need a spot of treatment. Looks like a slight dead leg for him.
    • 34' Douglas with another corner. Plays the ball short to Santos, but Al Ahly this time block the ball at source before earning a goalkick.
    • 33' Ramy Rabia brings down Paulinho. Corinthians continue to revel in collecting possession without too much fuss.
    • 32' Walid Soliman taken out of the action late by Alessandro, who nods clear an El Said free-kick seconds later.
    • 31' Chicão doing a bit of defending in his own box before Corinthians clear the danger.
    • 30' Gomaa forced to cut out another Corinthians attack. The Egyptian side seem to be putting out fires all over the pitch at the moment. Can't get near the movement of their opponents.
    • 29' Lovely stuff from Douglas with the outside of his left foot. What a skill that is. Utter belief and confidence That goal was coming it must be said.
    • 28' GOAL! José Paolo Guerrero heads home from the cross by Douglas. Superb cross and that is a brilliant finish as the ball nestles in the corner of the net.
    • 27' Emerson again involved, but Gomaa is there to make the intervention. A timely one at that.
    • 26' Corinthians looking to the threat of Emerson. The much-travelled striker was inspirational in the Libertadores Cup, scoring three of their five goals in the semi-finals and final.
    • 25' Alessandro and Paulinho working the ball well. Continue to come up with some lovely little moves and working Al Ahly all over the place. 11 red shirts in their own half.
    • 24' Doulgas continues to see plenty of this ball. Mohamed Nagieb forced to head the ball away from the dangerous figure of Guerrero in the middle of the area.
    • 23' Al Alhy lacking proper support when they are breaking forward as a move collapses with Fathi failing to keep a ball in play out wide.
    • 22' Internacionale were the last Brazilian side to win this competition in 2006. Sherif Ekramy again of his line to clear the danger ahead of Paulinho.
    • 21' Douglas with plenty of dip and pace on the next delivery, but a solid punch by Sherif Ekramy to clear the danger.
    • 20' Douglas with the delivery, but Ashour stands tall to head behind for another corner.
    • 19' Ahmed Kenawi forced to cut out the cross by Alessandro. A corner to the Brazilian side.
    • 18' Lovely cross from Emerson after being sent racing down the wing by Santos, but his cross is plucked out of the air by Sherif Ekramy.
    • 17' Teams from Argentina, Brazil and Italy have each won the tournament nine times. Easy to see here why Conrinthians fancy their chances of going all the way this year. Look a class above Al Ahly in these opening 18 minutes.
    • 16' Al Ahly guilty of bleeding possession far too easily as Douglas and Paulinho continue to pose a clear and present danger.
    • 15' The visiting Brazilian fans are certainly enjoying this match so far. Bouncing around in the stands with an air of expectation.
    • 14' Guerrero almost on the end of a cross in the heart of the opposition box. Just fails to connect.
    • 13' Emerson needing a spot of treatment, but he rejoins the play and can thankfully continue with Corinthians on the attack.
    • 12' Meanwhile, Emerson is down on the deck and needing some treatment. Looked like a late challenge, but nothing doing again from the Mexican referee.
    • 11' Glorious chance for Ramy Rabia, but he heads wide of goal in acres of space from Walid Soliman's free-kick. Unmarked. Should have scored. Wasn't offside.
    • 10' Walid Soliman brought down by Santos and that will be a free-kick to the side from Cairo.
    • 9' Decent hit by Douglas from the edge of the box, but just wide. Sherif Ekramy happy to see that fly past his right hand post. First real attempt at goal then.
    • 8' Ahmed Kenawi doing well to cut out the cross by Alessandro as the Brazilian side continue on the offensive here.
    • 7' José Paolo Guerrero deemed to be guilty of foul play, but Ahmed Fathi's free-kick comes to nothing. The Egyptian side content sit deep and hit on the break.
    • 6' Doulgas again looking bright in the midfield, but fails to pick out Emerson. Al Ahly with plenty of bodies behind the ball here.
    • 5' Strong challenge in the midfield by Douglas, but Al Alhy quickly regroup to win the loose ball.
    • 4' Al-Sayed Hamdy seemed to be felled out wide by Chicao, but the referee said no before waving play on. Goalkick to Corinthians.
    • 3' Most of Corinthinans' moves are expeted to flow through Paulinho. The Brazilian side content to knock it aroun with some relish. As you expect, very comfortable in possession.
    • 2' 20,000 fans have followed Corinthians to Japan to watch this match. Al Ahly playing in red shirts, Corinthians in white.
    • 1' Freezing evening in Tokyo. Corinthians get the action off and running in this one.
    • 10:27 The referee is Marco Rodriguez of Mexico.
    • 10:25 The Brazilians are treating the Club World Cup seriously, with an estimated 15,000 fans seeing them off at the airport last week and a similar number likely to travel to roar on their side in Japan. If Corinthians win the competition it will be the 10th time a Brazilian side has lifted the trophy since it was first played in 1960.
    • 10:20 Corinthians play a dour but effective European-style pressing game and their biggest plus is the club's long-held mantra of putting teamwork and hard graft ahead of individual brilliance. "It's one of the real strengths of this team," said coach Tite ahead of Wednesday's semi-final against Egypt's Al-Ahly. "If you have a group of players that only look out for themselves, that's the first step towards failure. "But playing as a team doesn't mean that players won't stand out."
    • 10:15 Corinthians: Cassio, Paulo Andre, Alessandro, Chicao, Fabio Santos, Douglas, Paulinho, Danilo, Ralf, Guerrero, Emerson..subs: Julio Cesar, Wallace, Martinez, Anderson Polga, Willian Arao, Edenilson, Jorge Henrique, Guilherme Andrade, Felipe Monteiro, Giovanni, Romarinho, Fernandes
    • 10:15 Teams: Al Ahly Cairo: Ekramy, Rabia, Ahmad Shedid, Fathi, Nagieb, Gomaa, Soliman, Ashour, Geddo, Hamdy, Said..subs: Subs: Adel, Samir, Abdel-Fadil, Shehabeldin, Barakat, Emad Moteab, Ghaly, Moawad, Aboutrika, Da Silva, Trezeguet, Abdou El-Saoud
    • 10:10 Good morning and welcome to LIVE coverage of the first Club World Cup semi-final between Al Ahly and Corinthians from Tokyo.
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  • Al Ahly Cairo

    Manager: Hossam El Badry

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    Manager: Tite

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  3. Mario Gonzalez did you read Mark Doolan's post?

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  5. Inter Milan, AC Milan, Borrussia Dortmund, Mancheaters­ United, Manchester city, Juventus, PSG etc. with all­ their world stars not there. Shows how overrated the­ league is.

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  6. Barcelona with all their world stars not there. Shows­ how overrated the league is.

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  8. tomorrow will be a challenge of football

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  9. Santos with all there world stars not there just shows­ how overrated the league is

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  10. it is the african and brasillian challenge, corithians­ will not find it easy against, the africans warrior,­ they can go the way of motema pembe, as it was in the­ last edition of the Competition. up al ahly.

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